Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Palace under the Sea

Chapter - 13

“By God, I knew, there was something murky in that place, then what happened?”

“Alfonso’s eyes widened, he tried to shout, but no sound came.”

“OH!!!!!!!! Now what will he do?”

“A dolphin came by and spoke, speak with your thoughts to your friends. They will hear you.”

“A dolphin spoke!!!!!!! and did Alfonso speak with his thoughts?”


“Wow!!!!!! Should I say cool or Is it crazy?” All smiled.

“Don’t worry, Mark, we really can speak with our thoughts, that can be done, only through the language of love. When a son thinks of his mother, his mother knows and vice versa, when two lovers sit together, they do not need words, they are just contented. In short, thoughts are louder and clearer than spoken words. So now back to the story.”

“Christoph………er…. Rojer… He yelled with his thought and they both looked to find, Alfonso being pulled into the small chest, Cristopher immediately took hold of him by his leg and Rojer, took hold of Cristopher, then the remaining two more crew members  Lionel and Monty too attached themselves to Rojer, who was by then sucked into the small chest.”

“Now What, Rafael?”

“They landed on top of the other in a very big palace – A palace made of diamonds, it was so shining, that they shut their eyes tight from its glare.”

“Then a loving announcement  came from behind “Children, now you can open your eyes.”

“And lo behold!!!! the palace turned  itself into Saphire.”

“But Rafael, how can that be possible, to build a castle itself takes time, and how come it changed the precious stones within a matter of seconds?”

“That is the power of thought, children, power of thought. God created this universe with the power of word and behind every word, there is a thought and that is why they say that 'Think Before you Speak', Think Positively, etc.... In short, I'll make it short for you, use your thoughts wisely, don't squander it, will you?'" All nodded.  Now we will see what happened to Alfonso and his team.” All nodded.

“They looked around to find a very beautiful lady, with golden free flowing hair. Her eyes were green as the sapphires of the palace walls and her forehead broad. She wore a crown and her dress was bejeweled. All looked at her with awe.”

“Alfonso curtsied, which was followed by others too, before addressing, “Princess, How can I help you?”

“I am glad, you asked me. I need a help. I can repay you, with whatever you ask for. If you are unable to help me, your life would be taken away.” Alfonso didn’t even flinch. He knew, he could do it and he thanked the Gods, for giving the Amulet through Isabella.”

“Oh yeah Rafael, that amulet is inside Alfonso’s body, just look at the coincidence, Isabella gifting him an amulet and he wearing it and exactly, he is in the middle of danger. Its simply surprising Rafael. I really cannot imagine it. But one thing, I'm sure, he'll come out scratch free.”

“Yes Ajay, all the circumstances and people are not coincidental, every person and every incident comes because, they have a role in helping us to reach our destination. So it is always important to respect the people whom we have with us and whom we meet in our daily lives and accept them, as they are because, their identity is what we need and not force our identity on them.” All nodded.

“So back to the story, “Alfonso replied, “I’m not worried about my life, I promise to fulfill your wish, but I want you to promise me, not to harm my crew members and let them free.”

“OK, I promise.” But the crew members intervened, “Sorry to interfere princess, we too are not worried for our lives, we do not want a life without Alfonso. So we too join Alfonso to help you.”

“This is a surprise. There have been several, who have passed these doors, but none were as courageous as you people. I’m glad. But I keep my word, your friends would be let to live. But they can join you. Now follow me.” Alfonso and the crew nodded and followed the princess. As she was moving from one corridor to the other, the colour of the dress and the hair started changing according to the precious stone of the palace walls.”


“It’s time to say bye, we’ll meet tomorrow?” All nodded

“Oh God, should we stop now Rafael !!!!!!

“Anyway sleep on it guys.” All smiled and nodded. be contd… Chapter - 14

Until then... Take care.....Bye


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