Friday, March 8, 2013

I Wish I had


“Well how was your day children, anything new happened?”

“Rafael, one of my classmate’s mother was thrown out, but the family says she left. But why is it so Rafael? Which is the truth?”

“Well it’s a sad thing, I’m sorry to hear it. I’ll say a story, are you ready to hear?” All nodded.

Once upon a time, there was a man, named Asif who collected beautiful things, it was so rare and very beautiful, that it was worth his money and energy. So one day, one of his friends Jameel happened to see this collections and wished he had one and he asked directly to Asif, since Jameel was his friend, he consented to give him, whatever he wishes to have it. So Jameel said, that he would select it the next day.”

“If I were in Jameel’s place, I’d have selected done then and there or else, if Asif would change his mind next day, its gone, what do you think Rafael.” All nodded.

“Well, if I were in Jameel’s place, I’d never ask Rebecca. I fell its not fair to Asif. How much difficult it is to get rare collectibles and just because, I fell in love with things doesn’t mean, I should get it. I’m really against Jameel’s attitude, what do you think Rafael?”

“Well, what has been done is done we cannot change it Mark. So we will just say, that he asked and he is planning to select a beautiful piece the very next day.” All nodded.

“ The very next day, Jameel bathed, dressed, had breakfast very early and reached Asif’s place before day break, to search for the beautiful collectible.”

“God what a sucker.” All nodded.

“Don’t judge Jameel, Mathew, we are all at one point or the other ask things, which we wish to have, am I right? All nodded.

“Yes Rafael, you are right. I’m sorry, I just imagined myself in Asif’s place.”

“That’s a good thought, when we plan to ask somebody else’s things, put ourselves in their place just for a moment and think, how you feel about it.”

‘You’re right Rafael, we’ll surely do that, thanks for opening our eyes.”

“Good, now back to the story, Asif said, you can ask anything and decide how many hours or days you need, but when you take out, that would be yours, I would not exchange it, So what do you think, can you accept the condition?” Jameel nodded.

“Jameel was shown the special room where the collectibles were arranged, the room was air conditioned and point lights on every item, so as to enhance the beauty of each item was also set in the room. In short it was an Aladdin’s cave that room of collectibles. Asif left Jameel to search for his dream thing.”

“But Asif is very courageous, he left his friend alone in his collection room? Wow!!! That’s simply unimaginable, Rafael.”

“Don’t worry, if Asif can keep a separate room, with air condition and point lights, then you will know its in a safe place, under lock and key and not scattered around.” All nodded.

“So what happened to Jameel, did he select any, Rafael?”

“Well, he took his time and selected one very beautiful figurine made of Jade. It was so perfect, that he really fell in love, the very moment he set eyes on it, letting himself out of the room immediately and went to find, Asif.”

“So fast, Rafael, at least he should have looked at the rest of the items and then should have made the decision, what do you think Rafael?”

“Yes Ajay, that would have been wise but Jameel was sure, that there wasn’t anything that could outdo the beauty of the figurine. anyway it was true, its intricate design, the colour and the settings were really a perfect combination. Jameel arrived breathless, and told him his selection.”

“Asif nodded and said, “Good choice, but there is a flaw, with the point light it looks good, but its Type A jade Jameel, when you look in the open, it would not be that beautiful, since its made of pure Jade. So decide once again. You look around once more and decide. Take your time, don’t rush yourself into committing it so fast.” All nodded.

“Yeah, that’s a art collector’s talk.” All nodded.

“Well in life, when we plan to decide, take your time, that’s important, study the pros and cons and why you need to have it and whether you could live without.”

“And for the last question, if the answer is “No” then what Rafael?”

“Well then you really do not have a choice, do you?”

“No Rafael.”

“OK. So that was the option for Jameel too, “He couldn’t live without. So Asif opened the glass door of the figurine and took it delicately out and told Jameel, take care properly, it really is very precious to me, it’s a priceless collection. Jameel nodded.”

“How sad, isn’t it, Asif’s gift was indeed priceless by his very act isn’t it Rafael?”

“Yes, it is Rebecca. And Asif packed it nicely in front of Jameel and gave it to him and Jameel felt like he got the whole world and he reached home and opened it and to his utter shock, he found that, the beauty he had seen in the room, was not there when it was seen in normal daylight. The figurine was perfect, but the colour, the transparent effect were all missing. He looked it in the point light and lo behold, it looked beautiful.”

“But Rafael, he won’t be able to return it to Asif right?”

“Well, no, since Asif had already made a condition which Jameel had already agreed and he had also promised to take good care of the figurine.”

“In short, Jameel was stuck with the figurine, unable to destroy or give it to somebody as it was a gift to him.” All nodded.

“Yes Monica, exactly. Since he couldn’t tolerate in the normal day light, he put it in a glass case and a  point light, and placed it in a separate room, so he didn’t have to see it. Only when Asif or Jameel’s other friends or family came, did he open the room. So life went for Jameel, whenever he enters his house, he would get angry. He couldn’t tolerate a single moment to stay with the worst mistake of his life.”

“That’s natural Rafael.”

“Yes it is natural and life went for Jameel, he got married and had children, they didn’t know the importance of the figurine. So while Jameel was not there, they used to take out the figurine and play with it. One day it accidentally fell and was broken into two.”

“Oh no!!!!!!!!! how sad Asif might be? What was Jameel’s reaction Rafael.”

“Well, he was actually relieved, at least he could dispose of the element, which he readily did.”

“Reaaaaaaaaally, did he throw the figurine?”

“Well now it was no figurine, it was some pieces of Jade stone. He patted his children.

“Asif arrived and found another figurine in the place of the jade one.”

“What did Jameel say?”

“Well, he told, while he was cleaning the figurine, it got knocked and fell and broke. he continued, " But no problem, I have found a new one, look, isn’t it beautiful than the previous one?” Asif nodded in the negative as that of a defeated warrior and left.”
“Oh how sad.”

“Yes it was sad. Anyway, whose fault was it, the children?”

“Since Jameel didn’t like it, it was better broken, than tolerate it. So why blame anybody for it. But Jameel, should not have told lies, what do you think Rafael.”

“Yes it would have been better. But we are all in the same boat in that respect, when it comes to throwing which we do not want or like, we would take all ways possible to dispose it off.”

“But as a spiritual being, won’t it create an impression on the destiny of the liar and along with that cheating a friend and the like, Rafael?”

“Yes, it surely come on to you and you will have to bear the consequence of what you said or did, whether the mother was thrown out or mother left home. People might slander, but there is the drop of soul, getting the activity imprinted and nobody is needed to be seen, even what you do in the darkest and secretes places, would be noted because you are there in the act and it is in your soul you are writing, not anyone elses.”

“That’s a joke Rafael, usually when a thief enters a house, he looks everywhere to see whether anyone is coming or seeing and enter the house, but our soul, the drop of God soul, the real policeman is already there in the thief, with its log book and pen ready to write the act of stealing clearly and thoroughly, changing his course of life, with a simple act which he feels, nobody has seen.” All nodded.

“Yes Mark you are right, so try to do the right, by uniting yourself with the ocean of God soul, then there is no chance of being blinded by the beauty of the point light. Even if you do not do the action, don't think, that you are perfect unless and until, your thoughts too are clear, your log would not be cleared.” All nodded.

“Rafael, so the new figurine, did it live up to its expectation?"

"Well a collectors piece and a normal figurine has a wide gap to be compared. So there is no need to say whether the breaking was worth it, because, it had already been done, we cannot undo it. Even before the children broke the figurine, Jameel had broken it in his mind several thousand times. So the figurine was exactly broken the moment it reached Jameel's house. So the blame is on Jameel's alone, which he should not have wished for in the first place. But that is life.” All nodded.

“So there is one thing, that you people have to take good care.”

“What is it Rafael?”

“Take any amount of decision, but be sure, that the decision, you are going to take would be life altering. So do it wisely. Will you be able to do that and handle life with care, don’t squander it like the figurine. It could break.” All nodded.

“Thank you Rafael, We’ll remember that.” All nodded.

“Good. OK then, its time to say bye, we’ll meet tomorrow.” All nodded be contd....(65)....

Until then... Take care.....Bye


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