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The Medicine Bag

Chapter - 3

“Actually, what was the reason that Sanjo couldn’t ask anything?” Rafael smiled.


“Beauty? Rafael please say it clearly.”

“The lady standing in front was the most beautiful one, Sanjo had ever set eyes upon.”

“Well, that’s natural because, he has no opportunity to see a woman at sea.” All nodded.

“Yes, its true, Mathew. Now, there is one difference, there are two types of beauty, skin deep and soul deep?”

“Oh Wow!! that’s cool. But what is the difference?”

“Well, skin deep beauty, is just beauty which deteriorates as time passes. It can be kept intact only with regular make up  and the soul deep beauty, stays till the very end of time, there is no need of make up.”

“I’d rather have the soul deep one, at least I can save on make up.” All smiled.

“That’s a wise thinking Rebecca and it is easy to achieve too.”

“Really, hey guys sorry eh. I really would like to know how I can make myself beautiful.”

“No problem Rebecca, its good for us too. So Rafael, please enlighten us.”

“First and foremost you should know, that you are made of atoms.”


“Atoms are always in vibration.” All nodded.

“When you are at peace, the vibration of the atoms is in harmony, which means, it just vibrates because the nature of the atom is to vibrate. But when you are angry or hate somebody or mind is having tension or sadness, that time the vibration is so erratic that it knocks all the other atoms thereby creating disorder in your body, that is when we do not look beautiful, we look old, tired, puffy eyes, skin dull. Whereas when you do something good, when you are in love with everybody in the world, when you have given your very being to somebody to make them happy, when you forgive, then the vibration of the atoms is very very small and at that time, the real light from the soul gets to come out from within the body cage and that is called aura, when aura is allowed to come out, there is nothing unachievable for that person, all gets attracted to you, all the doors would be open and the beauty attained by nil vibration of the atoms and along with it the light of the soul coming from the very soul, all together would really become a heady combination for the person who sees it.”

“You mean to say that the person who has all these would not know?”

“No, because, he would have become more selfless, more loving and more dedicated in helping others, doing good, being kind and no time to watch himself in a mirror because, by then he would know, the triviality of being beautiful.” All smiled and nodded.

“So we should be good, do good, think good, right?”

“Yes Rebecca, that’s right. Now back to the story,” All nodded.

“Sanjo was standing open mouthed, when the lady spoke, “Yes, young man, what can I do for you?”

“Sanjo woke up from his shock and took off his cap and cleared his throat, “Maam, your father sent me to fetch you. He wants you to stich up a wound and very mediately. Me thinks, you should take long thread, lots of it and needle too.”

“Is he still in the clinic?” Sanjo nodded.

“May I know, who you are?”

“Me name Sanjo,  and me friend became sick at sea.”

“Sea?” Sanjo nodded

“Maam, hurry the carriage is waitin and please giv yor medicin bag.”

“Yes, I’ll do that and my name is Isabella.” Sanjo nodded and fidgeted with his cap.” Seeing his tension, Isabella quickened her steps to collect all her things, she added three extra rolls of thread and several needles too of different sizes and thickness. She was famous for her stiching, she could even stitch a hair together."

"Rafael, that's a bit exaggerating, don't you think." All smiled.

"Well we all know, no one is able to do that in the literal sense, I was meaning, that, she has patience, skill and above all if anything that has space to enter a needle, she would be able to do it perfectly, that's all." All nodded and smiled.
"She got ready quickly, changed to her service dress, when she goes out for house calls and put on her coat, tied her bonnet and over it a scarf, so that she don’t get the night chill  and was out within matter of minutes.”

“Me thinks, you are very fast maam.” Isabella smiled and nodded,  gave him her medicine bag and quickly climbed into the carriage and Sanjo sat along with the driver.”

“The carriage had free reign on the road as there were not much vehicles or passers by on the streets. They reached their destination and seeing the whole place  lighted, Isabella asked, “Is everything OK, Papa, never lights this many lamps at this hour and why so many people, What happened?” Sanjo paid the carriage driver and spoke, “nothings to worry maam, please come quickly and Sanjo ran forward, to make others known that the medicine woman arrived, especially Isabella’s father and Alfonso.”

“Rafael, I'm really scared to think, what Isabella's reaction would be. ” All nodded

 “Well. we'll have to wait and see. I think we should stop here.”

“Oh!!!!!! Exactly here?”

“I know, but we’ll just break here because, its past time.” All nodded.  

its time to say bye, we’ll meet tomorrow?” All nodded be contd… Chapter - 4

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