Monday, March 18, 2013

Heaven or Hell?

Chapter - 10

 “Well the criminals, were more dead inside than alive.”

“Rafael, what does that mean?”

“Simple, when you say something to your friend, if you ask something to your friend and if they do not respond, not once or twice or thrice, what would you do the fourth time?”

“Rafael, fourth time, there won’t be a third time, that person is a dead man, we’d just forget him.” All nodded.

“That’s what happened to these people too, they just turned their face, when their soul spoke to them, making it silent.”

“Oh!! how sad, now can’t they revive the soul?”

“Yes Monica, something very drastic should happen to them like fall in love or get hurt that really would cripple them, only then they would realize, what they are or else, (Rafael nodded his head in resignation) they would always be in the prison of the body with no hope to live. But there is a tragedy in it too, the actions they had done would come to repay and that is when they would really repent for their actions. OK. Now back to the story.” All nodded.

“The leader of the gang, chewing gum spoke, “So Dr. you are a lucky chap, you had all sewn within no time, eh. Anyway our betrayer was more lucky, he is now with St. Peter or what do you think, would he be in hades, young lady? All were silent standing around with fisted hands, around Dr. Martin whose cot was placed on the ground, controlling their anger but  Sanjo, the youngest moved forward, when Alfonso caught him at the nick of time.

“Ha young man, you have great energy, you can join our gang, you are always welcome.”

“Officer, what do you want from us, I’m a bit tired, can you finish what you had come in search of me for?

“Sorry, Dr. for delaying you. But we have got the answers, the leader itself stated, that he had done the act, that’s all. Good day Dr.” All nodded and the criminals were taken by the chain.”

“God!!! If I was in Sanjo’s place, I would have really hit them by now.”
“That is what you should be careful in life Mark, anger can really make things worse. Now look, the gang injured so many people, killed so many people, how many lives have been affected it. Don’t think, its unfairness to you alone, in this nature, there is nothing in singles, everything is in a chain, connected with each other. So if you get angry, it would affect the rest of the chain. Now here the pirates didn’t respond. So it ended or else, they too would have been in chains. What do you think?”

“Yes you’re right Rafael.”

“If you get angry for small things, your destiny will repeat the same sequence, until you stop responding to this situation.”

“My God Rafael, what is life Rafael, its so complicated, when we get angry, the same situation repeats, when we do bad, it would return, why is it like this?

“There is only one answer Ajay, we have to become pure to reach our destination, we should not have any debts of any sort, good or bad, only sfter fulfilling it, we would get the perfect existence, as we say, happily ever after.”

“But by then, I would have to be born several times because, there are so many things I have to take out from inside.”

“Don’t worry, so much, start living consciously, that’s all you have to take care and not your whole life, OK.” All nodded.

“Dr. Martin was settled in his room and Alfonso left leaving behind Juan and Sanjo. Isabella was very sad. She followed Alfonso to the door and before departure, she put a bag in his palms, saying, “Please do not open, until you reach the ship.” He was surprised, but still he nodded and looked straight at her and spoke, “Isabella, don’t worry thinking of your father, he’ll be walking by the time we return and don’t let my men idle, OK and take rest.” Shaking hands, the trio left.
“We’ll just break here because, its past time.”

“Rafael, can’t you say what was inside the bag ?”

“Anyway sleep on it and let it be a surprise for you guys too.” All smiled and nodded.

“It’s time to say bye, we’ll meet tomorrow?” All nodded be contd… Chapter - 11

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