Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hey Mr. I'm not Responsible

“Rafael, its real difficult to take up responsibilities. But I do not understand, why they give responsibilities. Is it really important to have responsibilities?”
“Great question Mathew, why not a story?”
Thanks Rafael, we’d love to hear it.” All nodded
“Once upon a time there was a man, who was very lazy. He was so lazy, that he wished that the food be prepared in his stomach, so that he doesn’t have to eat.”

“But that is impossible, he is a weirdo for sure.”
“Well, since it was not possible, he ate what his mother had prepared for him.”
“Rafael, what a wasteful existence.” All nodded.
“Yes, Rebecca, it is. But he didn’t know, that. Anyway the food, when it entered the stomach, expected the chewing, which he didn’t get, thinking it was cool, not to be harassed, it progressed to the throat, then to the food pipe, but there was one problem, that movement of pushing and jostling by the food pipe was not to be found, blocking the path, in the food pipe.”
“Oh My God!!!!Then what happened Rafael?”
“Well the boy became blue because it blocked the wind pipe too by the bulge in the food pipe. Then the windpipe shouted at the food pipe, "Hey Mr. Food pipe, push your food down. I can't take in air."

"But the food pipe just answered lazily, "Hey Mr. I'm not responsible for your problem. I'm fine here and I do not feel like doing anything. Why should I always work? I too need some rest" and just didn't budge."

"The wind pipe screamed, if you do not move, then we are all going to die." The food pipe  didn't care.

"My God Rafael, just imagine, the nerve of the food pipe? He is not only irresponsible but selfish too, don't you think?"

"Hmm. but what to do? Its the same case with us too, when we feel lazy, do you feel like doing anything?" All nodded in the negative.

"Now look, who are all paying for one food pipe? The food pipe was so stubborn that it didn't even budge from its position. Then immediately, the boy's mother gave him water to drink, but the food never moved because the food pipe had no movement,  the boy fell unconscious and was on the verge of death, when he got a vision.”
“Really, what did he see?”
“It was his grandfather, who was also a lazy man and died the same way.”
“Wow!!!!!!! That’s news.”
“Hmmm. He appeared and spoke, “Son, I made the same mistake years back, which you are doing now. I started being lazy when I stepped into old age, but you started too early and your body too has rejected any form of work. So if you are planning to be lazy, then welcome to the ship of death or else, decide that you are going to work hard and take your responsibilities seriously, then you will live. You one moment between life and death, make the decision quickly.”
“I think, due to his delay in deciding, he might have stepped into the ship of death.”
“Luckily no, Monica, he decided very quickly because , death is one thing, which doesn’t wait and it happens within the blink of an eye and to make the decision takes only half that time.” All nodded and smiled.
“So what did he decide, to live?”
“Yes Rebecca, to live, immediately, the body too responded, the decision to live made it to move allowing the food to go down and the air was allowed in through the wind pipe allowing the lungs to breathe and the blood with the oxygen reached the heart and the heart pumped it to all parts of the body and when it reached the brain, bringing back the boy to consciousness.”
“Wow!!!!!! That is indeed a long list of things done so systematically.”
“Yes Ajay it is, you might think, just because one person skip some work, does not make a difference. But it is a wrong notion. The food pipe didn’t feel like moving. It was feeling lazy. So look at what all happened?” All nodded.
“In a necklace, if a diamond is missing, how would it look?”
“Ugly.” Rafael nodded.
“If a thread in a cloth feels, since there are lots of threads, my services are not necessary and stop participating in the weaving machine and break itself from the other threads,  what will happen?”
“It would become a rag.”
“If the Sun stops working, what will happen?”
“Life would not be there.” All nodded.
“Good, but when they are taken alone, they do not make much difference isn’t it?  All nodded.
“Likewise, you are also  part of this nature and we all have been given duties, duties, which only you can fulfill and if that is not fulfilled, the people around would become ugly, become a rag, become dead because you did not feel responsible to do it."

"In this nature, your services cannot be avoided.” All nodded

“But Rafael, how do we know our duties?”

“Good question Rebecca, First and most important thing is, this nature is a well planned plan but we do not know the vastness of it or in fact we do not know anything because our inner eyes has been closed."

"But Rafael, I thought we have only two eyes."

"Hmmm. Do you know, who were you before you were born?" All nodded in the negative.

"And do you know, what would you be after death?" All nodded in the negative.

"Good, now do you know what is your body made up of?"


"Right. Can you see the atoms with your naked eyes?" All nodded in the negative.

"Correct. If you are made up of atoms and you cannot see the atoms which you are made of, then, you are invisible in the real sense, right?" 

"Yes Rafael, but."

"I know, then you would like to know, how you are able to see?" All nodded.

"You are seeing with because it is creating for you what you want to see but it is not real. But do you know that Mark or Rebecca or Ajay is there?"

"Yes, but that too is confusing, you just told that we are not real."

"Good because, what you said is true, you are there, living and in real but not in the sense you think, you were here before you were Ajay and you would be there after your death."

"Rafael, its really difficult to digest."

"Yes I understand, it s difficult to understand and above explanation it is, but that is the only explanation you have for being here, you are the drop of soul made from the ocean of God soul. You are spiritual beings in the real sense and not human beings and you are here with a purpose, to reach the God soul and for that this body is the barrier, for that you will have to break it. Being irresponsible is one of the chains that binds your soul to reach God soul. You should know it." All nodded.

"Just like the thread is part of the cloth, the sun is part of our life, God is a very important part of you. In order to reach God, to unite our soul with God soul, God has sent messengers to reach Him and they are our parents, teachers, friends, relatives, people who meet in our daily life and we have several duties  to fulfill towards them, which would be made known to you at the right time. That is the time to decide, whether you want to take the ship of death or to life. If you decide not to do your duty of praying, of helping your parents, not doing your home work, helping your friends, then you are dead, you are killing your Self, the soul. You cause this nature to go bad, bringing bad to you, no growth will happen in you, you will never pass in life’s examination, you will never win in life because all the life force, which you had, inside you, has been made to stop by you because you decided to be lazy. So it is high time to decide, whether you want to take up your responsibility of being a good son or daughter, a good student, a good friend and live, or, to deny all responsibilities and die a slow death, never to be happy and never to unite with God?”
“Well I decided Rafael , to live, why mess my life by being lazy and live a  life without success? Full of misery?” All nodded.
“Good, that is the spirit. But there would be a time when you really feel lazy, at that time remember, a small thread can make a lot of difference, a small diamond  can really make a lot of difference, You are far too precious in this link of nature, respect it and live it. Think about the food pipe and the consequences, it created. Don't make yourself irresponsible. Take on your duties seriously, even if it is a small one do it at the right time. Will you be able to do that? ” All nodded.
“Only then you would be able to reach the ocean of God soul, your destiny.” All nodded.

“OK then, its time to say bye, we’ll meet tomorrow.” All nodded be contd....(59)....

Until then... Take care.....Bye


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