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The Fingers

Chapter - 5

“She started unwrapping the left hand of her father methodically not knowing what to expect. Her hear was coming to a stand still as the bandage was nearing to the wound and at last she undressed the wound which made her eyes widen.”

“How did you do this?” Tears started rolling from Isabella’s eyes.

“What happened Rafael? Why is Isabella crying?”

“Well, the crew had really helped her father . They had joined the main artery brachial artery, where the blood from the heart is being pumped to the hands and the cephalic veins and brachial veins, the blood vessel, that pumps back blood to the heart were connected.”

“Really, that’s impossible, but how?”

“That’s the funny part, they inserted very thin tube  into the artery, so as to keep the blood flowing.”

“Rafael, are you saying that, they did as we do in plumbing? joining two water  hoses?”

“Exactly, one of the crew members was good in tinkering around with bamboos and water hoses and very artistic too. He was the person, who asked the doctor, whether he had any catheter like materials, if you want to hear, exactly what the pirate said, then it was like this, “Mr. Medicine man, are there  any bamboos fit for body to direct all this bloody blood?” All nodded and smiled

 “But Rafael, how did they know the exact location and the exact vein and artery?”

“ Well, the doctor was lucky, he was conscious and since it happened within minutes before their arrival, they were successful to plant a small tube each , in the main artery and vein, first the left arm, then the left  leg, after that the doctor went unconscious.”

“Lucky it was done one side, so it would have been easy to locate on the other side.” All nodded.

“Yes, flexible and artistic fingers served the purpose.”

“But Rafael, how come an artist became a pirate, I cannot understand?”

“Actually, Juan, is an orphan, he actually sneaked into a pirate ship and he was on the move from then on, he was ill treated, lashed, just for the fun of hurting him and making fun of his talents and long fingers, fit for sewing and not pirating, etc…. which he tolerated but there is always a breaking point and when he reached that, Juan left the ship, to be landed again in another of a pirate ship, but luckily it was Alfonso’s.”

“Thank God, but now look, how his hands, were useful to the doctor?” All nodded and smiled.

“Rafael, one more question, Did Juan help Isabella stitch the wound?” Rafael smiled.

“Why did you ask that Ajay?”

“I have a feeling, that he is very talented to be made fun of everybody. If my feeling is not wrong, he would be much more best and perfect in sewing human flesh.” All nodded.

“Yes Ajay, you thought right. He indeed asked, Isabella to show him and he will do it in a Jiffy.”

“Really? Oh!!! that’s wonderful!!!! Really God heard the prayer of Isabella, an extra pair of hand in this critical situation and that too in the form of a pirate, which had been taunted lifelong, landing exactly in front of a person, who is in need.” All nodded.

“If we think with our intelligence, we feel stupid, isn’t it? How well planned all these sequence has taken place. Is it destiny Rafael?”

“Yes Rebecca, its destiny, the destiny of the doctor for doing good, the destiny of Juan, to make him prove himself that he too is as valuable as others, when all others were just spectators, only his idea, his mind, his hands were the only use.” All nodded. The destiny of Alfonso, he is once more given an opportunity to help others, destiny of Isabella, to show, that God never stops in doing miracles for her prayers.”

“Do you know, how this destiny is created?” All nodded in the negative.

“It happens because each soul has a log book for their activities and this log book is imprinted in the soul of each person. Al the actions, even to the minute detail of every second is written on it and the gifts of each action would and should be received and that gift, that receipt of our action is what we call destiny, the result of our action.”

“Even if anyone sees or not sees doesn’t matter, your soul knows it because, it has taken a video of your whole life.”


“Yes, exactly like that, because it would never miss on anything, so as per our current technology it is equal to videography.” All nodded. “So when you get back your action in return, sometimes you might feel, “returned by the same coin”, that much coincidence we would find. But there is one difference, in videography, there is only actions and words or dialogues, but in our destiny, our thoughts too are put in detail.”

“Wow Rafael, actually are we in the real world? Is it really true, that so many people, from different worlds and different circumstances, unite together starting from how long? Its simply unimaginable Rafael. Just to fulfill our destiny? Impossible.” All nodded.

“For the soul, everything is possible, there is no word as impossible. So know the power of your thought, word and action, OK? Now back to the story.” All nodded.

“Isabella, was glad to show Juan, how to sew each nerve and muscles. She was a very good teacher. She showed one hand and Juan did the other hand within no time.”

“But Rafael, what about the bone, it should be joined right?”

“Well, the doctor was lucky, they were actually taken out fro, the socket completely. So, there was no fracture of any sort, only inserting the bones into the socket was what it needed and it was a very painful, which made the doctor go unconscious.”

It was done by the muscle man of the crew, Cristopher. He could carry four men in one arm, that much strength he has. This procedure was a feather light business for him.”

“If Isabella was alone, I’m sure, her father would not have any limbs at all, what do you think Rafael?” All nodded.

“Yes, it might have been, but God didn’t give any circumstance for that, did He? What do you think?”

“Yes Rafael, you are right, God didn’t give a chance to grieve for Isabella, look how perfectly she has attained her job. She didn’t call anybody, but she got the perfect assistants and she didn’t ask for assistance, but it came naturally to her. Now I understand the importance of humanity, humility and strength of mind and I would surely pray Rafael.” All nodded.

“Good. Now back to the story, they did all the sewing and dressing within a span of 2 hours.”

“So fast?”

“Well each artery and vein, muscles, tendons, everything should be sewn into place and since, Juan was there, it was a relief for Isabella, when the last limb was dressed. Isabella kneeled down on the floor and clasped her hands and  spoke with tears freely flowing, “thank you God for being with me, thank you for assisting me, thank you for blessing my father, thank you for guiding these people here, thank you my God, I really do not know how to say thank you, but be sure, I love you.”

“Seeing this, all the pirates too kneeled and stayed there silent with clasped hands.”

“Oh!!!!!!! how sweet. But Isabella’s thank you was really genuine, how much happy God might have felt?” All nodded.

“When Isabella opened her eyes, she couldn’t find anybody. She looked around and found Alfonso kneeling beside her, Isabella’s eyes widened. She asked, “Why are you kneeling?” Alfonso shrugged and spoke, “If our prayers too gets united to heal your father, then its good, isn’t it? Anyway, we are not the praying type, we are not used to prayer, but we value life, that’s all.”

“Isabella stood up and embraced and kissed all the pirates and said, “Myself and my family could never repay for what you have done here today and this brutal act on my father was to make you know, that you have lots of good in you, that is why you were able to do good to others. God works miracles to the good hearted, whether you pray or not pray is not the matter, God sees only the soul in you, that is what I believe.” Juan and Christopher scratched their heads, for them all of this was Latin. So Isabella stopped there and smiled. She immediately cleaned up the place and requested the crew to help her father into a comfortable bed, by then Rojer was feeling a bit better. Isabella prepared some tea and took out some biscuits which were kept in the clinic, during emergencies. All the crew trooped into the visitors room where the tea was served. All took comfortable positions and sat. Isabella served them tea and took one for herself and sat. All were silent drinking the tea of relief.”

“Really, it really is a relief for us too Rafael.” All nodded.

“What do you do in the ship?”

“Well, at last, the question came? we have been awaiting for this question, for some time, lucky she asked after the surgery, or else, what would have been the situation?” all nodded

  “We’ll just break here because, its past time.”

“Rafael, can’t you say what answer they gave?”

“Anyway sleep on it and let it be a surprise for you guys too.” All smiled and nodded.

“It’s time to say bye, we’ll meet tomorrow?” All nodded be contd… Chapter - 6

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