Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mind - The Eden's Devil



“Now we are going to the next level - The Mind.”

“You mean to say, the mind who creates obstacles at every turn of life?”

“Exactly Mark, the very same serpent in the garden of Eden, which helped deviate the first parents from reaching God.”

“God, I feel like shooting my mind, if ever it dares to come in any form.” All smiled.

“It’s the same you Mathew, you are the physical creation of your mind.”

“That is true, anyway, I’m glad now I know, how evil is my own mind. Its in itself a handful.”

“Exactly, you should never forget that. There is no evil outside your soul. No man can do evil unless your mind creates it for you. So the devil is in you, that is the anomality of our being. That is the imperfection of our creation.”

“Oh!!! No wonder, I always used to think, how come the snake came to the garden of Eden. Now I understand, it’s the symbolism of our mind creating the imperfection of nature. Now what Rafael?”

“Don’t think you could run away from your own mind.” All nodded. “Until now, you have been following what your mind dictated to you through your senses. You were its slave. Now, change places. You the master and mind your slave. If you can bring it under your control, then you are the master of the Universe, the goal could be reached easily.”

“Really, that would be one hell of a task.” All nodded.

“Yes it is, Mathew. It’s a task we have to undertake, if you have to reach your goal. But if you could overcome your mind and enslave it, then you would be a force to reckon.”

“I can understand that. Thinking the work ahead is bringing goosebumps Rafael.”

“Hmmm, Monica, fear is another obstacle created by mind.”

“Oh God, what is it Rafael. I really cannot  understand my own mind.” All nodded.

“Yes Monica, that is the complexity the mind puts before us. Whenever we decide to take the right path, he would put a more bigger mountain in our way, but we should know that, this is no mountain but a creation of our mind and be peaceful. It’d naturally move off.”

“You  mean to say that it would just go off into thin air just like that?”

“Yes Rebecca, just like that.”

“Do you remember when Jesus was traveling with His disciples in a boat?”

“Nature was against them trying to topple the boat?”

“The very same. Can you explain the different emotions that went through the disciples?”

“Fear, uncertainity, confusion. But I think the most pronounced one was of fear.” All nodded.

“Thank you Mathew, you’re right, fear. If the fear had stayed for long, naturally what would be the consequence?”

“The boat would have toppled, isn’t it Rafael?”

“Naturally Mark and immediately our mind would pass the information, look what you feared has happened.” All nodded.

“But luckily Jesus commanded the sea to calm down.”

“Exactly Rebecca, that is what we are being taught here, when fear raises its head in you, just command it to calm because in the Bible or any scripture you’d take, has spoken, the Supreme Power or God has given Man control over all that is seen and unseen because we are the children of God united through God soul." All nodded. " So fear, an emotion, very much a mountainous obstacle created by our own mind, is not to be allowed in any way inside you. Just think like this, you are a spiritual creature but when fear overtakes you, you become lowly beings. " All nodded. "Its like mind giving a misinformation and we are believing and accepting with full and complete faith and following accordingly.”

“Just like Eve was given the wrong idea by the serpent in the garden of Eden and she followed it. Right Rafael?”

"Exactly Monica the Mind has the power in you to make things happen and  emotions has a very big factor in toppling the direction of your life." All nodded. "Fear is one emotion that brings out negative energy creating bad feelings in us and around us. Fear brings out the opposite of Harmony. It crushes Love. It takes the very Innocence of life. It attracts all that is bad to us.  And that makes us the most imperfect being in this universe. It would make people flee from us. We are not here to make people flee but, attract to us through our existence as spiritual creatures and as the child of God connected by God soul. So know your mind before starting the journey towards God." All nodded

 “We’ll continue tomorrow.” All nodded be contd....(46)....

Until then... Take care.....Bye


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