Wednesday, March 27, 2013

If There is a Will There is a Way

Chapter - 19
“I would like to meet the hermit. Make the necessary arrangements.”

“Yes your Majesty.”

“The hermit’s day of arrival was two days after. So the minister made the arrangements for the princess and her guests to meet the hermit.”

“Was it easy Rafael, to meet the hermit?”
“It was easy for them Rebecca, not because of the power the princess held, but by the purity of their soul, they cleared their way, both the princess as well as Alfonso.”

“How do you know that Rafael?”

“The first and foremost proof is,there was a hermit to help them, and secondly, the date of the arrival of the hermit, usually a hermit never ever comes out of his hermitage, thirdly they didn’t have to go in search of the hermit, the hermit is coming out and meeting them in their area and fourthly, the timing, they didn’t have to wait for long. All these happens when, they are destined to do it and they hold the key to the lock, so they could easily unlock the door and lastly, their soul is clear, that is why, no blocks have been erected to make the problem difficult.” All nodded.

"And there is one thing more you should know, when someone asks you to help, do it then and there, not after sometime or say first no and then do it, because the words and deeds all count to clear your path to reach your goal, or else, your life, you will have to face the same situation, so what do you think, these people have blocked other ways?" All nodded in the negative.

"No Rafael, they might have done perfectly, if you say, if our deeds and words has a connection to clearing our way to reach goal, then what you said is true, they had a crystal clear soul. Sometimes, I have thought that, if we have beauty or money or power, all things can be done easily, but here, what you said is true, Rafael, hermits do not need anything to make them happy and in this case to reach his destination, is next to impossible. Hmm. if our deeds and words, do have a say, then, we really have to work hard to be careful.  Thank you Rafael, I'll keep this in mind, actually, our soul has to open the way for us right?"

"Yes Ajay, you are right, the drop of God soul, should help us, or else, you would never reach where we need and that is your soul or our soul and it can be cleared only, when you help clear the obstacles you create by your words, by your deeds. Its your choice, what you want to do of your life, but keep this in mind, your physical beauty, your money or your name or fame is of no importance here. Just because, everyone says, that you are good or you are in the right, doesn't make you in the right or the good, the inner you, is a place, where only you and God knows, but your life would be directed according to the impression you made in your soul. So be good and be in the right, not for others, but for you, OK?" All nodded.

“So in short, you are saying that, if we clear our soul with good deeds, then we could easily fulfill all our duties, which we have destined to complete, Rafael?”

“Yes, Mark, that’s about sums it up. Now back to the story, the hermit came to the old lady.”

“He  smiling, embraced her and spoke softly, “I am glad, nothing happened to you, but I was expecting some visitors, didn’t they come?”
“The old lady smiled and nodded, “I knew, you would know of these people, come in son, and first make yourself comfortable. He had a bundle in his arm and he opened it and gave the old lady a small gift.”

“The old lady’s face broke into a big smile.”

“What made her so happy, Rafael?”

 “We’ll continue tomorrow, it’s time to say bye.” All smiled and nodded. be contd… Chapter - 20

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