Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Live Forever

Chapter - 12

“But how did the ship sink, Rafael?”

“It was Dinocephalosaurus, who did the trick.”

“Dinocephalosaurus!!!!! What is that, Rafael?”

“A bizarre marine reptile used a neck nearly twice the length of its body to capture its prey,  and it lived 230 million years ago on the face of this Earth.”

“You mean to say, the extinct species of Dinosaur? But how come it came in the Pacific ocean?”

“As the ship was going down, Alfonso and his team, was surprised to note, that they didn’t have any problem to breathe. They could see everything clearly. They were very happy too. The ship landed on gold coins.”

“Wow!!!!!!! That’s simply superb. And what about the creature?”

“Well, there was no creature, it was only its soul wandering around that place, it gets energy to suck water every 1000 years and immediately, when it gets the power, it sucks and that is when the ship gets sucked, then its again soul.”

“Rafael, is it true, that there are souls wandering around after death?”

“Well, the bad people who have hurt people, who have killed people, liars, robbers, cheaters, etc…, when they die, they cannot get united with the God soul because, God is all knowing, all loving and full of light. So even though God wants these people to come, then too, these souls are unable to come, it is at that time, they run out into the dark corners.”

“But Rafael, you told, that the bad we do would be returned to them, then how come, they die before getting repaid of their actions?”

“All bad actions and good actions would return for sure to the owner, but these actions would carry to the next lives too.” All eyes widened.

“Rafael, do you mean to say, that we live again?”

“Yes Mark, we would because, our soul never dies, only our body has death. So according to our actions in this life, and the needs you had and the love for material things, the soul again returns to Earth as human being, but it is according to your code of conduct, that you would be born to good and bad families.”

“Oh No!!!!!!!!! I really do not want to live in another atmosphere, my friends and family are the best I have now.”

“Good Rebecca, but that is the nature of our soul, until  all your wishes are fulfilled, all the bad actions are repaid, only then, your coming back to Earth, stops, until then you will be circling round this Earth, with tears, joys, difficulties, sickness, poverty, richness.”

“But Rafael, you didn’t say the repayment of good action.”

“That is totally a different issue, people who do good, is on a higher plane of humanity, they are more near the God level, they do not have any needs, they want to get closer and closer to God, and their bodily death would naturally lead them the union with God, its just a single step ahead to reach God, they were requested by God to come to Earth. For them, in the physical life too, they are always united with God, that is why, they always do good. They are not expecting when they have everything in the presence of God Himself.  So they are always swimming in the goodness of God.”

"Lucky people."

“Now back to the story, Alfonso and the crew, stepped out of their ship and walked around the place, there were small fishes around the place and loads and loads of gold and many chests, which was locked. The others were inspecting the coins, but Alfonso was inspecting the chest going around and he saw a small chest, a very small one, it was not locked, so he opened it and a small palm opened up from inside and there lay a bunch of keys. He took it from the palm and the palm caught hold of Alfonso’s hand strongly.”

“By God, I knew, there was something murky in that place, then what happened?”

“Alfonso’s eyes widened, he tried to shout, but no sound came.”

“OH!!!!!!!! Now what will he do?”

“A dolphin came by and spoke, speak with your thoughts to your friends. They will hear you.”

“A dolphin spoke!!!!!!!!! Thats simply impossible!!!!!!! and did Alfonso speak with his thoughts, Rafael?”


“Wow!!!!!! That’s simply cool.”


“It’s time to say bye, we’ll meet tomorrow?” All nodded

“Oh God, not again Rafael !!!!!!

“Anyway sleep on it guys.” All smiled and nodded. be contd… Chapter - 13

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