Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Lying Boy


 “It is important to do good first to your own self, then naturally it would turn out good for others.”

“How is that possible Rafael? Its above my understanding.” Rafael nodded.

 “Good question Mathew”

“I’ll say a story.” All nodded, “There was once a boy who used to always say lies.”

“Yuck!!!!!!! That’s terrible.”

“Well for him, he didn’t feel anything, it was normal. So for very silly matters too he used to say lies. But the people around him understood, he is not reliable. They never believed what he said.”

“That’s natural Rafael. For sure, I’ll never believe him.” All nodded.

“Yes Monica, no one would. And there was one more thing that he had along with that. He would say what he felt, he doesn’t care whether it would hurt people or not. For him it was all a joke.”

“Oh how terrible.”

“Hmmm. And above all, he didn’t care others feelings too.”

“Rafael, is he a human being or something else?”

“Well, he is just like us, human, but his nature is like that. Even when his parents made him aware too, he didn’t understand and every time, his mother used to say, “Son, your tongue would be your downfall, your destruction.” But alas!!! He didn’t care.

“Then what happened? He with his errant tongue lashed at anyone and everyone. He didn’t spare his mother too and God took her away. He lost his mother forever.”

“Oh!!!!!!!! How sad. Then what happened?”

“First and foremost, you should know, when you come to the world, you are literally alone. So God has destined people at your service, whether big or small, we should respect their presence, love them for their services, That is what is important.” All nodded.

“This boy didn’t know that.”

“But Rafael, I think that in general no one knows it.”

“Yes Mark, that is the sad part. Everyone takes relationship for granted.” All nodded. “ But anyway back to the boy, he lost his mother and he was very sad. So he prayed to God this incident was an eye opener to him. And God came to him and asked, “Son, what do you want?”

“The boy replied, I want my mother back.”

“God replied, OK, I’ll give her back, but only if you stop lying, if you stop uncaring words and unwanted jokes.”

“The boy replied, “God, I do not know, which is lies and which is truth, which is caring and which is uncaring words, which is wanted and unwanted jokes. If you can help me, then I’ll be glad to change.”

“That’s a relief.” All nodded.

“Yes Rebecca and the God consented to his wish. He said, “Son, when you plan to say lies, I’ll make you dumb, when you plan to say uncaring words, I’ll make you deaf and dumb and when you are planning to say unwanted jokes, I’ll make you deaf, dumb and blind too.”

“Did the boy consent, Rafael?”

“Yes, he did. But it was very hard for him, because every five minutes, some of his faculties would stop working. He knew, then, that he was in big trouble because, in the end, he was always dumb.”

“Then as the days passed, there was some improvement.”

“Really? How?”

“It became hourly and then daily and then weekly and afterwards he had no problem in speaking, or hearing or seeing. He became a perfect human being, a person who never lied, who never lashed with uncaring words or never joked which hurt others.”

“Did God keep His promise?”

“Yes, God kept His promise. He gave back his mother and the boy became whole and happy.”

“Its like when you hurt your fingers every hour, on a daily basis, what will be the situation?”

“It will go fester and go  dead.”

“Exactly Mathew, what would be the end result?”

“We will be short of that finger.”

“Right. To be short, the loss of the finger is ours and not anyone else’s right?”

“Yes Rafael, we are quite sure, the loss is ours.”

“Good, Now as a spiritual being, we are all different parts of a single body, which means, we are part of God’s soul. So there is no difference between you and the next person.”

“The difference is in the physical body, that has nothing to do with the real you, the soul within is what matters and when you do something good, naturally the soul gets cleared helping us connect to others. So when you take care of yourself, it would naturally end up in taking care of others and the first step in taking care is, always be truthful.” All nodded.

“I think its time to stop, we’ll continue this tomorrow?” All nodded. be contd....(53)....

Until then... Take care.....Bye


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