Sunday, March 24, 2013

Never Break Promises

Chapter - 16

 “Holy Ghost, what the ….. bloody hell is that thing?”

“What happened, what did they see Rafael?”

“Well they saw the most nightmarish view, they had ever viewed in their life.”

“Rafael, please don’t drag it, you are really keeping us in a suspense.”

“Well, the witch and the prince were not discernible they had become like rocks and water plants.”

“Oh My God!!!!! Then how are they going to rectify this problem?” All nodded wide eyed.”

“Well, it was not easy for the people who reached there, they didn’t know where was the beginning and the end. Seeing the hopelessness of the case, Christopher thought, “Captain, we are dead, ain’t that princess don’t know that she is working for a lost cause?”

Alfonso replied with his thoughts, “Christopher, don’t lose hope, we’ll see what we can do. Either I die or live, we have a choice, at least we will have to try, shouldn’t we Christopher? And promise me, if I don’t come out alive, return to Dr. Martin and Isabella, because we had promised to them didn’t we?

“Yes captain, you had promised, but we are not going out of here without you and that is my promise. Death or alive we are together in it. Captain, go ahead, we have your back. And there ain’t no business for us in Dr. Martin’s unless you are there” Christopher replied strongly.

“Alfonso caught hold of Christopher’s fins and squeezed it tight.”

“Ouch!!!!!!!!! what are you doing captain on my fins? Its painful.”
“Yes I want to show you the importance of breaking promises.”

“If you give a word, you shall have to keep it or else you will have to face the consequences. So don’t even think of not returning to Dr. Martin. Help them, understood?”

“Yes Captain.”

“But Rafael, I don’t understand, why is it very important to fulfill a promise?”

“Promise is not simply words, it’s a word given by one soul to another, here there is nothing about human beings. We make a promise, when someone needs genuine help and if we do not fulfill, the curse, would return to our soul, bringing our life to misery, never would we able to get our life smoothly. When a parent promises his child and the reverse, when a husband promises his wife and reverse, promises between friends, brothers and sisters, there is a lot of hope in it and breaking hopes is equal to breaking hearts and that is equal to a death and you become the cause of death of a person, death of a soul  and you know, when you kill a person by the soul, it is death sentence to you. You would never ever be able to get out of that curse. So never ever promise to anybody and if you promise, keep it, or else face the consequence.” All nodded.

“Back to the story, Alfonso requested, “Christopher, since we are not sure, where these people are or their head or tail, you better lower me here in this clearing.”

“Yes captain, be careful.”

“Slowly Alfonso slid down on the ocean floor and the most surprising thing happened.”

“Now what? everytime, there is something surprising in this story, that you are always keeping us in tenterhooks Rafael. Is it really like this?

“Ajay, actually, do you know what will happen next moment of your life?”

“No Rafael, I really wish, I had known, but anyway, that’s not possible.” Ajay shrugged.

“The story is actually what your life holds, even Alfonso or anybody of his crew doesn’t know, what holds for them, but you can direct your life, by doing the right and the good. So anyway, its a long discussion, we’ll continue tomorrow

it’s time to say bye.” All nodded. be contd… Chapter - 17

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