Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Slave King

“Rafael, I would like to ask about a very important facet of life.”
“Hmmm hmmm. Go on fire away Ajay.”
“From very small, the only word, that is being repeated in my family as well as in school or wherever I go is regarding goal. This word is being drummed into me, from very small age.” All nodded. “But my question is, how would we set a goal?” Rafael smiled and nodded.
“Good question Ajay. Its better with a story than otherwise, what do you think guys?”
“Great, we are all ears.”
“Hmmm. This happened years back. It was at the time of kings and queens. In the kingdom of Devlon, there was a king named George.”
“Wow!!!! I love to hear that type of stories, Rafael. OK, go on.” All smiled.
“Well at that time there were people who had no freedom too, the slaves ,and there was a slave, named Juan. He was the best slave anybody could have in one’s lifetime. In his vocabulary, there wasn’t a word called “No”. He did everything, he was asked to do. And never complained of any hardship and asked for anything, other than what was given. And the result?”
“No, he was respected, he was given more responsibilities. There was no one to complain. Who was happy with his services.”
“But Rafael, how come, he became a slave in the first place?”
“Well, in those time, the colour, the family and financial status decided whether one should become a slave or a prince and for Juan, it was slavery.” All nodded.
“Poor Juan.” All nodded.
“Yes, Rebecca, it was sad. But for him, he was happy, because he had accepted the fact, he was a slave. So as a normal human being, he did his duties and he didn’t get any wages. So he dreamed of life as it came by.”
“Wow!!!!! That was cool. Imagine happiness in slavery?” All nodded.
“Yes, indeed, its cool. Anyway, as he did his job perfectly a little more difficult and more responsible jobs came his way and still he persisted. Each responsibility undertaken was fulfilled to perfection made him the perfect person for any job. There was no job, he didn’t do. At last, he was promoted to the post of personal assistant as well as advisor to the king. If it can be said, he became the body guard of the King and the confidante of the king. His shrewd judgement and advice really helped the king and his shrewdness once saved the king.”
“Really, how?”
“Well, once the neighbouring king, their enemy, sent a messenger to King George’s, extending his good heart to a peace treaty, to bury their hatchets or in easy English, bury their swords, anger, hatred. King George, was very happy. At last, they would have peace. He immediately accepted and as part of this friendly message the enemy king invited King George for his son’s marriage, which was readily accepted. And, as part of that, the enemy king decorated the road leading from the border of Devlon to the palace.”
“Rafael, I smell rat here.”
“Yes Mathew, that was the same for Juan too. He had this uneasy feeling, that something was not right. So he went to the king and bowed before him.
“What is it Juan, do you want to say something?’
“Yes, your Majesty, forgive me for taking the freedom, but I do not feel, this invitation is genuine. But I cannot judge our enemy unnecessarily. I feel, something dangerous is going to happen. So if you do not mind, please send me. If anything happens, I would face it, no problem. But I do not want Devlon to lose its king.”
“Juan, why do you say this? Did you get any information from our spies?”
“Nothing of that sort, sire but my instincts have never betrayed me. So kindly let me go.”
“But if something happens to you?”
“Don’t worry sire. I’m your slave. Its my duty to be of service.”
“OK. I consent, but on one condition. Dress yourself as King George, then we will know what awaited me and take the best swordsmen and archers and use the best horses in the stable.”
“Thank you sire. I’ll follow it to the last word and the king’s train started at the exact time decided and nothing was amiss. But as they neared the enemy border, there were lots of people to welcome, King George’s party but there was not a single woman or child. All were men. Juan knew, there was something amiss. He ordered his men to be alert and when they entered the border, the people gave way to the kings train and there were loud shouting and rejoicing and crackers bursting and suddenly Juan eyes was blinded by a man’s sword by the sun and he watched with shock, that all were hiding their swords behind and when the whole train passed into the enemy kingdom, all the enemy’s swords were unsheathed.”
“But Rafael, why didn’t he flee in the first place, when he came to know that they were going to cheat?”
“Good question, but when you are dealing with politics, there should be proof, just because, he saw, doesn’t mean, that he would be attacked. But since he had alerted his men, the men too saw, what he had seen.” All nodded. So now, when the sword came out, and the men surrounded the train, Juan whistled, heralding a rain of arrows, killing the enemy men and creating lots of casualties, along with that, Juan and his men too fought and the rest of the enemy fled to safety.”
“That was brave, wasn’t it?”
“Yes, and after some years, the kingdom was passed on to Juan, as the king had no children. Thus making him king Juan.”
“Oh wow!!! That’s simply superb.”
“Now, what did you learn, from this story?”
“Well, there is already a goal without our knowing?”
“Add something more, Monica.”
“Rafael, its better you say it for us.”
“Yes, there is a pre destined goal for all people, that is an undisputed fact. But how.”
“Life would be a maze, if you do not know who you are.” All nodded
“I am Rebecca, that too is a sure fact, Rafael.”
“Good, but when you were in the womb of your mother, did they name you or is it after your arrival out to this beautiful world?”
“Well naturally, after I was born.”
“Good because, if I say, that you were named ages ago, will you believe it?”
“100 percent no.”
“I thought so. OK. Now if I say, you are beautiful, what would you say?”
“Thank you Rafael, that was a lovely compliment.”
“You are happy, right?”
“Yes Rafael, I’d be happy. But why do you say all these?”
“Do you know with what are we made of?”
“Yes and can you see it with your eyes or with microscope?”
“Then, where did this beauty came?”
“You mean to say that there is no beauty.”
“No Rebecca, its not the beauty, actually we are all not visible by the naked eye because we are made up of atoms, then how can we see beauty?”
“Rafael, you really are going crazy. What you said is true, but it really doesn’t make sense.”
“Yes I know. So now hear me out completely.” All nodded.
“As I told you Rebecca was there ages back because you are part of the soul of God, where all the best qualities like eternal love, peace and happiness rule and Rebecca is born from there, which means she is a spiritual being, we all are from the same ocean, but we are just drops of the same ocean, but we have been separated out of the ocean of God soul and caged in this physical body and our basic goal is to reach God soul but as a human being, we do not know that because our soul eye is closed by our human eye. We would not be able to know it until you clear your way and that could be possible only if you fulfill the goal of human baing.”
“What is that, Rafael?”
“Never say no to get the chance to do service, help others, use your talents for good cause, then your way to fulfill your humanly goal would come your way, without even straining. Accept your limitations like Juan, who accepted the fact that he is a slave and he would get no pay.”
“But that is story, isn’t it? In real life we cannot accept so readily.”
“If a man is born with no legs, is there any use grumbling Monica?”
“I don’t think so, Rafael. Even though he grumbles, the leg wouldn’t sprout. So better accept it.”
“Exactly, as a human being we are not perfect, know that, but accept it too, only then you would be able to get through each day hassle free.”
“Then the bonds which has bound our soul would break one by one opening the way for us to reach humanly goal as well as the spiritual goal. So don’t make big big decisions, take the small small steps and the rest would be taken for you. But fulfill your duties, commitments and responsibilities and accept the fact that your body has limitations and live each moment happily. Then rest would be the best for you.”
“Its like lived happily ever after, Rafael.”
“Yes Monica, life is to be lived happily not deeply grieved.” All nodded.
“So take each step and be the person you are with the full knowledge that you are the son of God. Will you be able to do that?”
“Hope so.” All nodded.
“OK then, its time to say bye, we’ll meet tomorrow.” All nodded be contd....(60)....

Until then... Take care.....Bye


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