Monday, March 4, 2013

The Sage who got Judged


“Rafael, why do people judge us? I really feel sad, when someone judges me wrongly.”

“Yes that’s true Rafael, Why does it happen? And if we judge others what will happen?”

“Good question, Mathew. Judgement is entitled for the perfect person, and in this nature, is there anything or anybody that could be said perfect?” All nodded in the negative.

“But in fact there is.”

“Really? Who?”

“The soul within us, when it gets united with the God soul, it can judge.”

“Oh!!!!!!, that means, when I unite with God soul, I can judge Rafael?”

“Yes Rebecca, you can, but it won’t judge, that is the power of love. I thought of saying an incident, if you are ready to hear.”

“Oh that would be lovely Rafael, please do say.” All nodded.

“Once in the mountains, there lived a sage, who was frightened of people. He came to be there to hide himself  for several days, then months passed and then years and one day a man accidentally strayed into the mountains in search of the lost diamond, which was robbed from the jewellery box of princess Laila. The speciality of the diamond was, it had 1000 cuts on it. Do you know the speciality of diamonds?" All nodded in the negative.

"The more the cut, the Carat and price of the diamond goes higher, but for the princess it was more valuable because, it was the first diamond from the kingdom’s own diamond mine and it was gifted by her father. So an announcement was made, "anyone who return the diamond would be rewarded highly."  It was publicized, in the whole kingdom along with that the news spread, that the thief had entered the mountains and the whole lot went in search of the rare diamond. So the first man who reached the mountain found the sage.”
“So how did the sage respond Rafael?”

“The sage was thunder struck at seeing another human being, he looked fearfully at the man because it had been years, since he had seen another living being, and he had forgotten what to say. He had forgotten the language to be spoken and seeing the sage, the man thought that it was the thief, hiding something, who had changed his shape and living secretly. He immediately caught hold of the sage and bound him with his own turban and asked where the diamond was. But for the sage, he didn’t understand a word of what the man was saying. The sage made several noise, but no proper replies.”

“Oh!!! How sad?”

“Yes it was, the sage was dragged to the capital and was presented before the king, by then the sage was in no condition to talk. He was lashed, but the sage just cried because he was not aware of why he was being beaten. Seeing the stubbornness of the sage, the king sentenced him to be hanged until death.”

“But Rafael, wasn’t there anyone who wanted to help the sage?”

“Unfortunately no, because no one knew, what the sage was saying, in fact no one knew that he ever lived. So he was indeed a culprit.”

“Its really heart breaking isn’t it Rafael?”

“Yes Mark, it is, but what to do. He has to go through all these.”

“But Rafael, why do you say these, what can the sage do in a deserted mountain, in a no man’s land?”

“Hmmm. When the sage was small, he too had a family, a very rich family and he was sent to a boarding school, which then they called gurukul. In the gurukul, he was the best student. So, for his good behavior, and hardwork and so for his all round best performance,  he was gifted with the writing pen of the teacher.”

“Wow!!! It is the best gift, a student could get, isn’t it Rafael?”

“Yes, it is and this gift was precious for him and he kept it very safely. Everyday he used to take it out and just slide his palm over the pen lovingly and keep it back. But one day when he opened his box, he found that his pen was missing, he searched high and low, but nothing came out. He cried and cried. He was inconsolable. The teacher gave another pen of his, but he didn’t accept it saying, “The pen you gifted is what I earned and it is precious to me” Then he wiped his tears and said, “I know, who took my pen and pointed to one of the boys. Since, the sage was one of the best students, no one doubted his word. The thief was punished severely and was sent back home, saying he was not fit to be in the gurukul. The thief pleaded to be innocent but no one heard it because the boy had hurt the best student of the gurukul. But still the missing pen stayed missing, the sage was very unhappy. One day, as he took one of his dothy to wear, the pen fell off from it.”

“Oh My God Rafael, what a shock.” All nodded.

“Yes Ajay, the sage stood shocked. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He couldn’t believe that he had hurt his own friend. He  couldn’t bear to see the judgement of his teacher or his friends’. He kept the pen on top of his box and fled from the gurukul and from then on, he feared judgement. This incident made him stay in the mountains. Even if  you hide yourself  in the centre of the Earth or love up on the moon, you would be repaid for your actions.”
“Rafael, do you mean to say, that even if no one knows too, we would get back, what we have done?”

“Yes Ajay.”
“But how?”
 “Exactly the same way, for example if you have given a bag of coin  to a needy person, the man might not be able to repay you but, your destiny would repay you. It would return the coins in the same bag full and tight, that there would be no space to put in the bag, that goes with bad also. I do not know whether you would believe it, sometimes the same word you repeated would be said at that time, with not a single word missing.” All nodded.

“Its really scaring isn’t it Rafael?”

“Yes Rebecca, it is.But that is the way, we have to go.”
“ No wonder, he had no one to help him. But still its saddening, isn’t it?”

“Yes Monica. It is really saddening.”

“But Rafael, he had really been sorry for what he did, then why such drastic end?”

“What you have done, even the minutest detail has been written on your destiny, even if no one knows too, the act has already been noted on to your destiny, the judgement has already been passed not by anybody but by your very own being on your own Self.  So even if you feel, that the other person is in the wrong the best thing to do is just shut up because just by keeping quite, you can really save yourself from lot of miseries in your life.” All nodded.

“Anyway, don’t you want to hear the end of the story?”

“Sure Rafael, go on?” All nodded.

“The princess found the diamond in her own Jewellery box among her jewellery.”

“What!!!!! In the same Jewellery box. That’s impossible. Oh God, it’s the exact enactment of the sage.” All nodded as if unbelievable.

“Here,  who would get the brunt of the wrong judgement, Rafael?”

“A lot of people. But the best part is, the princess got so angry that she threw out the diamond, never to be found. She tore her robe, threw away her crown, jewellery. She couldn’t believe that she killed a divine man and still she cannot wipe the memory.”

“Oh how sad Rafael. But for her too, there is the judgement in her destiny, isn’t it?”

“Yes Mark. She has, the king has, the man who brought the sage from the mountain has and the people who witnessed the act too has created the destiny to be judged. So never be an active or passive spectator of judgement because you would be judged, that is  one of nature’s truth.” All nodded.

“But Rafael, where is our destiny?”

“First and foremost, we should know who we are.”

“Human Beings?”
“Exactly and how are we made?”
“By atoms surely?”
“Yes Mathew, you are right and can you see it?”
“No Rafael, we cannot see it.”
“In short we are invisible human beings, right?”
“But Rafael, in real we can see.”
“Good thinking Mark, you can see because you want to see, that is what your mind creates for you and shows through the physical eyes and the actions too are done because you want to. But behind this physical being there is the spiritual being, where you get your identity- the soul, that is real. And this soul is the drop from the ocean of God soul, which each soul craves to reach.”
“If the soul is real, then God too is real because we come from the ocean of God soul, isn’t it?”

“Yes, but the physical body and its actions block the soul from reaching the God soul. Unless and until we reach God soul, we would never be perfect. So these actions has to be repaid to release the soul from the bondage of the physical body.”

“You mean to say, we should die?”
“Not in the physical sense, but in the spiritual sense, we will have to give a death for our cravings, judgements, anger, etc then yes we could release our soul or else, the actions is tagged on the soul, which we call destiny and unless and until it is repaid, we stay here, in this Earth with all the problems.”

“Wow!!!!! Rafael, that would take ages.”

“Hmmm might be, but the soul has to be cleared off all dirt which has been accumulated to reach the ocean of God soul. Until and unless it is cleared, you will never reach God. So better shut up and live your life without judging, because to be judged, is not a very good experience. So would you be able to forgive and go without judging?”

“Sure Rafael, I will try my level best.” So saying Rebecca, placed her finger on her lips. All smiled and nodded.

 “OK then, its time to say bye, we’ll meet tomorrow.” All nodded be contd....(60)....

Until then... Take care.....Bye


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