Monday, February 25, 2013

The Sweet Spoken Lady


“Rafael, who is this new boy?”

“Well guys, meet your new companion, Ajay. He has been included in your team. Mark, do you mind introducing your friends to Ajay? ”

“Sure Rafael” smiling Mark shook hands with Ajay, “Welcome Ajay, I’m Mark and this is Mathew, this is Monica and Rebecca.” All shook hands smiling.”

“Now to the topic at hand, “Be truthful”, it helps clear your way to reach your destination.”

“Really? How? What difference does it make in our lives, Rafael?”

“Good question Mathew, why don’t we start with a story?” All nodded.

“Once there was a lady named Teresa,  who was very talented in talking. She was so good at it, that she attracted others to her by her conversations. She spoke so lovingly and understandingly that she knew what others wanted to hear, for the young, about love, for the middle aged, others fault, but mostly it was lies but no one was aware of it.”

“Oh!!!!!! Just imagine, when they come to know that she is a liar?”

“Luckily they came to know very very late. By that time Teresa had vacated her place. But her lies was a trap she was weaving for herself.”

“Really? How?”

“Teresa lost her mother when she was a baby and her father remarried, so that his child didn’t miss her mother. But unfortunately she came to know from different sources that her mother is not her biological mother but her step mother. She hated her step mother and made her  life a living  hell by saying lots of lies to her father and personally ill treating her, when her father was not there and the father too loving towards Teresa, believed every word of her and  ill treated his wife. But the mother didn’t say a word and tolerated all of it.”

“Oh!!!!! What a nightmare.”

“Yes it was, for the step mother, but for Teresa, she had a very pampered life. Years passed, Teresa had sisters and brothers and they too hated their mother.”

“But that’s unfair. Why did they hate their mother?”

“Because they have been seeing both Teresa and her father openly ill treating her and Teresa had a very great skill in attracting others with her lies and they too believed Teresa.”

“Oh!!!!! How sad.”

“Yes Monica, it was a very sad situation for the mother, there was no hope for her in the near future to be relieved of this situation. She tolerated everything. She even forgot, who she was, she lived just because she had life.”

“Oh!!!” All nodded.

“Teresa came of marriageable age and she got married to a very good family, very loving family and too a very big family and all that, but unfortunately, it was not for Teresa. She could not tolerate anyone because there no one had time to talk, all were hard workers and they didn’t allow Teresa to talk. So she had to work and that too very hard.”

“Good, then?”

“But she had the opportunity to talk to her husband and she talked and they requested to separate from their family and from there started her downfall. She always talked and talked with her husband and he loved to hear her talk and she had a very bad character, she utilized her skill and along with that if anyone had the courage to deny her anything, she would use her trump card.”

“What was it?”

“Her motherless situation. She always had ready tears, when she said it.”

“God!!!! what an evil lady.”

“Hmm she was not aware of it. But her husband became lazy. She pampered him and he had many ideas to make easy money and for that, Teresa requested her father’s help and he readily gave it but, instead of growing, her situation worsened, she lost her land and her house and shifted to another place and thus she was left with no land and a small hut with an ailing husband, four children. Teresa, with her power of speech, provided for the family and treated her husband married two of her daughters.

“Wow!!!!!!! That’s simply superb.”

“Yes, but in the mean time, she went to her family and took what was entitled to her, but this time her father denied her. She cried, she said, “you are denying a motherless child.” But by then, her father had come to his senses. He was not to be budged from his decision. He strongly said, “ I have given more than half of what I earned for that motherless child and still could not sustain. So just forget I’ll provide for you, earn your living, even if you have to beg, don’t return. She left with tears, never to return. She became her own enemy, her husband passed away leaving her and her children to their own devices. She fared without doing any menial work, but she too became sick, she had a thyroid problem and it was removed but after the removal, she had itching in the throat, which made her stop talking, then she always fell and broke her legs, several times. She became a burden to all. Her children too came to the senses and they too acknowledged openly that she was not a right lady and criticized her for that and denied her permission to be with them and one of her daughters who has kept her cannot tolerate her and vice versa. Teresa too could not tolerate that daughter.”

“Oh!!!!!!!! Wow!!!!!!! Why?”

“Because they had very similar character, the daughter would readily cry when she is denied of something, that she is fatherless and no husband too.” All smiled.

“Rafael, Teresa is now literally in her own tangles and that too double.”

“Yes, she cannot undo it because she had gone too far. Now both her father and stepmother has passed away and the people whose life she deviated from the very track,  by her words had also moved far away. But her life is like her step mother’s, hated by one and all, and a step further too, she is not welcome in any of her brother’s or sister’s family, in truth her own children’s family. So what lesson did you get from Teresa’s story?”

“Lies cannot bring an easy life, whether caught or uncaught, it would open up in the end?”

“Yes Rebecca, it is and added to that, you will have to live the life you created for others too along with your destiny. So for each lies, you live the wrong you have done and the negativity you passed on to others as well as their lives which you had redirected.”

“Oh My. That’s too much and too difficult too isn’t it Rafael?”

“Yes it is. So in order to avoid so much complications, its better to talk the truth, then the road is easy to go, what do you think?” All nodded.

“Rafael, can I ask a question?”

“Sure Ajay, what is it?”

“What happens to the people who had to live because of her lies?”

“Good question, Ajay. When someone beats you, the pain on the body would be there for sometime but afterwards, it goes, likewise, they were pained for sometime but afterwards, if they have forgiven Teresa wholeheartedly, they would be relieved of her lies and would live happily ever after or else, their life too would be similar to Teresa.”

“Oh!!!!! But that’s drastic, Rafael?”

“Do you think so Monica, but it’s the truth, we’ll have to face it along with truth, forgiveness is a must. Why don’t we continue this tomorrow?” All nodded. be contd....(54)....

Until then... Take care.....Bye


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