Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sow the Right Seed

Chapter - 9

 “Good, back to the story, they talked, sang and joked all the way back home, there a big surprised awaited them.”

“What surprise Rafael?”

“The men who had cut the doctor into pieces were awaiting them.”

“What!!!!!!!!! Oh!!!!!! My God!!!!!!!”

“But why?”

“Well they were brought by the police.”

“But how come the police came to know about it in the first place?”

“Immediately after they left Dr. Martin’s clinic, they had a squabble in the pub and in that fight, they spilled all the details loud and clear for all to hear, ending them in prison. This was part of the interrogation, five in chains.”

“Five members!!!!!! But anyway, its good to hear they are not roaming scot free around the place.” All nodded.

“If you have done a wrong children, its not necessary, that you should be punished, you can be the best person in the whole wide world for all to see. But, the inside police, the very soul of yours, he is very very rigorous and very very strict, you are accountable for every action, even if it is stealing a small  pin,  in the court of your soul, the judgement would be done.”

“For such a small thing, but why?”

“When you open a water tap, water comes, why?”

“Because it is the system, which is made to do as it has been designed.”

“Exactly, our soul too has a system of giving back manifolds, what it receives.”

“Do you mean to say, ‘A Pin for A Pin, Rafael?”

“ To be frank, ‘A Knife for A Pin, would be better.”
“Why such disproportion, Rafael?”

“When you give one pound/rupee, it will return back to you through some way or other 100 pound/rupee, like wise, if you steal a one rupee, your hundred rupee will be taken away from you, through some way or other. If you hurt someone, it would be repaid in this same manner but a bit more strongly."

"But it is a secret, so no one would know anything, isn't it Rafael?"

 "For the soul, there is nothing secret, all human beings are basically spiritual beings, whom we can call as soul beings. So our actions would be displayed on big TV screen which is fixed on our heads, for all to see and this action is replayed until we rectify the mistake by us or until the good is acknowledged by others. ”

“Oh!!!  So we better take care of our actions, Sow the Right Seeds, that is what I'm going to do from today onwards, thank you Rafael. But Rafael, I cannot understand, why Dr. Martin’s limbs were cut off?”

Gang rivalry Rebecca, gang rivalry, Dr. Martin treated one of the hurt gang member, whom they had left half dead. When they came to know, that the betrayer was getting treatment they killed him and the rest of the anger was used to cut the limbs of doctor,  saying, “Remember, not to repeat the same mistake again.”

“But seeing in full suit, with both the pair of limbs, they might have been more surprised than the Dr. Martin’s group.”

“Well the criminals, were more dead inside than alive to feel any surprise.”

“Rafael, what does that mean?”

“We’ll just break here because, its past time.”

“Rafael, can’t you say what ?”

“Anyway sleep on it and let it be a surprise for you guys too.” All smiled and nodded.

“It’s time to say bye, we’ll meet tomorrow?” All nodded be contd… Chapter - 10

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