Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Shut Up!!!- You're to Blame


“But Rafael, that’s terrible, my own mind, betraying me. I really cannot imagine.” All nodded.

“That is what it is meant, when Judas betrayed Jesus. Judas was one of Jesus’ own, very close. But Jesus knew that. So He accepted it.”

“But Rafael, I thought, it was another human being, like Judas as another person.” All nodded.

“No Rebecca,  Here there is nothing of people as in human being. We are soul, a drop of God soul. Remember,  whatever is there in the universe and its people, are bunch of atoms, we are its creators because our mind created, we wanted them.   If we have to get out of it, we will have to have a map and the Bible is that - The user's manual.” All nodded.

"But Rafael, do you mean to say, that I'm just a bunch of atoms created by someone, who wanted to be as such?"

"You're  a drop of God soul never forget, Rebecca. But that soul is hidden by atoms created by others, yes and yourself too." All nodded

“Then its easy to forgive and forget, because what is there to hold any anger or hatred towards a bunch of atoms?” All smiled.

“That’s a good attitude, Monica. But still you have to come out of this maze. Mind has a greater role than what you think, it has. He would never direct you to the right goal. He is the person who hides your destination with all the sensory pleasures, all the wants and all what you see as beautiful, unique, etc... If you face a problem, it helps in directing the blame to others.” All nodded.

“Now I think, I’ll fight my mind. Just imagine, a person fighting his own imaginary mind.” All smiled and nodded.

“Its not as easily done as you say. There are lots of conflicts. When you make a mistake, you blame others for reason of your mistake, that is one of the mind playing with you for not accepting the blame on yourself.”

“Oh!! Really, then we are really doomed Rafael, that is the first thing we do usually.” All nodded.
“ You would never know the extremeness of blaming, to how much extent our mind will go to blame others until you face one. Once I really felt very bad and very odd, when I came face to face with an incident.”

“What was it Rafael?”

“I met a lady of 50 in a hospital. She had a fracture in her leg and ready to be plastered. I had come there to meet a friend of mine. While I was waiting, the lady became very vocal, she was blaming her slippers for her pathetic situation.” All laughed.

“Its actually not a laughing matter, I just said it, so you know, to how much extent the mind can cocoon you, so that you do not reach your destination of God soul. To reach God, you should know, that mind creates lots of people things as obstacles and we immediately accept these things and people as our own and if we have a problem, we blame them or that or we fall in love with those things or person and runs behind it forgetting what we are here for, thus redirecting our priorities. So when you get a reason to blame, think that we are not real, we are atoms” All nodded.

“Wow!!!! That lady, she might be really sick Rafael.”

“This situation rises to all of us, so when you open the mouth for finding a reason, just close it and accept the blame yourself, because all the other persons and things are just a bunch of atoms and its blank there. Its no use putting blame.” All nodded.

“No wonder, Jesus didn’t say anything. He knew the uselessness in fighting against a bunch of atoms.” All nodded.

"So the serpent of the Bible is really our mind Rafael?"

"Exactly Rebecca."

“So be on guard with your own mind." All nodded.

"By accepting that there is nobody or anything to blame, then you break one of the biggest obstacle of the mind, thus  putting the mind to shame. That is like conquering the unconquerable. Would you be able to do that – No Blame?”

“Hope so. We’ll surely try, at least, now we are aware what we have in our plate, when we blame.” All nodded.

“Good. OK now, we’ll continue tomorrow.” All nodded be contd....(42)....

Until then... Take care.....Bye


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