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Just Shut Up!!!!!!!

Chapter - 23

All took seats for breakfast. Then he placed the Amulet on the table." Isabella's eyes widened.

"Father, where did you get the Amulet?"

"In my bandage."

"Your bandage? but, how did it arrive there, I had given it to Alfonso." Dr. Martin's face grimaced.

“Father, sorry, I didn’t get your permission, but I felt, Alfonso needed it, more than me.”

“Don’t worry my child, you did the right thing or else, I would not have walked.” All nodded.

“But father, how did it return here?”

“It has served the purpose of protecting. If I am not wrong. he might actually be right on our door step.”


“Hmmmm.” At that time there was a knock on the door and Sanjo ran to the door and indeed Alfonso and the rest of the crew was there safe and sound.”

“Oh Captain!!!!!!!!!! we were just speaking about you. But you were quick in returning. Did you know, a big miracle happened?”

“Sanjo, calm down…calm down and let me in, if you don’t mind.” Alfonso patted his shoulder and smiled.

“I’m sorry captain, please come in. But you would not believe it. Anyway come in and Dr. Martin too came to the drawing room and all the crew members stood there shell shocked. They had seen him bed ridden and with bandages and now he is moving like a young gentleman of 30. How can that be?”

“Come in children, you might be tired after so much travel. Isabella stood there with a broad smile on her face.”

“Alfonso was worried to speak about her amulet. He had lost it, when he was with the hermit. He didn’t know, how it happened, but he will have to say it, better be truthful than lie.”

“Actually sir, we had a sumptuous meal, to be frank a ‘A King’s Meal’

“Really Captain, from where?”

“Well before that, I would like to say, I’m glad, that you are healed sir.”

“Yes Alfonso, I too am glad and relieved and it is all thanks to God and you Alfonso.”

“How did you know sir, that I was responsible?”

“Do you know, hearts do speak?”

“No sir, but one thing I know, Love can create wonders.”

“Well, I think, we’d better finish our breakfast and hear Alfonso’s story.”  All nodded and trooped into the dining room. All took a seat each, Dr. Martin at the head, right hand, Alfonso and opposite him Isabella, then all sat, to hear the story.”

“Rafael, a doubt, does it make any difference if we say a truth or a lie?”

“Yes, Rebecca, it makes a lot of difference. Man is a spiritual being. His physical identity comes from the soul within. Do you know what is a soul?

“Yes Rafael, the drop of God soul, is our soul, isn’t it Rafael?”
“Yes you are right. And in every body, there is the drop. So when you do right or wrong, God knows it. Now you say, does it make any difference?”

“Yes Rafael, it makes a lot of difference.”

“Good, but there is one more thing, you should know, our soul is encased within our physical body. It can never go out, unless we let it.”

“Do you mean to say, that we should die, Rafael?”

“No Ajay, I meant, we create big big rocks in front, back and top of the soul blocking it in uniting with God.”

“But Rafael, how are we putting rocks on it Rafael?”

“By saying lies, by hurting others, by disobedience.”

“Ohh Really !!!!!!!!!! But what happens if we create blocks like that?”

“By the energy of the soul, you gain, whatever you want and not by your physical self. If you have to pass in an examination, our soul should connect to the God soul and from there God gives the power to make you remember, whatever you studied. When you are going to ask a permission, if the authority should say yes, then the soul of yours should touch the other person’s soul. our physical body is just a bunch of atoms, but the real you is the soul. But when you bring blocks for your soul, the soul is unable to exert its pressure in our lives, blocking all our ways, However you may try, you would never be successful in life.”

“So, to be successful in life, its not necessary to do big acts like building houses for the poor or giving alms to the poor, but importantly take care of the little little actions of our daily life like, Never lie, Be obedient, be helpful, don’t judge others, complete your home work on time, study well, pray nicely. Its as simple as that. ” All nodded.

“But nobody would know, that we are all these, Rafael. We all want everybody to see us, acknowledge us.”
“Yes, these small actions are not seen by anybody, but Mathew, big buildings do not come up from heaven above, we will have to start from the very foundation, were no one sees, under the Earth, and that too from very deep, it is this base of that structure, that decides the future of the building, the deeper, the better and stronger. But if we use low quality materials, in the foundation and started with just below the Earth, would it stay?”

“No Rafael, you are right, it would come down like a card castle.” All nodded.”

“We might get praises when the building comes up, but when it collapses, all would shower humiliation over you. How would you feel?”

“Terrible Rafael.”

“Yes, its true, the building doesn’t end with foundation alone and after that too, we will have to build it with bricks, one brick at a time and the perfection how you keep each brick decides, the smoothness of the walls. And they cement it to cover the bricks. Can anyone see the bricks afterwards?”

“No Rafael. Nobody.”

“But do you think, the mason would be unhappy?”

“No Rafael, he would be proud, he feels he did his job perfectly.”

“So don’t live for others praise, the same mouth can shower disgrace upon you. So live for making yourself perfect, with small, good acts then naturally, the beauty of the real you comes out making you the perfect human being. Then the soul could easily unite with God bringing you eternal happiness, eternal peace and eternal love. That is what count in the end, isn’t it?” All nodded.

“Well back to the story, Alfonso cleared his throat and looked at Isabella and said, “Isabella, before I start my story, I have a grievous issue to say to you, Isabella smiled broadly and nodded.”

“Why don’t we talk it later, Alfonso?”

“If you’re planning to say about the amulet Isabella gave, don’t say captain, it has reached here safely captain.”

“Oh No!!!!!!!! what a tragedy Rafael, I think, Isabella wanted to surprise him.”

“Not only Isabella, but Dr. Martin too wanted to clear the air between his daughter and Alfonso, but unfortunately Sanjo butted in.”
“All glared at Sanjo and Sanjo knew, he had over stepped his limit.”

“Its very important to know, when to speak and when to shut up.  Do not think, just because you are rich or learned or beautiful, that you can always cackle. Speak what is necessary and plan before you open the mouth. Sometimes, these words would become a trap to you. Your words can change your destiny. So try not to over step your welcome, even if it is in your home or with your friends, learn to stop the flow of words at the right time, then you would learn to behave in the society. Your mouth can decide, whether you would have good friends or bad friends or have friends at all.”All nodded.

 “We’ll continue tomorrow, it’s time to say bye.” All smiled and nodded. be contd… Chapter - 24

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Be Thankful for The Gifts Received

Chapter - 22

“ Dr. Martin slowly undid his bandages and in one of the bandage he found the most surprising thing.”

“What is it Rafael?”
“It was the Amulet, the chain and the medal, which he had given to his daughter. What is it doing in my bandage? Shaking his head, he placed it on the table, undid his bandages, had his bath and got dressed, he was feeling his body, his legs, his hands. He couldn’t thank God enough for making him walk again and that too so soon.”

“His heart was skipping with joy and at the same time weeping, seeing the love of God.”

“Its true Rafael, we do not know the value of what we have until it is taken from us. But by then it would be too late.” All nodded.

“Yes Mathew, but this is a reminder to us, we might not get a second chance like Dr. Martin. So try to acknowledge the gifts God has given us and cherish it with your life, use it wisely what you have. For example, people who smoke, use liquor and drugs, they are misusing their body, its like smoking the whole good body and making it sick or pouring acid (drugs & liquor) inside the body and burning it, will the body be of any use for us afterwards?" All nodded in the negative. "Now when the youngsters get a new bike or a car, what do they feel?"

"Freedom, Rafael. Freedom. It so good to feel the wind in the hair."

"Yes, its freedom, to feel the wind in the hair and after sometime we hear that the wind in them has also got freedom from the body - dead. Now what use  did he have of his life? Did it serve any purpose? wasted life.”

“Oh!!! How sad.”

“Yes it is sad. But  they should know what they are missing. Try to understand and know, why you are here. Your life is a gift from God, from your parents, thank them and the one way to thank them is keep it in perfect condition, both phyisically and spiritually.So try to cherish your lives, with the very being of you, OK?”

"But Rafael, we always feel that our life is unfair. Sometimes we even ask our parents, why did you give birth to us. We didn't ask you to bring us to this life."

"That sentence should never ever come from your mouth because, your parents too do not have any choice in you coming here. It is all above them. Its the God's wish for you to be here. But your parents made a choice, not to kill you when you were in the belly of your mother."

"Oh!! how unfair we are Rafael to our parents. I really am ashamed. Now what will I do?"

"The words you uttered are already marked in your soul Monica. It will return it back to you. But you can reduce the power of the return of your words to you  by making your parents happy, by using loving words to them, helping them and obeying them, which is very very important. If you hurt them, in any way, mark these words children, you would really have to face the consequences, a 1000% more. To get out of it is simply next to impossible. You will have to go through all the words, the deeds, the thoughts which you have given them a 1000 times more strongly and it might take several lives to clear it. Do you like that?"

"No Rafael, I really would rectify it immediately."

"Good. Now back to the story, Dr. Martin arrived for breakfast, he was actually running down the steps. Seeing his arrival, all eyes widened. Isabella was literally crying. She had never imagined, that she would see this day in her father's life. She closed her eyes and went to God's abode and spoke to God, "Thank you God, I am in debt with you again. You love me very much, don't you God? I too love you. I'm returning, father has arrived. I'll meet you later. But with her soul, she embraced and kissed God and saying once more, "thank you very much God  Bye. take care." She flew from God's abode within half a second and opened her eyes and wiped her tears. All stood up to welcome Dr. Martin."

"Its so good, isn't it Rafael, to see Dr. Martin walking. But Rafael, how did Isabella reach God's abode?"

"Through her soul. We are connected to God with our soul. When you become spiritual, we can run to God at any time, there is no restriction to go to God's abode and meet Him."

"Really? then how do we speak to God, Rafael?"

"There is no special prayer, just like what you feel inside you is the best prayer, any prayer coming from the very being of us, can pierce the foundation of heaven. God cannot let it go, the effect is immediate and Isabella, learnt it from very young. So she goes to God's abode every now and then because, for her God holds a very important place. Likewise, you should give priority to God, then He would guide you in not making mistakes, that you will have to face the consequences in your life." All nodded.

"Thank you Rafael, we'll surely follow it, but I do not know, how long, we would be able to make a success of it."

"Don't worry, your decision to follow is enough, the rest, God will help you." All nodded.

"But the first step,  is to Be Thankful for The Gifts Received." All nodded. 

"Now back to the story, Dr. Martin shook hands with Sanjo and Juan and embraced Isabella. All took seats for the breakfast.Then he placed the Amulet on the table." Isabella's eyes widened.

"Father, where did you get the Amulet?"

"In my bandage."

"Your bandage? but, how did it arrive there, I had given it to Alfonso." Dr. Martin's face grimaced.

 “We’ll continue tomorrow, it’s time to say bye.” All smiled and nodded. be contd… Chapter - 23

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Have Faith in Your Wish

Chapter - 21
“I’m sorry to say, but he didn’t ask to return?”

“No????????? Then what did he ask? Actually, he went to meet the hermit to get a passage to the year he had left, isn’t it Rafael?”

“Yes, but, Alfonso felt, there is something more important than, his necessity to return.”

“Really, what is it?”

“Dr. Martin’s limbs to be joined and heal it completely.”

“Wow Rafael, that’s a touching gesture, Dr. martin would never know the truth, but still, Alfonso is gifting a very precious wish to an unseen person. Its sad too, isn’t it Rafael?”

“That is the speciality of love Mark, there is not enough time, space and opportunity to do good for our loved ones. No acknowledgement is needed when we have done anything out of love and be sure, that act would return to the owner in the same coin. So whatever you do doesn’t go to waste. Keep that in mind.”

“So Rafael, you say, that Dr. Martin would pay back for the wish?”

“No Mathew, Alfonso would surely get his wish back, but it can come from anywhere not necessarily from Dr. Martin alone, OK? All nodded. “Now back to the story, Alfonso wished for the complete cure of Dr. Martin and return back the energy, he had lost and move like a young boy.”

“Do you believe Rafael, that his wish will come true?”

“Yes Ajay, not only Alfonso’s wish but everyone who has a wish should come true for sure, that is the power of the human soul. If you have complete faith that what your wish would be fulfilled, it will happen as such.”

"But how is that possible Rafael?"

"The thoughts are vibrations, when you wish, you would have an idea what you are wishing for but  if you have a clear cut idea of what you are wishing for, by the power of your thought, these vibrations unite together and solidifies and by the energy you invest on the wish and with the strong faith, that your wish would be fulfilled, that solidifies all the vibrations, you have formed by the power of your mind, and by the power of your thought, that solidified wish comes to you, fulfilling your wish." All nodded. 

"So Rafael. do you mean to say, that Alfonso made this happen, by the power of his thoughts?"

"No Rebecca, in this case. its not by the power of his thought, but by the power of his faith. He had full faith in the hermit and along with that, he really loved his fellow being. So faith and love together is a very strong combination, no one can break that bond." All nodded. "And if you are wishing for somebody else, the power to make it happen is much more stronger than when we wish for ourselves."

"Oh!!! that's really good, Rafael, you told, when we give something to others, it would return back to us in the same manner, isn't it. Now you told, that, if we wish for others, the power is more stronger, then, its better to wish for others because, it naturally returns to us, isn't it a good idea? All smiled and nodded.

"Yes, that is why, all the wise people say, "Pray for others." All nodded. "First you should know, all that we see in the universe are made up of atoms and atoms are only vibrations, and that is why I said, wishes can be fulfilled easily. But there are three ingredients, which you need for your wishes to come true, you should have a wish, you should have an idea what a wish should look like and the third one, have faith that it would be fulfilled." All nodded.

“Oh!!!!!!! Isn’t it lovely?” Imagine Dr. Martin’s surprise?”

“Yes, it would be a surprise for one and all.”

“I’d really like to see their faces.”

“Well at the exact time, when Alfonso wished for Dr. Martin’s cure, Juan, was dressing the doctor carefully and Sanjo was close by assisting Juan, when suddenly, a power went through Dr. Martin and he flexed his fingers and toes, it started moving. He asked Juan and Sanjo to remove his bandage, but they were confused, about the request of Dr. Martin. But they knew, he might have some reason, and while removing, Dr. Martin sat up, their eyes widened and then stood up, they were shocked and Juan asked, “Dr. what is happening? How can you stand, when five minutes before, you were not even able to move?”

“It’s a miracle, Juan. It’s a miracle. But I really thank God. He really did a miracle for me. Sanjo was so shocked that he stood there dumbstruck.

“Juan removed the bandage of the hand and he couldn’t believe his eyes, there wasn’t even a scar, to see that his whole limb was cut off and stitched. The muscles and the body itself looked so young, that Dr. Martin too couldn’t believe it. He folded his arm, rotated it and it didn't even pain. There is one thing, which happened at that time, he had no arthritis pain too, everything vanished.”

“Oh!!!!!!! Rafael. I feel like crying.”

“Sanjo woke up from his shock and went running to Isabella and literally dragged her from her coffee table, speaking just, Dr. Martin… Dr. Martin…, Isabella thinking that something bad has happened to her father raced to his room and there the sight really shocked her. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Her father looked so fresh and energetic and one banadaged hand of his was undone and not a single scar, she came slowly and whispered, “Father, what is all this about?”

“Bella, I can only say, that a miracle has happened.” Isabella nodded and continued, “Its Alfonso’s doing, father.”

“Yes I too thought so Bella, his was the thought that came to my mind. I hope he returns safely.” All nodded in unison.”
“Father, I’ll get the food ready.”

“I’ll be in the dining room, in half an hour child.” All nodded.

“Now children, off you go, I can do it myself.” All nodded and went out of Dr. Martin’s room. He slowly undid his bandages and in one of the bandage he found the most surprising thing.”

“What is it Rafael?”

 “We’ll continue tomorrow, it’s time to say bye.” All smiled and nodded. be contd… Chapter - 22

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Waiting with Love....

Chapter - 20

 “The old lady’s face broke into a big smile.”

“What was so special about the gift Rafael?”

“Well, every time when the hermit arrives, he brings something unique, which satisfies her need, that brings the old lady lasting happiness, inner peace and above all contentment.”

“Rafael, what is it, you are really trying our patience.”

“Well, that is what he brought, patience.”

“Rafael, are you joking? How can we bring patience?” Rafael smiled and nodded.

“Yes Ajay, he had brought patience and that too which could be seen and felt.”

“But how is that possible?”

“Patience is one big thing, which is very important in every living being’s life.”

“A mother has to wait, till her baby is out of the womb. A bird has to wait to hatch its chick. A child has to wait to grow, sun takes time to rise and set, the flower takes time to bloom, season has a time to arrive, trees takes time to bear fruits. And we have to wait to see the results and for that what do we need?”


"Some of the activities takes place on a daily basis. When we achieve patience, we gain inner peace, happiness and contentment." All nodded.

" But Rafael, how did the hermit bring a packet of patience? I thought patience is a feeling and not a thing.” Rafael nodded and smiled.

“You're right Monica, its a feeling, but the gift was a multi coloured stone of a specific carving, which is found in the deep jungles near the hermitage.”

“But what is the use of stone?”

“The old lady has been constructing a small temple to keep her God and the hermit has been bringing one stone each from the jungles, every year and this stone was the last brick, which would complete the temple.”

“Wow!!!!! That’s simply superb and very kind of the hermit to help her construct her small temple. But how long did it take to complete the temple?”

“Years and years. Nobody knew about it, except the two, but on this auspicious occasion, the princess, Alfonso and the crew were there to witness the final stone installation. The old lady placed the last stone on the dome of the structure and lo behold, the structure turned into a real temple.”

“Wow!!!! Without using cement? how did it get attached to it, Rafael?”

“there are some bonds, which doesn’t need any cement, but by the power of the mind, it gets attached to others and that is what we call the bond of love, its unseen, but the love of the person, who gifted that stone was covered on the stone. If you have love, nothing extra is needed to bond a relationship or a temple.  But if there is no love, your life is a waste, however you may try, relationship would never merge, in this story, the stones would never bond together. Love is the base of all existence, children. Try to bring out the love within you. Then you will know the difference.”

"Rafael, I feel that you are talking about human beings, isn't it?"

"Yes Mathew, there is always a connection of all things in nature and human soul. Look around this nature, anything you are attracted to, it is showing a direction, for us to move. But you should have patience. Patience to see around, to feel and above all patience to work hard to create the temple."

"Who would be the God in our temple? "

"Our soul, we, the small drop of God soul."

"Are we God, Rafael?"

"No we are not God, we have Godly powers but to get the full extent of our powers we will have to unite with God soul and to get united with God, we will have to communicate and it has only one language."


Yes Rebecca, Love.  Love is the only language, the soul understands, when you are able to bring out the love within you, then you become a temple of immense power because you are communicating with the God soul. Then the rest you know," All nodded. Rafael continued, " You become a power house, where every wish of you and others get fulfilled through you. Try to bring out the love of your soul. So that you all becomes the power houses of the Universe, for that try to develop patience, because it can be achieved brick by brick or stone by stone, just like the old lady created her temple." All nodded smiling.

"You mean to say Rafael, that we can become power houses after years and years of hard work?"

"Yes Mark, we need years of hard work and loads of patience. Our life is a trial and error method. But in the end, you will achieve what you are set for, but if you know what we are here for, then the goal could be achieved easily."

“Oh!!!!!!!!  by the power of love  of both the hermit's as well as the old lady's,  a  temple got built. That’s wonderful, isn't it Rafael? Then it would hold double power isn't it?”

“Yes Mark, the temple gained powers manifolds, and the best power was, all the wishes would be granted then and there.”

“Wow!!!!!!!!!! That’s simply awesome. Did Alfonso know about it?”

“Yes, they were asked to wish for one thing, which would be granted.”

“Did they wish? Alfonso might have asked to reach Isabella,”

“No, he didn’t ask to return?”

“No????????? Then what did he ask?”

 “We’ll continue tomorrow, it’s time to say bye.” All smiled and nodded. be contd… Chapter - 21

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If There is a Will There is a Way

Chapter - 19
“I would like to meet the hermit. Make the necessary arrangements.”

“Yes your Majesty.”

“The hermit’s day of arrival was two days after. So the minister made the arrangements for the princess and her guests to meet the hermit.”

“Was it easy Rafael, to meet the hermit?”
“It was easy for them Rebecca, not because of the power the princess held, but by the purity of their soul, they cleared their way, both the princess as well as Alfonso.”

“How do you know that Rafael?”

“The first and foremost proof is,there was a hermit to help them, and secondly, the date of the arrival of the hermit, usually a hermit never ever comes out of his hermitage, thirdly they didn’t have to go in search of the hermit, the hermit is coming out and meeting them in their area and fourthly, the timing, they didn’t have to wait for long. All these happens when, they are destined to do it and they hold the key to the lock, so they could easily unlock the door and lastly, their soul is clear, that is why, no blocks have been erected to make the problem difficult.” All nodded.

"And there is one thing more you should know, when someone asks you to help, do it then and there, not after sometime or say first no and then do it, because the words and deeds all count to clear your path to reach your goal, or else, your life, you will have to face the same situation, so what do you think, these people have blocked other ways?" All nodded in the negative.

"No Rafael, they might have done perfectly, if you say, if our deeds and words has a connection to clearing our way to reach goal, then what you said is true, they had a crystal clear soul. Sometimes, I have thought that, if we have beauty or money or power, all things can be done easily, but here, what you said is true, Rafael, hermits do not need anything to make them happy and in this case to reach his destination, is next to impossible. Hmm. if our deeds and words, do have a say, then, we really have to work hard to be careful.  Thank you Rafael, I'll keep this in mind, actually, our soul has to open the way for us right?"

"Yes Ajay, you are right, the drop of God soul, should help us, or else, you would never reach where we need and that is your soul or our soul and it can be cleared only, when you help clear the obstacles you create by your words, by your deeds. Its your choice, what you want to do of your life, but keep this in mind, your physical beauty, your money or your name or fame is of no importance here. Just because, everyone says, that you are good or you are in the right, doesn't make you in the right or the good, the inner you, is a place, where only you and God knows, but your life would be directed according to the impression you made in your soul. So be good and be in the right, not for others, but for you, OK?" All nodded.

“So in short, you are saying that, if we clear our soul with good deeds, then we could easily fulfill all our duties, which we have destined to complete, Rafael?”

“Yes, Mark, that’s about sums it up. Now back to the story, the hermit came to the old lady.”

“He  smiling, embraced her and spoke softly, “I am glad, nothing happened to you, but I was expecting some visitors, didn’t they come?”
“The old lady smiled and nodded, “I knew, you would know of these people, come in son, and first make yourself comfortable. He had a bundle in his arm and he opened it and gave the old lady a small gift.”

“The old lady’s face broke into a big smile.”

“What made her so happy, Rafael?”

 “We’ll continue tomorrow, it’s time to say bye.” All smiled and nodded. be contd… Chapter - 20

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Know your Future

Chapter - 18

“Rafael, there’s a small question, which has been nagging at me for sometime,  before we go to the story, you told there is a formula in this nature, if you have a duty to fulfill, if you have a wish to be fulfilled, you would live until it is fulfilled. Not months, or years, sometimes, it would pass on to the next lives. Rafael, do you mean to say that even after death, we would relive on this Earth?”

“Yes Monica, we would be born again physically, but our spirit, our soul has only one life, there is no death for the soul. We are born from the God soul and end in God soul, but if we have to get united to the God soul we should gain perfection and that is possible only when we fulfill all our wishes, promises and clear our curses, bad behaviours, etc…. until then we will be born again and again.”

“Thank you Rafael, I’ll have to redo my life.” All nodded and smiled.

“Now Rafael, what happened to Alfonso and the crew, they rectified the problem of the witch, now they all live but how will they return back.”

“That was the problem, they didn’t know how to return, it all came accidentally, not by purpose. So they were literally lost. The prince and the princess were very kind, they invited them to stay in their palace.”

“But how long Rafael? Alfonso has a promise to fulfill.”

“Yes he had. So he declined the offer of being a guest. So he took up on the promise, the princess had given to them before they had started on this journey.”

“Did she fulfill her word, Rafael?”

“She was a lady of her word. She asked her prime minister, regarding this problem and he replied,

“Your Majesty, in the forest, near our border, there is a hermit who has miraculous powers. He might be of help. As lives in the very middle of the forest, no one dares to go near his hermitage, as  there are wild animals and snakes. But he comes out, yearly once, princess, to meet an old lady, who had helped him when she was very young.”

“What help did she do Minister, to make him come out of the forest?”

“It’s a secret, no one has asked, your majesty. The hermit always bows in front of the old lady, “saying I owe you my life, what can I do for you.”

“Really? How come I didn’t know about it?”

“Your Majesty, he is here only for a day and by evening, he returns to his hermitage.”

“What does he do in the old lady’s house?”

“The old lady uses his powers to help cure people, once, he even brought a dead boy alive.”

“Is it true? That’s unbelievable!!!!! Minister.”

“Yes, its unimaginable, but its true your Majesty, he has mystical powers. He does the unimaginable. And he sometimes foretells our future too. Last time, when he arrived, he requested the old lady to move away from this place, according to his prediction, our kingdom would be drowned in water. But the old lady refused to move out. Anyway nothing happened till now. But this once, he would be wrong, but he sent a prayer before his departure for the old lady and our kingdom your Majesty.”

“Wow Rafael, Is it really possible to know our future?”

“Yes, we can see our future, easily, Ajay, your ways are enough to know, where you are leading your life to. But people who does not have any physical needs, they have no barrier to see the future of his own and others easily, because they are looking with the eyes of the soul, they see other souls, just like we see other people with our physical eyes. And there is no past, present or future, for the soul, the whole life is like an open book for all too see. But it could be seen by spiritual people alone and they usually do not say anything because, all are one in soul. When our hand pains, do we criticise it?” All nodded in the negative.

"No Rafael, we do not."
"Exactly, that is how we are. all human beings are one in soul. So there is no need to criticise anybody or gloat about it.Now back to the story. The eyes of the princess widened, ”But minister, how come, I didn’t know this?”

“Sorry Majesty, pardon me for being forward, its simply ridiculous, to say that a hermit had predicted our kingdom would drown.” All nodded resignedly.

“You’re right minister. So I would like to meet the hermit. Make the necessary arrangements.”

“Yes your Majesty.”
“We’ll continue tomorrow, it’s time to say bye.” All nodded be contd… Chapter - 19

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