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Just Shut Up!!!!!!!

Chapter - 23

All took seats for breakfast. Then he placed the Amulet on the table." Isabella's eyes widened.

"Father, where did you get the Amulet?"

"In my bandage."

"Your bandage? but, how did it arrive there, I had given it to Alfonso." Dr. Martin's face grimaced.

“Father, sorry, I didn’t get your permission, but I felt, Alfonso needed it, more than me.”

“Don’t worry my child, you did the right thing or else, I would not have walked.” All nodded.

“But father, how did it return here?”

“It has served the purpose of protecting. If I am not wrong. he might actually be right on our door step.”


“Hmmmm.” At that time there was a knock on the door and Sanjo ran to the door and indeed Alfonso and the rest of the crew was there safe and sound.”

“Oh Captain!!!!!!!!!! we were just speaking about you. But you were quick in returning. Did you know, a big miracle happened?”

“Sanjo, calm down…calm down and let me in, if you don’t mind.” Alfonso patted his shoulder and smiled.

“I’m sorry captain, please come in. But you would not believe it. Anyway come in and Dr. Martin too came to the drawing room and all the crew members stood there shell shocked. They had seen him bed ridden and with bandages and now he is moving like a young gentleman of 30. How can that be?”

“Come in children, you might be tired after so much travel. Isabella stood there with a broad smile on her face.”

“Alfonso was worried to speak about her amulet. He had lost it, when he was with the hermit. He didn’t know, how it happened, but he will have to say it, better be truthful than lie.”

“Actually sir, we had a sumptuous meal, to be frank a ‘A King’s Meal’

“Really Captain, from where?”

“Well before that, I would like to say, I’m glad, that you are healed sir.”

“Yes Alfonso, I too am glad and relieved and it is all thanks to God and you Alfonso.”

“How did you know sir, that I was responsible?”

“Do you know, hearts do speak?”

“No sir, but one thing I know, Love can create wonders.”

“Well, I think, we’d better finish our breakfast and hear Alfonso’s story.”  All nodded and trooped into the dining room. All took a seat each, Dr. Martin at the head, right hand, Alfonso and opposite him Isabella, then all sat, to hear the story.”

“Rafael, a doubt, does it make any difference if we say a truth or a lie?”

“Yes, Rebecca, it makes a lot of difference. Man is a spiritual being. His physical identity comes from the soul within. Do you know what is a soul?

“Yes Rafael, the drop of God soul, is our soul, isn’t it Rafael?”
“Yes you are right. And in every body, there is the drop. So when you do right or wrong, God knows it. Now you say, does it make any difference?”

“Yes Rafael, it makes a lot of difference.”

“Good, but there is one more thing, you should know, our soul is encased within our physical body. It can never go out, unless we let it.”

“Do you mean to say, that we should die, Rafael?”

“No Ajay, I meant, we create big big rocks in front, back and top of the soul blocking it in uniting with God.”

“But Rafael, how are we putting rocks on it Rafael?”

“By saying lies, by hurting others, by disobedience.”

“Ohh Really !!!!!!!!!! But what happens if we create blocks like that?”

“By the energy of the soul, you gain, whatever you want and not by your physical self. If you have to pass in an examination, our soul should connect to the God soul and from there God gives the power to make you remember, whatever you studied. When you are going to ask a permission, if the authority should say yes, then the soul of yours should touch the other person’s soul. our physical body is just a bunch of atoms, but the real you is the soul. But when you bring blocks for your soul, the soul is unable to exert its pressure in our lives, blocking all our ways, However you may try, you would never be successful in life.”

“So, to be successful in life, its not necessary to do big acts like building houses for the poor or giving alms to the poor, but importantly take care of the little little actions of our daily life like, Never lie, Be obedient, be helpful, don’t judge others, complete your home work on time, study well, pray nicely. Its as simple as that. ” All nodded.

“But nobody would know, that we are all these, Rafael. We all want everybody to see us, acknowledge us.”
“Yes, these small actions are not seen by anybody, but Mathew, big buildings do not come up from heaven above, we will have to start from the very foundation, were no one sees, under the Earth, and that too from very deep, it is this base of that structure, that decides the future of the building, the deeper, the better and stronger. But if we use low quality materials, in the foundation and started with just below the Earth, would it stay?”

“No Rafael, you are right, it would come down like a card castle.” All nodded.”

“We might get praises when the building comes up, but when it collapses, all would shower humiliation over you. How would you feel?”

“Terrible Rafael.”

“Yes, its true, the building doesn’t end with foundation alone and after that too, we will have to build it with bricks, one brick at a time and the perfection how you keep each brick decides, the smoothness of the walls. And they cement it to cover the bricks. Can anyone see the bricks afterwards?”

“No Rafael. Nobody.”

“But do you think, the mason would be unhappy?”

“No Rafael, he would be proud, he feels he did his job perfectly.”

“So don’t live for others praise, the same mouth can shower disgrace upon you. So live for making yourself perfect, with small, good acts then naturally, the beauty of the real you comes out making you the perfect human being. Then the soul could easily unite with God bringing you eternal happiness, eternal peace and eternal love. That is what count in the end, isn’t it?” All nodded.

“Well back to the story, Alfonso cleared his throat and looked at Isabella and said, “Isabella, before I start my story, I have a grievous issue to say to you, Isabella smiled broadly and nodded.”

“Why don’t we talk it later, Alfonso?”

“If you’re planning to say about the amulet Isabella gave, don’t say captain, it has reached here safely captain.”

“Oh No!!!!!!!! what a tragedy Rafael, I think, Isabella wanted to surprise him.”

“Not only Isabella, but Dr. Martin too wanted to clear the air between his daughter and Alfonso, but unfortunately Sanjo butted in.”
“All glared at Sanjo and Sanjo knew, he had over stepped his limit.”

“Its very important to know, when to speak and when to shut up.  Do not think, just because you are rich or learned or beautiful, that you can always cackle. Speak what is necessary and plan before you open the mouth. Sometimes, these words would become a trap to you. Your words can change your destiny. So try not to over step your welcome, even if it is in your home or with your friends, learn to stop the flow of words at the right time, then you would learn to behave in the society. Your mouth can decide, whether you would have good friends or bad friends or have friends at all.”All nodded.

 “We’ll continue tomorrow, it’s time to say bye.” All smiled and nodded. be contd… Chapter - 24

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