Saturday, February 9, 2013

You Are Your own Obstacles


“Before starting with the controlling our senses, I just have a question regarding, “ How come we can feel ourselves when you say we are created by invisible atoms?””

“Great question, Rebecca. The power of God’s thought. He had already decided to be present in this Universe. But afterwards, it was your parents to bring you out to this world. So when God created this universe, He had planned everything, in advance. So with the power of His wish, you are here. If God can make you a solid, touchable, person from the invisible atoms, then you too have the same power, the power to materialize, what you wish for.”

“But unfortunately, we are creating more obstacles by our wishes I feel. Look at the nature now. Its simply a garbage pit.” All nodded.
“The only thing we can reduce the obstacles is, be in the presence of God, then you would have lesser wishes and lesser creations to make.” All nodded.
“I think, this is enough for today, we’ll discuss more tomorrow.” All nodded. be contd....(39)....

Until then... Take care.....Bye


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