Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mark Your Words - It Vibrates!!!!!!!!!!


    “Now we know that our thoughts are powerful , then what about our words, you told that it is also powerful, Rafael?”
“Yes you’re right, Mark, Word is very powerful. Word has the power to give life as well as destroy life.”
“Can you explain a bit Rafael?” Rafael nodded.
“Do you remember the story of the scientist who conducted scientific experiments on water?”
“Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Water Experiment?”
“Exactly. He conducted a test with two glasses of  same water with a spoonful of rice in it. He kept the two in separate rooms. He spoke very loving words, praising words like you’re smart, intelligent, you’re very much loved and cared, you’re an asset, thank yous, etc...  to one of the glasses and kept it closed. He went to the next room and spoke very harshly like you’re a fool, you’re a waste, you’re hateful to the other glass of water and closed it. This continued for a week. He didn't change the water or the rice. And to his surprise he found that the glass who received harsh words was stinking black, with an inch of fungus over it.”
“But Rafael, that is natural, even if we don’t say anything, it would become a cultivation ground for fungus.” All nodded.
“Yes Monica, you’re right. But just hear the rest.” All nodded
“What happened to the loving glass?”
“Yes, that’s the best part of it, Mathew, It looked as fresh as new.”
“Really!!! Wow!!!!!!!! That’s really surprising. Its really a miracle Rafael.”
“Yes Monica, it is, but the miracle happened because, the words used towards it. If the water was unattended, then naturally, it would have started to deteriorate, as you said.” All nodded. “ So what do you think?”
“Its really unimaginable, But if its really true, then we will have to accept unconditionally that word has power, Rafael.” All nodded.
“Wisely said, Mathew.”
“But Rafael, this is water and glass, how does it connect with us?”  
“Good question Rebecca.  Man’s body is 60% water, which means, water is the deciding factor in your system. That goes for the whole living being.” All nodded
“Whether water is inside a glass or inside a body, it doesn’t make a difference. Sso be aware that each word you say has an impact for yourself as well as for others connected to it. Never hurt others with your words, even if it is for joke, the person who is in the receiving end might not show, they might smile it off, but be known, if it has brought hurt to that person and ultimate sadness, it produces negative energy to you and that will block the way for you to Heaven, then again, you’d be back to square one. Start from the beginning.” All nodded.
“Do you know the punch line of the Bible?” All nodded in the negative.
“Good, now better know it.“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”
“Do you mean to say Rafael, that word is  God?”
“Exactly and Do you know the third commandment God gave to Moses?"
"“Do not use the name of the Lord in vain.”.

“Exactly, Do you know what it means?”
“Don’t say, ‘My God!! My God always at every turn!!’.” All nodded.
“ Yes, that is the general thought, but Monica nothing in Bible can be understood easily, nothing is straight forward it has the depth of ocean but all of the parables or people are very silly and very simple. This is what God meant, use the words,  which has the power to create and annihilate or kill a life, which is God himself  wisely. That much power the word holds.” All nodded.
 “Yes Rafael you are right, David one of the greatest kings, in the old testament was a shepherd, Moses had a speech problem – stutter and he was designated to speak to the Pharaoh,  When Jesus was born, the message was given first to the shepherds,  the parables used by Jesus is about mustards and farmers and housewives, the disciples  of Jesus were uneducated and most of them fishermen. So whatever is in the Bible, for them, it doesn’t make any difference, because they would not read but when they hear it, how would they understand it Rafael?”
“Good question Mathew, you are right, these mysteries of God is for the simple hearted. They are like children, they rely solely on God, they do not rely on themselves, but the intelligent and educated, who are very worldly will know, how to manage on their own. So God gives a free hand for them but for the simple hearted, he is there for them at every nook and corner of their lives. So naturally, the secrets of the Bible is always open to them.”
“Oh how lucky the simple hearted are.” All nodded.
“Yes Rebecca they are, that doesn’t mean that we are not entitled for God’s graces, we also have the right for all God’s graces, the only thing is, we should have the faith in God and let Him rule our lives, then the secrets of the Bible too will open to you. Don’t ever make the mistake that you could find the meanings of the Bible with your intelligence, because intelligence is for other purposes,  the key to the open the Bible is inside you, but its not intelligence. And it is very important that you find the key because it is the route map to heaven – the user manual to get us out of this maze.”
“Really, Rafael ? So you mean to say, that it is better to be simple hearted?”
“Yes  and that can be possible only if we have clean and simple  thoughts, who uses words minimally and wisely, who has complete faith in God and who is filled with love, gets to meet God.”  
“Yes Rafael, you are right, there is in the Bible exactly like that, shall I quote?”
“Be my guest, go on.” Mathew nodded
“Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.”
“Exactly Mark. When we clear the impurities in Gold or any metals, they have to be melted in fire and only then the impurities can be removed. You might have learnt it?” All nodded.
“So Rafael do you mean to say that we too have to go through the same process?”
“Yes, no doubt and that is when we come to the cross, to purify ourselves. Now you have climbed to the next ladder of the tower of Babel.”
“One more thing, if I speak less, do I get to meet God?”
“No Rebecca. You can’t. One alphabet doesn’t make a sentence, one drop of water doesn’t make an ocean. We have to be all of it, the whole of a sentence which are made of many alphabets, the whole of an ocean with many drops. So one clean thought or one nice word would not be sufficient, your whole life which is made up of many seconds, minutes, hours, days and months and years which has to be filled up with the right thoughts, words and actions. We are the walking ocean, not seas or rivers, we are the universe, not the star or a planet. So just by speaking less or thinking less won’t help you reach Heaven, but it would help in getting you in the direction to Heaven. Its lots of things put together. So take each step wisely, speak wisely, have faith in God and be simple, don’t complicate yourself with loads of thoughts.” All nodded.
“Its simply superb, Rafael. Thank you so much. But how does words vibrate?” Rafael smiled and nodded.
 We’ll discuss the rest tomorrow?” All nodded. be contd....(32)....

Until then... Take care.....Bye


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