Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Dirty Frog


 “But Rafael, I thought, it was for others we should do good but why should we do good for our Self?” All nodded.

“That’s a good question Mark, But again you are forgetting we are all spiritual beings originating from GOD, our Father. Which means, we are the different parts of the same body, there is no difference of any sort between two human beings, except for the covering of the souls.”

“Do you mean to say the physical bodies is the only difference between two persons?”

“Exactly. That is where we are different, but underneath it all we are all the same.”

“Oh!!! Isn’t it lovely?”

“Yes Rebecca, its lovely. But unfortunately, no one knows it.” All nodded.

“So now back to the question, why should we do good to our Self than to others. Its simple. I’ll say a story to make you understand.” All nodded.

“Once upon a time there lived a frog. He liked to swim in any water. It didn’t matter whether it is good or bad, stinking or salty or fresh, or whatever.”

“God!!! What a frog? Doesn’t it have any priority?” All smiled.

“Well lets say, he might be searching for it or might be this dippings in different waters is his priority, anyway there was one other quality too, he helps anyone who asks for it.”

“Oh!!!!!! That’s wonderful. Just imagine if he is coming from a drain, how would anyone think of asking his help?”

“Exactly Monica, no one would dare.” All nodded. “Now imagine yourself in the place of the frog.”

“Yuck!!! Its simply nauseating.” All nodded.

“But it’s a fact Monica, we cannot deny our actions, when we have the physical body, your nature would become like a frog, jumping around in any waters and the innate nature to help comes out but this is maligned because of the  activities our physical body has done.”

“Oh!!!! Its really terrible, unknowingly we fall prey to all these actions.” Rafael nodded.

“Knowingly or unknowingly doesn’t matter, what is done is done. We cannot undo it or what is said cannot be unsaid, eventually we all have go through with it and bear the consequences. So that is why, it is very necessary to have a priority in life, either jump into only good waters or bad waters, at least we will know, where we stand.” All nodded.

“That is why it is important to do good first to your own self, then naturally it would turn out good for others.”

“How is that possible Rafael? Its above my understanding.” Rafael nodded.

 “Good question Mathew, we’ll continue this tomorrow?” All nodded.

“Rafael one last question, what will happen to the frog?”

“Well he’ll come to know that jumping into all waters wouldn’t make him happy. So he decided to settle in one water alone.”


“The ocean.”

“But why ocean, not a river or a sea?”

“Ocean is too vast, where he could literally get lost in the depth, width and the texture all together.”

“Would he be happy there?”

“That is what he was searching for, jumping in and out of several waters because he couldn’t find the right depth, width or the right texture that felt good to his skin.” All nodded.

“In short, the frog’s life ended with a happily ever after?”

“Yes Monica, and the frog lived happily ever after……………”

“So you mean to say, we should have a priority in life and work for it and that is how you should do good to your self?”

“Right to the last word Rebecca. Good. So once more I say do good to your self and clear your dirt.” All nodded. be contd....(52)....

Until then... Take care.....Bye


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