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The Boy Who wanted to Contest with the Fishes


“Rafael, I have a problem in my school. One of my teachers is very partial. She always finds reasons to fire me. I really hate to go to school and especially the day when I have mathematics, and that is everyday,”

“Yes, Rafael, its true, Mark always gets firing from her. I too hate her. Why can’t she hold her tongue. She should think na, that she is a teacher and be impartial?” Rafael nodded.

“Yes Mark, its indeed a grievous issue. I’ll say a story. So that you understand the science behind scolding.”

“Once in a small village, there lived a boy who loved fun. He would do anything to have fun. So before that I’d like to ask, for you guys, what does fun mean?”

“To ride my two wheeler, to my heart’s content, until they raise their eyebrows and nod their heads, to be with my friends, skip classes and go for movies and just do what the elders say no.” The boys smiled and the girls sighed and nodded.

“Good , now what about girls?”

“Well, no class skipping for sure, but going out with friends and having ice cream and talking the latest fashion and shopping them too.”

“Hmm. So both are opposites. Good. Now for this boy he wanted to be free like a fish. He liked swimming. He would do anything to swim to his heart’s content and wanted to conduct a contest with the fishes of the sea and outsmart them.”

“He is crazy.” All nodded.

“Yes, you might think that,  but when you decide you want something, what would be your attitude Mark?”

“Well that’s another cup of fish Rafael, firstly, we do not have this type of want, but if I want something, all my focus turns to that, for example if it’s the latest i-phone, then my waking and sleeping thoughts would only be on the i-phone until I get it.” All nodded.

“Exactly, it was the same for the boy too, but there was a problem, there was no sea, for that matter not even a small rivulet  in that village and the boy didn't know to swim.”

“Oh!!!!!!! What a mess.” All nodded.

“Yes, Monica, it was indeed a mess for him and he lost sleep and appetite and started skipping classes. He started getting scoldings from all corners of his life.”

“Naturally.” All nodded

“He really started hating people for not understanding him.” All nodded understandingly.

“But luckily for him, a very powerful sage arrived to their village and the parents of the boy took him to the sage, to straighten him up.”

“Straighten? That was mean of them to think as such. Rafael, the children are no metal rods to straighten.” Rafael smiled and all nodded.

“Yes, I understand, now hear the story. The parents requested to bless them all, the father bowed and then the mother, but the boy stood as straight as a ram rod.”

“Yes, Rafael, its natural, when we are forced to do what we do not like, I don’t think we would bow to anybody’s wishes.” All nodded.

“Yes Ajay, now back to the story, the sage closed his eyes and with his deep and wise wisdom,  delved deep into the mind of the boy and found, what was ailing him.”

“Wow!!!!! That’s simply superb.” Rafael smiled and nodded.

“The sage opened the eyes and looked directly at the boy, but the boy was never a person to let up and the sage turned towards the parents and smilingly looked at them and said, “Children, there is a curse, which has befell your family, that is why your son, is acting weird. Its not his fault, for that you will have to have to go to Rishikesh and take a dip in the Ganges and let your boy swim in it from dawn to dusk for a month.”

“Just imagine the shock of the boy?”

“Yes, the boy was shocked still. He stood there dumb struck. But the parents were more dumbstruck. A dip was fine, but in such a young age, how was their son going to manage in water from dawn to dusk without knowing to swim.”

“Oh But.”

“Yes, unfortunately, in a place where there is not a dingle rivulet, how would anyone learn to swim. But the boy didn’t care. He bowed at the sages feet and sought his blessing. But the confusion of the parents still persisted.”

“Regarding what, Rafael?”

“They were not rich and how were they going to go there or live there? They voiced it loudly. Luckily the sage had an answer for that too.”

“Oh wow.” Rafael nodded.

The sage replied, “My ashram is in Rishikesh, you can be my guest for one month.”

“Oh how nice.”

“But the parents felt humiliated, they said, “Sire don’t put us to shame, we are grateful that you offered your ashram, we will do any work there, so that we earn for our food.” The sage smiled and nodded his assent, “As you wish children. Get ready to go tomorrow at 5 in the morning.” They nodded and left.”

“How long did they take to reach their destination, Rafael?”

“There are some home truths, which you should know, while I say this story,  there are two ways to reach your destination, as a spiritual being, it could be reached within the blink of an eye and as a human being, the physical body and all its paraphrenalias, like the five senses, ego, emotions, wishes, ambitions and aspirations all pull you down to reach your destination, likewise this travel also took time, a month.”

“A month? Really Rafael, wasn't it too dragging.”

“Yes, Monica, it was dragging, the obsession of the kid created lots of obstacles for him, to not make it happen.”

“But why?”

“Ajay, you are here for a purpose, to be united with God and its your duty to know it, and fulfill it, but the mind, who is the devil creates, a reason to block that goal, that purpose, by putting other priorities before you  like  i-phones and i-pads for you guys and for the boy, to contest the fishes of the sea and thus redirecting the goal.” All nodded. So when you want to keep an enemy waiting, what will you do?”

“Put some obstacles in front of him to distract his attention as long as possible in keeping that enemy from reaching us.”

“Exactly, that is what happened for the boy too, luckily, he knew, this travel would let him swim. So he waited patiently and at last reached his destination. The sage himself introduced the boy to one of his disciples to help him learn to swim. The boy learned fast and he started swimming, like a fish and he spent the whole day swimming and swimming. He didn’t want any food. He swam and swam, afterwards, he became aware that he had forgot to contest with the fish, so he went chasing the fishes.”

“Crazy, will there be any fish who would wait for him?”

“But he was not to be deterred, he wanted to contest a fish. He requested the sage, “Sire would you be able to help me?”

“Oh wow!!!”

“Yes, when he asked, the sage asked him to learn to swim closed eyes and know the way by heart, then it would be possible.”

“Did he accept the challenge?”

“Yes, he did. He learned to swim closed eyes, first he bumped on several rocks, but afterwards, he knew, by the strength of the eye sight or the hearing or the texture of the skin, he cannot achieve it, he became calm and closed his eyes and shut his ears and felt deep into him, where no problem touched or obstacles rose, he swam and opened the eyes to find himself in the Bay of Bengal where there were several fishes to contest. 

“Oh wow!!!”

“Yes it was awesome, but by then the boy knew the stupidness of his craving, the shallowness of his action . He closed his eyes and swam back to his origin, reached the ashram, the sage knew, the boy had reached his destination. The sage called his parents and said, the curse has been lifted, you can return to your village. But the boy was not willing to return. He wanted to be with the sage, who had brought him to his senses.”

“Its natural.”

“But the sage replied, "Son, your life has just started, you should live the life you are blessed with, overcome all the curses befalling you and know your true goal. Be a good son, good student, good friend and above all be a good devotee to your Self. The boy nodded and received the blessing of the sage and the family left for their village.”

“Rafael, I don’t understand, why the sage said, be a good devotee to Self?”

“Mathew, our body is no more when we die, but our soul lives, which is the real you - the self. This soul is a small drop from the ocean of God soul. So when you respect your soul, love your soul, you are respecting God and when you respect God, you would naturally would like to be with God, be like him and that is where your goal is, to reach the ocean of God soul, but the mind creates the obstacles for you, not to let the soul out, to reach God, the mind tries to change your course. Just know, that when there are lots of problems for you to face, you are very near to your destination - God, where there are no sorrows or pain.”

“You mean to say Rafael, that if we are going through rough patch, hold strong to your self?”

“Exactly. One thing you should know is that the people around has no personal grudge against you, but your own mind has, that is what creates all these scenes for you. So that you hate them, be angry and do what you should not do and directs you away from God. So when someone hurts you, take a deep breath and tell your mind, “Calm down, don’t play tricks on me.” Then forgive the person who hurt you. Never would you have any reason to hate that person again.”

“Rafael, its not as easy as said, no one likes that teacher. She is the devil incarnate.”

“Just like the boy did, first thing in the morning when you wake up, when your physical eyes open, close the mind’s eye and swim against all obstacles, don't feel with your senses, just look at all the problems coming to you as  a third person. Take all the knocks and hatreds like they are being directed to open space because human body is made of atoms, right?” All nodded.

“Can you see an atom?”


“Then to whom  is the teacher scolding?” All smiled.

“Exactly, to nothingness, but don’t get diverted, your soul is there, your very being,   when you close the minds eye, you are letting your soul to open, and the soul don’t need any senses or words or actions to fare this life or any life, because it would automatically gets united with God soul and there flows love in abundance, unconditional love. Love is what should direct your life, would direct your life when God is the focal point. Yes Rebecca, its not easy but its high time you learned that you are not here to live forever as a human being, the most important thing is to release your spiritual being, from the clutches of anger, hatred, emotions, senses and above all the physical body which has been created by your own mind and do not fight against the teachers or parents or friends, as you are nothing, they are also the creation of your mind, so fight your own mind and conquer it. Let free all your problems into thin air and have fun. Would you be able to do that guys?”

“We’ll surely try Rafael, its much more easy to straighten a metal rod, isn't it Rafael? This is like fighting thin air.” All nodded, Rafael smiled.

“That’s good. Why don’t we continue this tomorrow?” All nodded. be contd....(56)....

Until then... Take care.....Bye


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