Friday, March 22, 2013

Fulfill Your Promises

Chapter - 14

“This is a surprise. There have been several, who have passed these palaces, but none were as courageous as you people. I’m glad. Now follow me.” Alfonso and the crew nodded and followed the princess. As she was moving from one corridor to the other, the colour of the dress and the hair started changing according to the precious stone of the palace walls.”

“Wow!!!!!! actually, who is she, a witch?”

“She is a princess, but not of waters but of land.”

“Then how come she got immersed in the waters?”

“Her brother, the prince, cut the limbs (legs and arms) of a witch and water starting oozing from her veins and arteries instead of blood.”

“That’s ridiculous Rafael, you mean to say, the water coming out of the witch is the reason, that the palace got drowned?”

“Yes, Monica.”

“And the prince is trying every means to stop it but it cannot be stopped and that is why the princess  is requesting every help, she could.”

“But Rafael, how long has they been in this situation?”

“Well, to be exact 2000 years.”

“2000!!!!!!!!!!! And not a single person, to rectify?”

“There are some situations, where only some people can be rectified. You know Ajay, you are unique, which means, you have several qualities, that no one else has and certain duties, only you would be able to fulfill it. And you are here to fulfill it.”

“But Rafael, how do I know, that only I can do it? There are millions of people on Earth and how would I know, which work I should do, which I have come to do?”

“That’s a good question, Rebecca. Now can I ask you a question?”

“Sure Rafael.”

“How many parents have you?”

“One, father and mother.”

“If all the parents of the world love you, do you feel happy?”

“No Rafael, my parents are very very special to me, they cannot be replaced for a million other parents, sorry nothing personal, they might be the best, but still mine holds a very special place.”

“Exactly, that is where the uniqueness come, you are unique to your parents, to your siblings, to your teachers, to your friends, grand parents, uncles and aunties and the people around you, the people you meet in your daily life and each deed you do, can be fulfilled only by you. It has been written, before you were born, but it can be fulfilled only if you choose to do it and that is why it is said, our presence, our actions are predestined, but by our choice, we change the direction of our destiny.”

“So Rafael, you mean to say that I was born to fulfill many a promises?”

“Yes, in short we can say as such, good Mathew, keep it up. But if you do not fulfill, you will have to live until you fulfill it. So don't let any opportunities pass to help and to fulfill your duty because, you are destined to do it." All nodded.

"But Rafael, a doubt, If I do not do my duty, then what?"
"You'll have to wait, until the next opportunity arrive."

"That would be when?"

"That we will have to wait and see, So don't think to do your work later, finish it at the right time, OK?" All nodded. "Now back to the story, unaware of what should be expected, Alfonso and his team followed and the queen became a fish and the crew became dolphins, except Alfonso, he didn’t transform into anything.”

“Hey, it might be due to the amulet.”

“Yes, it was due to the amulet. He spoke with his thoughts, if all went their way, how am I going to find what the princess wants?”  

“ Christopher nudged Alfonso with his snout, he was actually a dolphin now. So Alfonso straddled on him and all the crew followed the princess to a cave and the force with the water was coming, it was very difficult to get into the cave.”

“Oh!!!!!!!! so its good, that they became fishes or else, how could they have got in?”

“Yes, its true. It’s time to say bye, we’ll meet tomorrow?” All nodded

“Oh God, should we stop now Rafael !!!!!!

“Anyway sleep on it guys.” All smiled and nodded. be contd… Chapter - 15

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