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The Purse

Chapter - 2

“Rafael, what did Alfonso see?”

“He saw a dismembered body of a man, with full consciousness.”

“You mean, the legs and hands cut off?”


“Oooo….h my God. But Rafael, why should Alfonso be shocked at seeing this sight? He usually kills people?”

“Well, Alfonso never killed people, Monica. He would never harm anyone in the process of looting. He usually locks them in a room and takes off their valuables but if there is surplus food and water, they would take some and. they never attacked cruise ships. They targeted only cargo ships.”

“That’s a relief.” All nodded.

“Then what happened?”

“He immediately called the other crew members and they all arrived quickly. Sanjo lighted his torch and lighted all the lamps. Since these people knew, the basic first aid, they immediately got to work, first placing the sick man in a safe and comfortable place, as he had to wait till the current situation is rectified.” All nodded

“Rafael, there is one question nagging me.”

“What is it Mathew?”

“This sick man has been sick for many days and now when he reached the medicine man, then too he is unable to get any medical help, is there any connection with regard to his destiny?  because I feel there is.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Firstly he became sick in a no man’s land, the ocean, then it took two days to reach land and now, this situation. Has he delayed his services to someone else Rafael?”

“Yes, he had. Good thinking Mathew. The sick man is Rojer. He is a cook in the ship of Alfonso. One day, while he was on land, he bought groceries. Since he had lots of luggage, he ordered a boy to carry his wares and offered to give him a gold coin. The boy was very happy. He carried all Rojer’s things from morning till evening. He didn’t give food or water to the boy and the boy didn’t ask too. By the end of the day, he reached the service canoe and asked the boy to deposit all the things in it and the boy did it happily. He then took his purse of coins and paid the boy.”

“Really, After his behavior to the boy, its surprising Rojer paid at all.” All nodded.

“You thought right Rebecca, he gave only a silver coin.”

“He is really a bastard, isn’t he?”

“But luckily Alfonso arrived and saw this scene and looked at Rojer and asked, “Did you made this boy carry all these bags for you?”

“Rojer replied with a sly smile, “I paid him nicely.” and shooed off the boy. But Alfonso knew, Rojer had ill treated the boy. He stopped the boy from going and took his purse and gave it to the boy.”

“Wow, that was cool.”

“Yes it was wow for the boy and not for Rojer, he didn’t like a bit, and he lunged forward to snatch the purse.”

“In front of Alfonso? He indeed has a nerve.”

“Well. his nerve was smashed then and there by Alfonso himself and Rojer gasped for air at the punch he received. Then Alfonso turned to the boy and said, “Sorry son. you were ill treated by one of my men. You can take the whole purse. It would be sufficient to last a lifetime, if you are wise enough not to squander it.” The boy nodded and left. Rojer was packed into the boat and they sailed off.”

“OK. So that is why this delay in getting treatment for  Rojer, no wonder, .” All nodded.

“Actually Rafael, this incident is a small incident, as Rojer ill treated the boy for, might be a matter of hours, but when he received his revenge the hours turned into days. If I may say so, even now, Rojer is in his sick bed.” All nodded.

“Seeing this, one thing is sure, whether good or bad, when the services we gave returns it really comes in manifolds, right Rafael?”

“Yes, Monica, it would not because the destiny wants it, we itself has given the permission to receive the maximum.”
“Rafael, how would we give permission?”

“When you hurt a person, with word or action or whatever, each hurt is like a volume slider, the number of times you break a heart, the slider goes up. For example, when your friend has taken a pencil from you and didn’t return, what will be your attitude? Happy?”

“No terribly grieved.”

“Exactly, this grief, which you had it in your silent heart gets attached to your friend’s destiny then and there and you ask to return the pencil and he doesn’t return, again another addition. So all these things is just the activity and then our destiny is programmed as to give the maximum in return, there would be no doubt about that. Its complete, which means, we would never ever forget it, that much strong, powerful and lovingly will it repay you because, in the log book of destiny, there is no such thing as good or bad, there are only thoughts, words and actions. And thoughts would be converted to words, when repayment is made and words to would be repaid in action and action in action itself, very much stronger.”

“So you mean to say Rafael, that destiny log book has all our activities written in minute detail?”

“Yes Ajay and the only thing to note is, do the right. Which means there won’t be criticism from the part of our destiny, or what we say, as the soul of God, as we are the drop of it, instead we would have to face the consequences of all we have thought, spoke and did. So beware because you know, what is right and wrong right?” All nodded

“OK now back to the story, the medicine man was approximately above 50 and he was conscious and smiling, when he saw the new comers. Alfonso was surprised. He asked the man, who was bathed in his own blood, “Sir how can I help you?” Just bind my wounds to place and send for my daughter, who is also a medicine woman and good at stitching wounds. She will do it perfectly.” Alfonso nodded and got the address from the medicine man. Sanjo was sent immediately to collect his medicine woman daughter from the given address. Luckily, when Sanjo stepped outside the horse carriage they had travelled before was coming towards the house, seeing Sanjo he returned the package, which they had dropped  accidently in it. Sanjo didn’t think twice, he immediately gave the address to the driver and asked him to help him reach there and back quickly.”

“Just look at the difference of the doctor’s destiny? The right time Alfonso came from no man’s land and a carriage came from nowhere, what is this Rafael? Its simply unimaginable isn’t it?”

“Yes Rebecca, that is what we get when we do the right way, the doctor’s life was a service to relieve pain for other souls and that might be the reason, that he didn’t show any signs of pain, that might be the reason he was conscious and that might be the reason, his daughter too became a doctor and that too good at surgery and that might be the reason, that Alfonso had an errand boy in the form of Sanjo, to run around, and that might be the reason, the crew dropped their package in the carriage. Its all well planned, the only thing is just do right, that’s all.” All nodded.

“Good, now back to the story, Sanjo arrived his destination, within no time. He knocked at the door and the door was opened immediately, as if, the call was expected. Sanjo opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out.”

“Why, what happened?”

“Well I think we should stop here.”

“Oh!!!!!! just imagine, the suspense Rafael.”

“I know, but we’ll just break here because, its past time.” All nodded.  

its time to say bye, we’ll meet tomorrow?” All nodded be contd Chapter - 3

Until then... Take care.....Bye


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