Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Lifeline

Chapter - 11

“Rafael,  what was inside the bag ?”

“It was Alfonso's coin bag, which he had placed on the clinic table and with it a small pouch.”

“A small pouch? what was inside it Rafael?”

“An Amulet.”

“Amulet? What does that mean?”

“It’s an object to ward off evil. Here it was a medal on a gold chain, there was a message along with it, “I have a feeling, that you would need it very badly than me, the very moment you see this, wear it, don’t delay. It’s a prayer medallion, Pleaaaaaaaase.”

“Wow!!! but do you believe in all these amulets  Rafael, is it true, that it would ward off evil?”

“First and foremost, be known that all things are made of atoms and atoms are invisible vibrations. It is formed by the power of your thought and when you think good and when you with the power of your thought pass on the love which comes from the inner soul to the person who wears this medallion, or any things around you, it would natural become an amulet. Love comes from only God soul and God is all powerful, if you pass love, then naturally, you do not have to worry about any evil spirit near you and all the things which is yours, that is the power of love.”

“So actually, it works!!! Yes it works, but on one condition.”

“What is it?”

“This Amulet is only a physical reminder that you have been guarded by love, the real thing happens because, the person, who gave it has sent  love along with that, a prayer to God to wrap the wearer in the cocoon of love, safety and that is what works. This amulet is for us to hold on to the belief, 'that God is there with us. and to give courage, 'Do not worry, the power of God is unlimited.' But don’t think, that wearing an amulet, you can get into any trouble and you would be saved from it, understood?” All nodded

“Wear the Amulet but obey the rules. I hope you got it.”

“Yes, Rafael, we got it loud and clear.”
“So did Alfonso wear it?”

“Yes Ajay, he wore it, but the very instant it touched his body, it became invisible.”

“But how?”

“To prove, that the power of God is unseen but felt, its all binding, strengthening, invigorating and above all within you.”

“Wow!!!!!!!!!!! That's awesome.”

“Then what happened?”

“Well, the voyage to the island started, without Sanjo and Juan, but their worth was known many a times, but Alfonso knew, that they were doing a service, by being with Dr. Martin. The usually jovial crew were silent and as they were passing the Mariana Trench, the whole ship was sucked in.”

“What!!!!!!!!! But how did that happen, Rafael?”

“Anyway sleep on it and let it be a surprise for you guys.”

“Oh God, not again Rafael !!!!!!All smiled and nodded.

“It’s time to say bye, we’ll meet tomorrow?” All nodded
...to be contd… Chapter - 12

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