Friday, March 29, 2013

Have Faith in Your Wish

Chapter - 21
“I’m sorry to say, but he didn’t ask to return?”

“No????????? Then what did he ask? Actually, he went to meet the hermit to get a passage to the year he had left, isn’t it Rafael?”

“Yes, but, Alfonso felt, there is something more important than, his necessity to return.”

“Really, what is it?”

“Dr. Martin’s limbs to be joined and heal it completely.”

“Wow Rafael, that’s a touching gesture, Dr. martin would never know the truth, but still, Alfonso is gifting a very precious wish to an unseen person. Its sad too, isn’t it Rafael?”

“That is the speciality of love Mark, there is not enough time, space and opportunity to do good for our loved ones. No acknowledgement is needed when we have done anything out of love and be sure, that act would return to the owner in the same coin. So whatever you do doesn’t go to waste. Keep that in mind.”

“So Rafael, you say, that Dr. Martin would pay back for the wish?”

“No Mathew, Alfonso would surely get his wish back, but it can come from anywhere not necessarily from Dr. Martin alone, OK? All nodded. “Now back to the story, Alfonso wished for the complete cure of Dr. Martin and return back the energy, he had lost and move like a young boy.”

“Do you believe Rafael, that his wish will come true?”

“Yes Ajay, not only Alfonso’s wish but everyone who has a wish should come true for sure, that is the power of the human soul. If you have complete faith that what your wish would be fulfilled, it will happen as such.”

"But how is that possible Rafael?"

"The thoughts are vibrations, when you wish, you would have an idea what you are wishing for but  if you have a clear cut idea of what you are wishing for, by the power of your thought, these vibrations unite together and solidifies and by the energy you invest on the wish and with the strong faith, that your wish would be fulfilled, that solidifies all the vibrations, you have formed by the power of your mind, and by the power of your thought, that solidified wish comes to you, fulfilling your wish." All nodded. 

"So Rafael. do you mean to say, that Alfonso made this happen, by the power of his thoughts?"

"No Rebecca, in this case. its not by the power of his thought, but by the power of his faith. He had full faith in the hermit and along with that, he really loved his fellow being. So faith and love together is a very strong combination, no one can break that bond." All nodded. "And if you are wishing for somebody else, the power to make it happen is much more stronger than when we wish for ourselves."

"Oh!!! that's really good, Rafael, you told, when we give something to others, it would return back to us in the same manner, isn't it. Now you told, that, if we wish for others, the power is more stronger, then, its better to wish for others because, it naturally returns to us, isn't it a good idea? All smiled and nodded.

"Yes, that is why, all the wise people say, "Pray for others." All nodded. "First you should know, all that we see in the universe are made up of atoms and atoms are only vibrations, and that is why I said, wishes can be fulfilled easily. But there are three ingredients, which you need for your wishes to come true, you should have a wish, you should have an idea what a wish should look like and the third one, have faith that it would be fulfilled." All nodded.

“Oh!!!!!!! Isn’t it lovely?” Imagine Dr. Martin’s surprise?”

“Yes, it would be a surprise for one and all.”

“I’d really like to see their faces.”

“Well at the exact time, when Alfonso wished for Dr. Martin’s cure, Juan, was dressing the doctor carefully and Sanjo was close by assisting Juan, when suddenly, a power went through Dr. Martin and he flexed his fingers and toes, it started moving. He asked Juan and Sanjo to remove his bandage, but they were confused, about the request of Dr. Martin. But they knew, he might have some reason, and while removing, Dr. Martin sat up, their eyes widened and then stood up, they were shocked and Juan asked, “Dr. what is happening? How can you stand, when five minutes before, you were not even able to move?”

“It’s a miracle, Juan. It’s a miracle. But I really thank God. He really did a miracle for me. Sanjo was so shocked that he stood there dumbstruck.

“Juan removed the bandage of the hand and he couldn’t believe his eyes, there wasn’t even a scar, to see that his whole limb was cut off and stitched. The muscles and the body itself looked so young, that Dr. Martin too couldn’t believe it. He folded his arm, rotated it and it didn't even pain. There is one thing, which happened at that time, he had no arthritis pain too, everything vanished.”

“Oh!!!!!!! Rafael. I feel like crying.”

“Sanjo woke up from his shock and went running to Isabella and literally dragged her from her coffee table, speaking just, Dr. Martin… Dr. Martin…, Isabella thinking that something bad has happened to her father raced to his room and there the sight really shocked her. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Her father looked so fresh and energetic and one banadaged hand of his was undone and not a single scar, she came slowly and whispered, “Father, what is all this about?”

“Bella, I can only say, that a miracle has happened.” Isabella nodded and continued, “Its Alfonso’s doing, father.”

“Yes I too thought so Bella, his was the thought that came to my mind. I hope he returns safely.” All nodded in unison.”
“Father, I’ll get the food ready.”

“I’ll be in the dining room, in half an hour child.” All nodded.

“Now children, off you go, I can do it myself.” All nodded and went out of Dr. Martin’s room. He slowly undid his bandages and in one of the bandage he found the most surprising thing.”

“What is it Rafael?”

 “We’ll continue tomorrow, it’s time to say bye.” All smiled and nodded. be contd… Chapter - 22

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