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The Apparition

Chapter - 4

“Isabella ran behind Sanjo, to know what the commotion was  all about, what ailment had befell Sanjo’s friend, that it necessitated, such commotion?” thinking so, Isabella reached her destination right behind Sanjo, who had no time to give a hint of their presence. Isabella stopped dead in her tracks.”

“What in the name of God are you doing here?”

“All eyes turned towards the door, the medicine man, who had introduced himself as Dr. Martin was lying still, Alfonso, who was covered with blood and holding a big bandage which was half wound around Dr. Martin, the other crew members who were also covered with blood looked at the new comer. But seeing the beautiful apparition near the door, they felt disoriented.”

“Hey lady!!! what are you doing at this hour in a place like this? Can’t you see blood all over the place? If you want the medicine man, he is out of service for the time being.”

“And why should that be, Mr?”

“Mr. Alfonso", Alfonso supplied and that you will have to ask the medicine man directly, which we have not asked, as his situation was far worser than ours, so his well being was more important than explanation. So better get moving Miss.”

“Ms. Isabella, I am not going anywhere because this medicine man happened to be my father.” Alfonso couldn’t believe his eyes, such chit of an young girl, Dr. Martin’s daughter? No way. He looked at Sanjo who was fidgeting with his cap, which confirmed his fears, yes this beautiful apparition was indeed the daughter, Dr. Martin had talked about. Isabella continued, “ If you could please move, I’ll do what is necessary and I happened to be a doctor. So just set a table ready to lay my father, clean linens are in the cabinet, spread it over the table and get a basin of water. I’ll do the rest.” All nodded and set out to work, when everything was set, Isabella continued. “ Mr. Alfonso, I want your men to help my father on the table immediately.” Alfonso nodded to his men and within no time, Dr. Martin was on the table, unconscious.” Isabella continued, Mr. Alfonso,”

“If you don’t mind me saying, Dr. I’d rather you call me, Alfonso.” Isabella nodded and said, “call me Isabella.” all the crew were giggling under their breath, at their sparring words under the easy banter.”

“Alfonso, what in the name are you doing here, at this hour?”

“One of my crew is sick and we brought him in, when we saw that your father’s hands and legs cut off, we were as shocked as you, but luckily, he was conscious at that time. So he directed us to do all these.” Isabella nodded. Her heart ripped to see her father lying unconscious, but she didn’t show it, as she knew, she would be able to make all his body parts work, if the Supreme Power, who guided her till now, to heal her patients, stand by her at this cruicial hour, to heal her father.

“ Who might have done this?” Isabella woke up from her thoughts at the question of Alfonso and shrugged.

 “I don’t know, whether my father has any enemies at all. Anyway, thank you very much for your help. But first, let me take alook at the sick crew member, because, my father's case will take time.” Alfonso looked at her surprisingly, 

“Are you sure you have time to look at my case?  It can wait but not this, pointing to the doctor, who was now unconscious and lay peacefully on the table.”

“Isabella checked her father's pulse and nodded. But there is one surprising thing I do not understand, if, my father was chopped of his limbs, how is, the pulse coming?” Alfonso shrugged.

"Just let me say, its all part of the packing." Isabella nodded

"Can I see your patient?"

“Sure, no problem,” Alfonso nodded and directed her to Rojer, who was too sick to care and when he saw the lady, he perked up a little. Isabella asked all the right questions and diagnosed the disease, took out her syringe and gave him a shot. Asked him to rest and left to attend to her father.”

“Rafael, just imagine, how selfless is the act of Isabella, isn’t it?”

“Yes Monica, it was indeed selfless. When you are in a profession, or doing a job, humanity, humility and strength of character is a must, without that, you would never win in life.”

“But Rafael, if a person is in a construction field, what humanity does he need or if he is working in computers, they do not even be in contact with human beings, then why should we need that quality - Humanity?”

“Good question, Mark, humanity means love for human beings, which means, before you chose a profession, be known, you should have a character of your own. The character of your soul, the drop of God soul, who is the creator of all that is on Earth, below Earth, above Earth and around Earth.”.

“So you mean to say, that I have all the qualities of God?”

“Yes, you have, but the power would be manifolds only when you unite with the God soul. That could be done only when you love other souls, who are also part of you and that is what we call humanity.  Each job is a service to humanity, when you love them, naturally, you would try to make it extra special, don’t you think?”

“You are right, Rafael, we really would go to any extent to give the best to our loved ones.”
“So when you strive to please your loved ones naturally, it would attain perfection, your job would be completed on time and in the end, that happiness and that love will return to you thereby bringing you closer to God soul.” All nodded.

“In short, humanity is indeed a very important factor for the success of our life, but what about humility?”

“Humility is not giving any importance to your physical self.”

“Do you mean to say Rafael, not giving any importance to me, as in Mathew?”

“Yes, you are right, Mathew, when you feel and place your  Self on a high pedestal, you are taking the place of God, because we keep God’s in high pedestals.” All nodded. “Can you be that?”


“You are right Ajay, never can you take the place of God, but you can be with God.” All nodded.

“Then, the miracle of God’s energy, gets channelized through you, giving the uniqueness for your work and above that, you would bring a mark to your profession and that would be the stamp of your work.”

“Wow!!! Its simply superb, isn’t it, Rafael? No wonder, Isabella told about the Superior Power standing by her.” All nodded.

“Yes, Monica, it is.”

“Well that is how she got the perfection in stitching even two hairs together.”

“Yes, Ajay, with the help of the Supreme Power, our God, you can achieve the unachievable easily, but you should need humility.” All nodded

 “Then with above two qualities of humanity and humility, you will naturally get a strength of character. Only then you can excel in your profession. You can become selfless, not caring for your own selfish needs.”

“But when we chose a profession, the salary is very important don’t you think Rafael?”

“Good question, but with all the money, Alfonso had, he wasn’t able to make his crew member well, with all the knowledge the doctor had, he was unable to stop the people from chopping his hand, were they?” All nodded in the negative.

“Likewise, money or name or fame is no use, if we strive for it. If you work with your soul, all these come naturally, because the soul is the real you, the drop of God soul. So whatever job you chose, chose it wisely. You should be comfortable with it because, it is a stepping stone to unite with the God soul.” All nodded.

"But Rafael, if we do not get what we wish for, then what happens?"

"Good question Mark. Just know, that God had intervened. He would surely direct you, but the basic qualities of humanity, humility and strength of character should be compulsorily, then God Himself would direct you to reach Him."

"Wow!!! So the people who are unlucky are the real lucky ones, don't you think Rafael?"

“Hmmm. You may say that. Now, back to the story, Isabella came near her father and set all the things necessary for a surgery, when she was all set to work, she joined her hands, closed her eyes and prayed. All the others too joined her.”

“Isabella, stayed silent for sometime, but in the inside, she was shouting out loud to God, begging to Him, crying to Him, "Please God, don't let me down, I'm solely at your mercy, you know, that I do not know anything, so please help me out, this one more time. Please heal my father. I beg you. Thank you. I love you. Bye." and after a few seconds, she opened her eyes and sighed and smiled at all the bystanders.

"Rafael, she really prayed, right? But she also said thank you too without even doing anything on her father, that's really surprising, don't you think?"

"Yes Monica, that is the difference between man and God. It proves that if you have faith in God, you need to ask once, God will fulfill it for you. Isabella has been doing this from the very beginning. She knows, that she became a doctor because God wanted it of her to heal people and though she has achieved her education in medicine, she is humble because the completeness in success comes only when we are united with God, even if Isabella or anybody in this universe tries, it cannot be achieved, unless with God." 

"Isabella, when she closed the physical eyes, she opened her spiritual eyes and she is now a spiritual being, only soul is present, her physical body is now dead to all feelings, now she is going to meet the ocean of God soul. She reaches there, and she makes herself humble, and begs her request. Do you think, it would have an affect on God?"

"100% Rafael, God would grant her every wish." All nodded

"Good, that she knew. So she says thank you even before the action has taken place. And she once more acknowledges her love openly in front of God before departing from the abode of God. So naturally, she has to bid farewell, right?" All nodded.

"It  is always good to go to God and ask what we want and not God come to us and ask what we want. That is good manners from our part. Don't feel humiliated to ask, anyway, God knows what you want, if its good for you, you'll get it or else, you won't. Just because, you didn't get what you asked for doesn't mean, that you are a lost case, because, your life in itself is a gift from God, don't you think?" All nodded.

"Now, back to the story, Isabella really didn’t know, how to make this work. It was a hereculean task for her. But she decided one thing, she would give her best shot on this score. So thinking, she flexed her finger and slowly started unwinding the bandage and when she saw the wound, her eyes widened, ”

 “We’ll just break here because, its past time.” All nodded.  

its time to say bye, we’ll meet tomorrow?” All nodded

...to be contd… Chapter - 5

Until then... Take care.....Bye


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