Monday, March 25, 2013

Lost in Time

Chapter - 17

“Rafael, what happened when Alfonso stepped on the open space?”

“The act which happened 2000 years back came back to life.”

“What!!!!!! You mean, the prince and princess on dry land?”

“Yes Mathew, the ocean floor disappeared and instead of the ocean and all the crew members transformed into their old self, the witch, in the act of stealing the crown of the princess and the prince with his sword.”

“Wow!!!!!!! So they have turned the time back within a few seconds.”

“Well, you can say that Mathew, 2000 years, some minutes and seconds.”

“But how did that happen?”

“There are some deeds, which we are destined to do. No matter we think, that there are so many people in this wide world, some works, it could be fulfilled through us and at that time, we are the key to the lock. Our presence is enough for the action to be done. Here Alfonso was the only person, who could save the princess, that is why, he got the amulet, as a protection, that is why he didn’t transform when all the others transformed into fishes, now when he stepped on the ground, he returned to the time when the incident is going to happen.”

“OH!!!!!!!!!! That is relieving. Then what happened?”

“Well, since the crew knew, what was in store, Christopher took hold of the broom of the witch and brought her down, Alfonso shouted, “Sire don’t take the sword, you would regret it later.”

“The prince and the princess turned towards the new comers and both in unison asked, “Now who are you, to dictate us?”

“Well just say, we are your well wishers.”
“We are seeing you the first time and we don’t know you.”

“Captain, the buggers don’t even remember anything and do you think, they would believe us?”

“Alfonso rubbed his chest, not knowing what to do and he felt something hard and he opened his shirt to find the amulet on his chest – the medallion presented by isabella  and it was showing the scenes, of the ocean, the princess and all the details like a television. Seeing herself, the princess was shocked and they took hold of the witch and jailed her. Then thanked Alfonso and his crew members for saving them.” They gifted them with many chests of jewels, gold  and precious stones. But they didn’t know, how to return back to the present.”

“Oh!!!!!!!!!! That’s bad, but Rafael, how did the amulet return?”

“Actually, in our lives there are people and incidents, which we feel is not very important and forget them and later, this very person or incident or thing would be able to help us in a bad situation, this is what we call the hands of God. God is there to guide each one of us through our souls. If he has given a duty, then he has also given us a map and the key to the lock, but there should be someone or something or some incident, which points the direction and that is where these people, things like amulets and small small  incidents, which we have forgotten comes to play and these happen  everyday in our lives. So don’t rate anybody as high or low, all are equal in the eyes of the soul, respect them and value them and accept them as they are, then you can have a very smooth life to reach the destination.” All nodded.

"So did they get the return map, Rafael?"

"Absolutely No. "

"Oh!!!!! then what will happen to the promise, Alfonso made?"

“We’ll continue tomorrow, it’s time to say bye.” All nodded be contd… Chapter - 18

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