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The Double Gift

Chapter - 7

“Father, I’m glad to see that you are well and fine. Turning to the crew members, she spoke smilingly, Yes, father I met these young gentlemen, who helped me patch up all your limbs in place. Do you think, I could do it singlehandedly?”

Dr. Martin’s eyes lighted up with mirth. I can imagine that, with all bloody blood flushing around the place, these men messed in it? Good. I forgot to ask in the first place, Alfonso, what made you come here? All looked at each other.

“It was a case of food poisoning father, I treated Rojer and he is fine now.” All looked relieved, but Alfonso’s fist tightened, Isabella could feel his tension, but she didn’t acknowledge it, she smiled sweetly at him and looked at her father and spoke, “Father, these gentleman do not have any known people here.”

“Aah!! that’s good. So now I got an opportunity to welcome you gentlemen, to my home to stay. He turned to Isabella and spoke, “Bella, you take them home immediately and ask Martha to accommodate them in separate rooms for each person.” Isabella nodded.

“ Sure father.” saying so, she turned to leave, when Alfonso cleared his throat and said gruffly,

“Its OK sir, I think, its time for us to leave, we do not want to outwelcome your hospitality.”

“Hospitality!!!!! what do you  mean hospitality. Now I do not want any side stepping, you are not my guest, but my unborn sons. I do not want to hear anything. You could have let me to die, leaving me there, but you helped me, you could have watched Bella stitch my wounds and could have been onlookers, but you helped her join my bones, join my veins, join my skin, who would do it than, onlookers?”

“No father, people who are very very close at heart, who loves very dearly, only then they will be able to do it, you are right father, these gentlemen are indeed your unborn sons. Congratulations father, now you are father of five in one go.” All smiled.

“Sir, don’t put too much importance to our act, we did just what others would have done in our place, nothing extra. So please take rest and let us go.” Isabella held on Alfonso’s hand and requested.

“Father, I have a request to make to Alfonso and his crew. Please give me permission to ask it.”
“Sure child, ask, what is it?”

“I want a favour from them.”

“What is it Isabella?”

“I am the only daughter of my father, until now I was his son and daughter together. His dream was to construct a very big hospital, we have the money, we have land, but…”

“But what??????”

“We shelved it because I didn’t have a brother. As you saw, I cannot do it singlehandedly. I have my own difficulties.” All nodded in acknowledgement.

“So what help do you want from me and my men Isabella?”

“Would you be able to stay here and be family?”

“What!!!!!!!!!!!!!” All chorused together.

“Isabella coloured and bent her head and mumbled. “Sorry, forget, that I ever asked. She let go of Alfonso’s hand and moved out of the door with slumped shoulder. But she was blocked half way and she looked up to find, Juan standing there with compassionate eyes and a smiling face, he spoke, “Sis, if I may take the freedom to call you so” Bella smiled and nodded with tears streaming down her cheeks, which was dashed off as quickly by the back of her hand. She took a tissue from the nearby table and blew her nose, “sorry.”

“Don’t be.” Juan continued, if your invitation is still open, I’m family.”

“Me too.” All looked to see Sanjo moving towards Juan’s side smiling.”

“Well!!! what’s the use with just two, so I want all my crew to take sides with Isabella.” Isabella was smiling broadly at Alfonso’s declaration, tears non stop.

“What a luck. Its simply awesome, isn’t it Rafael?”

“Yes Ajay, hear the rest,” all nodded, “Alfonso continued “ but on one condition,” The smile of Isabella just vanished into thin air. Alfonso turned to Dr. Martin and spoke, “Sir, we are all privileged to be accepted as one of family, because most of us are unknown entities and I do not want to put you in the dark regarding, who we are.” All breath stood still.

“I know, who you are Alfonso, you are the pirate prince of the Pacific and I do not care an iota of it. So off with the frills, anything else?” Isabella came running to her father and embraced him tightly, “Oh father!!!!!!!! you are the best, you evaluated them, when you were bleeding? All the crew gathered and smiled.

“And here we were thinking to hide our identity, what a waste of thought.” All smiled at Christopher’s joke.

“Now what is the next condition, Alfonso?”

“My crew and myself are family, we are not beggars, they have earned their living, not by looting, but by working hard, we are not pirates, we haven’t looted anyone’s money. We happened to come across a treasure, which could last many a generations.  But we have not used it till now, but we want to.” Isabella smiled widely and thanked God for sending the right people, but she didn’t voice it out. Alfonso continued, “since my men wants to get rooted here, it would be wise to have our own place to stay and we are willing to set up a  hospital too but you should give us a job there, or else, we are returning back to our ship.”

“You have a deal.” Isabella voiced delightedly.

“Rafael, actually, by seeing the sequence happening to Dr. martin, he wished for a son and a hospital and he got five sons, a hospital and people too work too and that too very reliable. How come, it happened like that?”

“Good question Mark, when you wish for something, the wish automatically gets imprinted into your soul according to the power of your thought, then naturally, it conserves all energy to create that wish for you. The perfection of the wish is achieved only if we wait patiently.”

“What does that mean, Rafael, wait patiently?”

“If Dr. Martin decided to adopt a son, because, he knew, he would never have one, then how many sons would he have?”

“Naturally one, Rafael”

“Exactly, and what are the chances, he would be reliable or , would he be able to fulfill Dr’s wish  to build a hospital and manage it?”

“Not sure, Rafael.”

“Yes, I’m also not sure, but if I ask, would Alfonso and the team would be relied, what will your answer?”

“Yes, Rafael.” All chorused.

“That is the difference between waiting and taking matters in our own hands and falling on our own mistakes.”
“So Rafael, you mean to say, if we want something, it’d automatically come to us, without any hard work from our part.”

“Well. I wouldn’t say that, because, patience is a very big investment from our part, which is the most important ingredient in our life and the next thing is, visualizing, what you want, in great detail, then it would happen exactly like that.”

“Oh!!!! that’s wonderful.”

“Yes, Monica, its wonderful, but there is a flaw in this.”

“What is it Rafael?”

“When  we wish for things, we will have to go through all the difficulties, just like Dr. Martin had gone through, it might be physical discomforts or sometimes mental torture or humiliation.”

“But why is it like that, Rafael?”

Every physical being has vibration. Have you heard of unlike poles attract, like positive and negative attract?”

“Yes, Rafael, we have. We have the positive energy, which has the capability of what we have wished for and before the thing comes, the negative energy comes and attaches to ourselves and creates all the problems, then the real thing comes to us. In this story, before the arrival of Alfonso and the crew, the act was already done, cutting of the limbs. So that they could get attached to the source of Interest, Dr. Martin’s limbs, two hands and two legs and Isabella.”

“Wow he wished for one son and got five, but the difficulties he faced make me think Rafael, is it worth to wish all these troubles?”

“Yes, that is what you should ask yourself, when you want to have something, just ask the same question, Rebecca asked, then there would be a lot lesser hardships in life than which was destined for us.” All nodded.

“Now back to the story, We’ll have to leave for the time being, but I want two of you to stay back and take care of Dr. We’ll be back within a month. So the question is who would like to stay back and help Isabella and look after Dr. Martin?”

 “Two hands came up. All faces lighted up.”

“Whose hands were they Rafael?”

“Well, you can guess for a change, who might stand by Isabella.” All nodded.

“Sanjo and Juan?”

“Yes, they were real help for both Alfonso as well as Isabella. Alfonso knew, he cannot do without them but still, he knew, the situation Dr. Martin was in, where he needs all the support of family, which he have only in Isabella made him decide to let them stay back.”

“Alfonso nodded and spoke, “Good, since that is decided, we have one more duty to complete before departure.”

“What is it?”

 “We’ll just break here because, its past time.”

“Rafael, can’t you say what was the duty?”

“Anyway sleep on it and let it be a surprise for you guys too.” All smiled and nodded.

“It’s time to say bye, we’ll meet tomorrow?” All nodded be contd… Chapter - 8

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