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Know your Future

Chapter - 18

“Rafael, there’s a small question, which has been nagging at me for sometime,  before we go to the story, you told there is a formula in this nature, if you have a duty to fulfill, if you have a wish to be fulfilled, you would live until it is fulfilled. Not months, or years, sometimes, it would pass on to the next lives. Rafael, do you mean to say that even after death, we would relive on this Earth?”

“Yes Monica, we would be born again physically, but our spirit, our soul has only one life, there is no death for the soul. We are born from the God soul and end in God soul, but if we have to get united to the God soul we should gain perfection and that is possible only when we fulfill all our wishes, promises and clear our curses, bad behaviours, etc…. until then we will be born again and again.”

“Thank you Rafael, I’ll have to redo my life.” All nodded and smiled.

“Now Rafael, what happened to Alfonso and the crew, they rectified the problem of the witch, now they all live but how will they return back.”

“That was the problem, they didn’t know how to return, it all came accidentally, not by purpose. So they were literally lost. The prince and the princess were very kind, they invited them to stay in their palace.”

“But how long Rafael? Alfonso has a promise to fulfill.”

“Yes he had. So he declined the offer of being a guest. So he took up on the promise, the princess had given to them before they had started on this journey.”

“Did she fulfill her word, Rafael?”

“She was a lady of her word. She asked her prime minister, regarding this problem and he replied,

“Your Majesty, in the forest, near our border, there is a hermit who has miraculous powers. He might be of help. As lives in the very middle of the forest, no one dares to go near his hermitage, as  there are wild animals and snakes. But he comes out, yearly once, princess, to meet an old lady, who had helped him when she was very young.”

“What help did she do Minister, to make him come out of the forest?”

“It’s a secret, no one has asked, your majesty. The hermit always bows in front of the old lady, “saying I owe you my life, what can I do for you.”

“Really? How come I didn’t know about it?”

“Your Majesty, he is here only for a day and by evening, he returns to his hermitage.”

“What does he do in the old lady’s house?”

“The old lady uses his powers to help cure people, once, he even brought a dead boy alive.”

“Is it true? That’s unbelievable!!!!! Minister.”

“Yes, its unimaginable, but its true your Majesty, he has mystical powers. He does the unimaginable. And he sometimes foretells our future too. Last time, when he arrived, he requested the old lady to move away from this place, according to his prediction, our kingdom would be drowned in water. But the old lady refused to move out. Anyway nothing happened till now. But this once, he would be wrong, but he sent a prayer before his departure for the old lady and our kingdom your Majesty.”

“Wow Rafael, Is it really possible to know our future?”

“Yes, we can see our future, easily, Ajay, your ways are enough to know, where you are leading your life to. But people who does not have any physical needs, they have no barrier to see the future of his own and others easily, because they are looking with the eyes of the soul, they see other souls, just like we see other people with our physical eyes. And there is no past, present or future, for the soul, the whole life is like an open book for all too see. But it could be seen by spiritual people alone and they usually do not say anything because, all are one in soul. When our hand pains, do we criticise it?” All nodded in the negative.

"No Rafael, we do not."
"Exactly, that is how we are. all human beings are one in soul. So there is no need to criticise anybody or gloat about it.Now back to the story. The eyes of the princess widened, ”But minister, how come, I didn’t know this?”

“Sorry Majesty, pardon me for being forward, its simply ridiculous, to say that a hermit had predicted our kingdom would drown.” All nodded resignedly.

“You’re right minister. So I would like to meet the hermit. Make the necessary arrangements.”

“Yes your Majesty.”
“We’ll continue tomorrow, it’s time to say bye.” All nodded

...to be contd… Chapter - 19

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