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Be Thankful for The Gifts Received

Chapter - 22

“ Dr. Martin slowly undid his bandages and in one of the bandage he found the most surprising thing.”

“What is it Rafael?”
“It was the Amulet, the chain and the medal, which he had given to his daughter. What is it doing in my bandage? Shaking his head, he placed it on the table, undid his bandages, had his bath and got dressed, he was feeling his body, his legs, his hands. He couldn’t thank God enough for making him walk again and that too so soon.”

“His heart was skipping with joy and at the same time weeping, seeing the love of God.”

“Its true Rafael, we do not know the value of what we have until it is taken from us. But by then it would be too late.” All nodded.

“Yes Mathew, but this is a reminder to us, we might not get a second chance like Dr. Martin. So try to acknowledge the gifts God has given us and cherish it with your life, use it wisely what you have. For example, people who smoke, use liquor and drugs, they are misusing their body, its like smoking the whole good body and making it sick or pouring acid (drugs & liquor) inside the body and burning it, will the body be of any use for us afterwards?" All nodded in the negative. "Now when the youngsters get a new bike or a car, what do they feel?"

"Freedom, Rafael. Freedom. It so good to feel the wind in the hair."

"Yes, its freedom, to feel the wind in the hair and after sometime we hear that the wind in them has also got freedom from the body - dead. Now what use  did he have of his life? Did it serve any purpose? wasted life.”

“Oh!!! How sad.”

“Yes it is sad. But  they should know what they are missing. Try to understand and know, why you are here. Your life is a gift from God, from your parents, thank them and the one way to thank them is keep it in perfect condition, both phyisically and spiritually.So try to cherish your lives, with the very being of you, OK?”

"But Rafael, we always feel that our life is unfair. Sometimes we even ask our parents, why did you give birth to us. We didn't ask you to bring us to this life."

"That sentence should never ever come from your mouth because, your parents too do not have any choice in you coming here. It is all above them. Its the God's wish for you to be here. But your parents made a choice, not to kill you when you were in the belly of your mother."

"Oh!! how unfair we are Rafael to our parents. I really am ashamed. Now what will I do?"

"The words you uttered are already marked in your soul Monica. It will return it back to you. But you can reduce the power of the return of your words to you  by making your parents happy, by using loving words to them, helping them and obeying them, which is very very important. If you hurt them, in any way, mark these words children, you would really have to face the consequences, a 1000% more. To get out of it is simply next to impossible. You will have to go through all the words, the deeds, the thoughts which you have given them a 1000 times more strongly and it might take several lives to clear it. Do you like that?"

"No Rafael, I really would rectify it immediately."

"Good. Now back to the story, Dr. Martin arrived for breakfast, he was actually running down the steps. Seeing his arrival, all eyes widened. Isabella was literally crying. She had never imagined, that she would see this day in her father's life. She closed her eyes and went to God's abode and spoke to God, "Thank you God, I am in debt with you again. You love me very much, don't you God? I too love you. I'm returning, father has arrived. I'll meet you later. But with her soul, she embraced and kissed God and saying once more, "thank you very much God  Bye. take care." She flew from God's abode within half a second and opened her eyes and wiped her tears. All stood up to welcome Dr. Martin."

"Its so good, isn't it Rafael, to see Dr. Martin walking. But Rafael, how did Isabella reach God's abode?"

"Through her soul. We are connected to God with our soul. When you become spiritual, we can run to God at any time, there is no restriction to go to God's abode and meet Him."

"Really? then how do we speak to God, Rafael?"

"There is no special prayer, just like what you feel inside you is the best prayer, any prayer coming from the very being of us, can pierce the foundation of heaven. God cannot let it go, the effect is immediate and Isabella, learnt it from very young. So she goes to God's abode every now and then because, for her God holds a very important place. Likewise, you should give priority to God, then He would guide you in not making mistakes, that you will have to face the consequences in your life." All nodded.

"Thank you Rafael, we'll surely follow it, but I do not know, how long, we would be able to make a success of it."

"Don't worry, your decision to follow is enough, the rest, God will help you." All nodded.

"But the first step,  is to Be Thankful for The Gifts Received." All nodded. 

"Now back to the story, Dr. Martin shook hands with Sanjo and Juan and embraced Isabella. All took seats for the breakfast.Then he placed the Amulet on the table." Isabella's eyes widened.

"Father, where did you get the Amulet?"

"In my bandage."

"Your bandage? but, how did it arrive there, I had given it to Alfonso." Dr. Martin's face grimaced.

 “We’ll continue tomorrow, it’s time to say bye.” All smiled and nodded. be contd… Chapter - 23

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