Sunday, February 3, 2013

Who are you?


“How does words vibrate Rafael?” Rafael smiled and nodded.
“Now I will have to request you to clear all your thoughts, ideas and whatever your knowledge about everything, even what I said because this needs all your attention.” All nodded and perked up.

“Its going to become a bit complicated. I do not know whether I’d be able to do justice of what I plan to say in words. May God give me the strength to make you understand.”

“Don’t worry Rafael, He’s surely there with you.” Rafael smiled and nodded.

“So... Ready?” All nodded “The first question, What is the building block of all creation?”

“Correct. Can you see an atom?”
“Then how do you know it is atom?”
“Scientists have discovered it.” Rafael nodded.
“And have they seen it?”
“No, they have not, they knew the presence of it by its vibration, its energy.” Rafael nodded.

“In short its not there.” All nodded
“Good, now can you explain what are solids?”
“Solids are atoms packed together very tightly, the vibrations between the atoms in a solid is very small.” All nodded
“And what about liquids and gases?”
“Atoms are loosely packed in liquids and the vibration is more than solids and gases, the atoms are very loosely packed and the vibrations are very high.”
“Thank you Monica, that was very much informative.” All nodded.

“Now what are we? Solids, liquids or gases?”

“I think we have all three within us.” All nodded.

“Yes we do and no one has seen atoms, then what are we made of?”


“Yes, only vibrations.”

“Oh!!! My God!!!! Its simply impossible. Just imagine, we are simply vibrations, that means we are not really real?” Rafael nodded.
“Yes Monica, we are not real.”

“But Rafael,  why didn’t we think about it before? Or why didn’t our teacher teach us this thing? At least I could have avoided the time, I spend in front of the mirror.” All smiled “Why didn’t the scientists teach us, that we are nothing but some vibrations?” All nodded.

“There is a time for everything Rebecca, all things happen, at the nick of time, the sun rises at the nick of time, the flower blooms at the nick of time, the baby is born at the nick of time and the knowledge or truth would be revealed at the nick of time and it is not for everybody but for a selected few. There are scientists who know it and they have passed it too, but it was received by the people who were entitled to have it which means, it was not our time to know. Only those people who goes through the cross would get to know it. So don’t worry too much about it.” All nodded.

“But then who am I? Like, the body I have is not real. But I have a name and to which part of me is given this name? I really feel so odd. I really feel sad too because now I know, I am nothing but a bunch of vibration.”

“What for Rebecca, don’t be sad. There is nothing odd about it. Now connect all what I have told, the thoughts, it’s a vibration sent to the person we think of or to the thing we think of and it automatically gets attached to it. When we do good actions, good vibrations or positive vibrations are produced from us, which gets attracted to good people or good circumstances.  That goes with good thoughts and words too. And for the answer of Who you are? You are the daughter of God or son of God, you are made of His image, which means spiritual image and you breathe His breath and your wisdom is His wisdom.”  
“Wow!!! Just imagine. I was thinking God looks like me. But in real we are spirit of God. What a fool am I.”

“Not only you Mathew, I think we all believed the same.” All nodded.

“But how come we can see everything except our self? In real what is soul? Is it our heart or brain or mind or thoughts?”

 We’ll discuss the rest tomorrow?” All nodded. be contd....(33)....

Until then... Take care.....Bye


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