Thursday, March 7, 2013

Happy Women’s Day


“Rafael, tomorrow is International Woman’s Day and we have celebrations in our school. Since you are a man, what do you think of this celebration? Is it really necessary?”

“ Well Monica, that’s a good thought to have. I’ll say a story, where you’d know, what difference it makes.” All nodded.

“Once upon a time, there was a tree which bore fruits abundantly.” All nodded.

“But the speciality of the tree was , it bore several types of fruits.”

“Rafael, that’s extending our imagination to a no man’s land.” All smiled.

“I know Mathew, anyway hear it.” All nodded.

“No problem, Rafael, go on.”

“OK Thanks. So to the story. Since this tree had several fruits, everyone was attracted to it and the people of the village took the seed of the tree. So that they could have the same tree, in their own yard, front or back.”

“But there is one confusion Rafael, it has several fruits, then which would produce the tree which bears the whole lot of fruits?”

“Well that was what the confusion of the people too. They tried all the seeds and it produced the respective tree and its fruit, for example the mango seed produced the mango tree and the coconut?”

“The coconut tree naturally Rafael.”

“Exactly and the people tried and tried but to no avail. Thus creating several tree of respective fruits.” All nodded smiling.

“So one day, the marriage of a very famous musician took place and the coconut took the prominent place in front of the bride and groom, on a copper platter,  turmeric and  kumkum bindi, were adorned on this coconut. So the blessing shower rice, which was showered on the bride and groom fell on the coconut. Since after the ceremony, there was not much use of the platter or the coconut, they had loads of time to talk. Then the rice asked, how do you feel being the focus of attention?”

“The coconut shrugged and said, I’m just a fruit, like others, the only difference is, I’m not delicate as others, that I deteriorate when hot and go dark or rot as days pass by. So I’m glad they use me because at least my fruit family is left alone from the harassment they mete upon me, when there is an inauguration or when they go to temple. I can withstand, but not them. So if they respect me, its equal to respecting my whole fruit family and our mother tree.”

“Wow!!! what a thought, Rafael. And what about coconut breaking time.”

“Yes, well according to the coconut, though they hurt me and I weep, its my own misery, but I try to give the best from the very self of my being and that is where my goodness lies. So there is no big deal, whether I sit in a prominent position or in a gutter, In the inside I am the son of the mother tree and I am proud to be as such. I would never squander away my goodness and if I have my goodness, then all the other fruits too have it because we are the same children of the one mother tree." The rice nodded. The cocnut continued, "So if one gets fame, its equal to all being accepted.” The rice sighed.

“I’m glad, I spoke to you Mr. coconut or else I would never know, what it is to have family. Well for me, its only paddy, and nothing else.” The coconut nodded.

“But still you are part of a family, that is what makes the difference. That is what it comes to, in the end, we are all part of a family, a bigger family, breaking the barrier of difference. So don’t feel too proud, that you are being honoured. We are just a small link of the big family.  And when someone gets honoured, be happy because, they are part of us, our very own family.” The rice nodded. “And when they are hurt, feel for them, because,”

“They are part of us, of the same tree, same body, right Rafael?”

“Yes Monica. So did you get the answer to your question Monica?”

“Yes Rafael, I got it loud and clear, whether man or woman, there is no difference, right?” Rafael smiled and nodded. Monica continued,

“And when they are given priority, its equal to us being given the priority, right Rafael?”
“Yes Monica, quite right, why do you say so Monica?”

“Because we are the drops from the ocean of God soul, whether man or woman or child or grandpa, there is no differentiation in our being or what we call Self, which in real is our soul, right Rafael?”

“Yes, so Mark, why do we think that we are drop of God soul. Do you have any proof?”

“Yes Rafael, we have, our existence is proof enough Rafael. We are made up of invisible atoms, but we have an identity, which is given by our inner self, the soul, which is the spirit of God, making us spiritual too.”

“ So Mark, do you mean to say we are one in God? But Ajay, what is the factor that unites us with each other?”

“It is through love Rafael, the only language our soul knows, and that is the only language God soul speaks too - Love.” All nodded.

“That’s really wonderful to hear children. So in short, its good to have celebration for woman or man or grampa or gramma or kids and it all reaches us, isn't it?" All nodded

"So guys I have something very special to say."

"What is it, Rafael?"

 “Happy Women’s Day.” All laughed

“Thank you and wish you the same, Rafael.” All smiled.

“Thank you Mark, I accept it wholeheartedly. Come, we better get moving, we’ll meet tomorrow.” All nodded be contd....(64)....

Until then... Take care.....Bye


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