Wednesday, February 6, 2013

You Are Not A Human Being


 “How do we desemble or take apart all our thought and words.”



“Children, now you have to think yourself as a spiritual being. Not human being. You are the children of God. Now from here forward you are spirits. Don’t take anything in the physical sense. I started with the physical world because only then you would be able to connect it. Now I think, you are ready to hear in the real sense of the word.
You are Soul Beings.”All nodded.

“Your body is a bunch of vibrations. There is nothing that is touchable about it. So leave your beauty, your health, your intelligence, your money, name and fame and what all you think as your own behind and only then we would be able to take this journey.” All nodded.

“The first and foremost, try to make yourself silent. That is the most essential quality you need when you are a soul. Chattering in itself is the quality of shallowness. When we go to the beach, the waves make so much noise. Have you seen it and heard it?” All nodded. “But as we go in a boat away from the beach, the silence of the ocean is more deeper than our mind’s comprehension. That silence passes on to our vibratory body instilling peace within us.” All nodded.

“So the most important thing is to feel the depth of our souls, the first and most important quality is “Silence.”

“In this noisy world, Rafael,  silence is next to impossible. Actually we go to the beach and into a big noise to get peace.” All nodded

“Very good indication, that you are in the right path. If noise can bring you peace, then your soul has trained without your knowing to make it silent.”

 “Now that is much more confusing, Rafael. But why do we need silence?

“Silence is equivalent to Peace and it makes  the vibration of atom less. Unless and until we reduce the vibration of our physical body we would not be able to bring out the inner soul.” All nodded.

“But Rafael, how can noise bring peace to us?”

“This whole Universe is in vibration and that includes, sounds too.” All nodded.

“Usually the vibration of noise is erratic, but in the noise of the waves in the beach, there is a uniformity in the sound produced, that uniformity when it clashes with our bodily vibration, generates energy – positive energy.” All nodded

“Thus producing Peace. I will remind you once more, vibrations produces energy and this energy when it clashes or passes through produces another type of energy. Here energy is transferred from one form to another. So your existence is to conserve all the energy you have an utilize it.” All nodded.

“While I was watching the movie, “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s’ Stone”, there is a part where a three headed dog is guarding a tunnel. It becomes ferocious when the silence is broken”

“Even my breath caught in my throat. It was literally scaring.” All nodded.

“Yes it was, Monica  and in that movie, two factors helped the dog in making it peaceful, one was music and the other was sleep.” All nodded.

“ Is there any connection between the two?”

“Yes, when we hear music, the vibration of the music doesn’t clash with the vibration of the physical body it moves in harmony, bringing  harmony to the vibration of our physical body.”

“What does that mean, Rafael ?”

“How do you pamper your pet dog or cat?”

“By massaging his head lovingly. And it stays calmly sometimes sleeps under the pampering.”

“Exactly, we do not do the opposite way, right?” All nodded. That is what music does to our system. This action is smoothening and above all helps in silencing the jumpy atoms to a standstill. Sleep literally is a physical death from the tip of the hair on the head to the toe nails – A sleep which cannot be broken unless you break the silence. That sleep has depth, even if we are removed physically from one place to another we would not know.”   So silence is very very important in our existence because we need the physical death on a daily basis.”

“But why should we need to sleep our atoms, Rafael?”

 “Good question, we’ll discuss it tomorrow?” All nodded. be contd....(36)....

Until then... Take care.....Bye


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