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Chapter - 6

“Rafael, I’m really getting scared. Let me cross my fingers.” All smiled.

“Don’t fear Rebecca, that is not very good for our body, the root cause of many diseases like acidity, head ache, stomach disorders, shoulder pain, high blood pressure and sometimes strokes and brain haemorrhages too happen due to fear. ”

“Oops!! thank you, Rafael, next time, I’ll make sure that I quit fear.” All smiled.

“Good, now shall I say, what they replied?”

“Yes, please do.”

“Maam, we tinker around high waters with our ship.”

“And what type of tinkering? fishing? or sea diving?”

“Well, to be exact, fortune hunting.”

“I don’t deny the ocean isn’t a treasure house, but don’t you think, it would be better if you could search for your treasure here? With your two strong hands, you can work hard and a mind so clear and an attitude so straightforward, you are surely going to be winners.” Alfonso spurted his coffee and started coughing.  All the crew gaped at Isabella open mouthed. Isabella, seeing Alfonso cough immediately got up with a bunch of tissues from the table. But by then, Alfonso got fine, but still he took the offered tissue.” All nodded.

“But Rafael, why was the crew surprised?”

“When Isabella gave a new explanation of fortune hunting.”


“Hmm. But anyway, Alfonso didn’t want to continue this cat and mouse game. He cleared his throat and spoke, “Isabella, don’t think good of us, we are not good people in the eyes of the society because we are pirates.” This time it was the turn of Isabella to get shocked. She just sat there open mouthed, with all the blood drained from her face, her hands were shaking. Slowly Alfonso got up and took the cup from her nerveless fingers and placed it on the table and spoke softly, “Sorry, we have scared you, don’t worry, we are not here to do any harm, we are leaving.” He looked at all and signaled, they all got up. Alfonso placed a small pouch of coins on the table and looked one more time at Isabella and turned towards the door.
“Oh!! that’s sad, Rafael”

“Yes, it is indeed sad.”

“But a firm hand gripped Alfonso’s wrist. He looked down to find, Isabella looking straight at him, a clash of blue eyes with grey. “Who said I was scared, I was shocked at the miracle you people performed on my father. But one thing is true, yes, I do not like the profession, but that doesn’t mean you people are bad. Now all of you sit. Just forget you are pirates. Now you guys are my friends and my father’s saviours. If my father comes to know, that you went, he’ll never forgive me.” All the crew members looked at Alfonso undecidedly. Alfonso was also not sure, this attitude. He was used to being frightened, but this was an unusual experience.”

“Alfonso…..Alfonso…. anyone there?”

“Father!!! he’s now conscious” Isabella spoke without letting Alfonso’s hand, look, my father is calling you. Come, he hasn’t known I arrived, come. He’ll feel sad, if he doesn’t sees you. Please don’t hurt him.” Alfonso nodded and hurried towards Isabella’s father.”

“Who was lying straight, unable to move.”

“But Rafael, how much difficult his life would be, isn’t it Rafael, with both limbs unable to move?” All nodded.

“Yes, its true, it is a nightmare, but Dr. Martin was a very courageous person. He was not frightened of life because he always believed that there is something good behind every bad.”

“But Rafael, how can that be possible, Rafael, its like saying, behind black, there is a white. Can it happen?”

“Well, how can we know it is black?  because there is a white or light  background, right?” All nodded. or else we would not know the colour, that is called nothingness, not black.” All nodded.

“Now hear me carefully, life can be very harsh on us, what does that mean?”

“Well you mean, Rafael that life would not give easily what we want, right?”

“Exactly, at that time you would get very hurt, but there are some things, that could hurt us more than we have bargained for, for example, babies like to play with fire, but will anyone give them fire to play?”

“So what is behind in not getting for the baby what it liked to have?”

“The child is given a new life, Rafael.” All nodded.

“Right, likewise, when we are hurt, yes, you might feel, life was harsh on you, but in real, you are being given a new life and not let you be burned by the fire, you have asked for. Anyway later, you will know, why it happened, but by then you might have changed a lot, either by hating the situation you are in, by the life you are having or you would be changed by being more perfect by the day, accepting your life as it is and loving it and perfecting yourself by not repeating the same mistake.” All nodded.

“If you are taking the first option, what would be the result children?”


“We cannot say as such, but we will rephrase it." All nodded, " You would be in a situation, where you would always have reason to be hurt, angry at life, at people, finding fault with everyone and every circumstance and you would always wish yourself dead. That is the big mistake you are doing, you are attracting all the negativity of the universe, with this attitude. So if you want a happily ever after life, be optimistic. It is all in the attitude you decide to take in your life, the choice is yours and the result would be a lot different, than you expect. Just watch and see.” All nodded.

“Now back to the story, Dr. Martin was smiling at them and spoke Jovially.”

“I’m glad you all are here. I want to say thank you. He looked at Isabella and told, "Bella, do you know these young gentlemen?" Isabella smiled and nodded.

"Yes father."

"Did you know, they were God sent messengers for me, at the nick of time?"

"Yes father." Dr. Martin continued

" If they were not here, I’d be in this position for the rest of my life. But now, they have given me life. So Bella, we are now in debt, which should be repaid, how would we do that?” All looked attentively at Rafael. Rafael continued in the same voice,

  “We’ll just break here because, its past time.”

“Rafael, can’t you say what answer Isabella gave?”

“Anyway sleep on it and let it be a surprise for you guys too.” All smiled and nodded.

“It’s time to say bye, we’ll meet tomorrow?” All nodded be contd… Chapter - 7

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