Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Unending Life

Chapter - 15

“ Christopher nudged Alfonso with his snout, he was actually a dolphin now. So Alfonso straddled on him and all the crew followed the princess to a cave and the force with the water was coming, it was very difficult to get into the cave.”

“Oh!!!!!!!! so its good, that they became fishes or else, how could they have got in?”

But Alfonso held on to Christopher tightly and they travelled for sometime.
“Alfonso, how come you didn’t transform and we did? forget I asked. Now I know, why this many years, no one was able to help this princess. They might all be becoming fishes” Christopher spoke to Alfonso with his thoughts.

“But Rafael, how did the princess stay young and not died?”

“Good question, Mark. There is a formula in this nature, if you have a duty to fulfill, if you have a wish to be fulfilled, you would live until it is fulfilled. Not months, or years, sometimes, it would pass on to the next lives because that wish or that duty is imprinted in our soul and that becomes a flaw, in our soul, where we are unable to be united with the God soul. So our soul, on its own returns back to Earth to fulfill its duties and wishes. But here in the princess case, they have not died at all because of the power of the wish of the witch, who brought her life as well as the lives of others connected to her mishap  to a standstill, thereby bringing eternal life.”

“Can that happen, Rafael? Bringing life to a standstill?”

“Yes Rebecca, you can bring life to a standstill, for sure. When you get a shock, that makes your heart break, like a death or separation of a very loved person, at that moment, life would just end for the living.”

“Yes Rafael, its true, these people sometimes might become mentally ill if its a big  shock.”

“Yes Ajay, you are right and its not necessary, that you should become mentally ill to bring life to a stand still. When two lovers meet, their time comes to a standstill, when a mother is with her children, her life comes to a stand still, when the award is announced, your name is one of them, then,”

“I’d be dead of shock, Rafael.”

“Exactly Monica, time comes to a standstill there too. When somethings are fulfilled, which you had been craving for So here in this story, the witch have brought by her power of her mind to stay alive.” All nodded.

“Now back to the story, they reached the destination, the cave ended in a vast expanse, “Holy Ghost, what the ….. bloody hell is that thing?”

“What happened, what did they see Rafael?”

“Well they saw the most nightmarish view, they had ever viewed in their life.”

“Rafael, please don’t drag it, you are really keeping us in a suspense.”

“Yes, its true, but what to do, it’s time to say bye, we’ll meet tomorrow?” All nodded

“Oh God, should we stop now Rafael !!!!!!

“Anyway sleep on it guys.” All smiled and nodded. be contd… Chapter - 16

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