Thursday, February 7, 2013

Shhhh.... Sleep your Body


 “But why should we need to sleep our atoms, Rafael?”

“The main characteristic of an atom is,  its always moving and that too very fast and what happens of very fast moving objects?” All nodded.

“It knocks.”

“Exactly,  in our body the atoms are closely packed and when all the atoms knocks each other, what would be the situation of our soul?”

“Total and  complete chaos, Rafael, that is a no doubt state.” All nodded.

“You’re right Mathew. And when there is chaos outside our house, what would we do?”

“We would never dare to go out and all are focus is on the chaos” All nodded.

“Yes Mark, you’re right.” All nodded.
“And don’t forget, fear too would be in the forefront.” All nodded.

“Yes that too Monica, you’re  right. Good. So we lose our direction when we are in the middle of chaos. So that is why we need to bring peace around and that can be brought only with your conscious effort.”

“With our intelligence?”

“Not only intelligence, with all Godly faculties, you are bestowed with.”

“I’ll say a real life incident.” All nodded.

“A 6 year child accidentally fell inside a disused borewell hole. She couldn’t get out of it. The speciality of this hole is it is very straight and it nearly goes meters down and the circumference of the well is just to squeeze a small child. The parents heard the wail of the child and didn’t know what to do. But luckily for this child, she got stuck somewhere in the middle and the fire force was called in and with their presence of mind they made another hole towards the child without widening the present hole, as they found that if any changes were made to the present hole the child would slide much more deeper. So they provided oxygen through a tube and food and water through a tube and saved the child. Our situation is somewhat like that. Our soul has been squeezed into our body. It has to survive until it is joined with the God soul. As time passes, the death of our soul would be inevitable. So its important to provide nutrition and sleep of our body is very necessary to rejuvenate our inner soul.”

“Make your physical body to sleep through good music or meditation or just silence or whatever makes you calm.”

“So its important to know that our soul needs nutrition until we are able to unite it with God soul. But Rafael, usually this union takes place only when a person dies. So do you mean to say, that Death is inevitable in the sense that we are buried or our body cremated?”

 “Good question, we’ll discuss it tomorrow?” All nodded. be contd....(37)....

Until then... Take care.....Bye


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