Friday, February 8, 2013

Kill your Senses or They Will Kill You


 “So its important to know that our soul needs nutrition until we are able to unite it with God soul. But Rafael, usually this union takes place only when a person dies. So do you mean to say, that Death is inevitable in the sense that we are buried or our body cremated?”

“Great Question, Rebecca. Yes. It’s very important, that is what the death of Jesus means.”

“All nodded, Man relies solely on his senses for existence.”

“You mean to say, that the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skin?”

“Yes the very same. The people who uses these senses are the worst handicaps of all.”

“Are you sure Rafael? I thought it was just the opposite, those who do not have it would be the handicap.” All nodded.

“No Rebecca, remember, don’t forget, you are spiritual beings, the physical body is made up of only atoms and atoms are unable to be seen, but the soul within, which has to be united with the God soul is blocked, it cannot make itself free  because it is being ruled by these senses. So what is our handicap?”

“You are right, Rafael, the five senses. But how do we overrule it?”

“By killing it.”

“Rafael, you mean to say cut it off?”

“Exactly but not with a knife but your being. You know, you are the drop of God soul and you have the capability to over rule all obstacles with the force of your inner strength.”

“I didn’t get it sorry Rafael. Could you please explain it?”

Sure no problem Monica. I’ll give an example. Can a person who is blind read?”

“Good, but if he really puts his mind, do you think he would be able to read?”

“Sure he could, the Braille, then he can use his sense of hearing and ask anybody to read and tape it in a recorder and use it whenever he feels to read or audio reader is also easily available. So he can read easily much more better than the normal readers who have eye sight.” All nodded.

“Very good Rebecca , you have proved that there are many means to overcome one handicap. So now you know, that even though you have no sight, you can live.”

“But isn’t it a bit scaring?”

“Yes, thinking about it you’d feel it scaring. Its not because it does all the work for you. Its because it has gained control over you. You are les confident without it. You can gain confidence, only when you use all these senses to the very least, when it gets a hell of a battering from all sides and that is what the way of the cross means. Its literally a battering of senses, there all what is outside the soul gets the battering, the thrashing with the whip – battering  the sense of touch, the betrayal of Judas, the roar of people shouting Kill Him!!!! and denial of apostle Peter is the battering of the sense of hearing as well as the sense of eye sight, the stench and taste of blood and vinegar batters the sense of smell and taste and what is the ultimate result?”

“Heart Break.”

“Exactly, the cover of the soul, the shield which protects the soul is broken, the heart of man that is what the last act on the cross symbolizes, piercing  of the heart, only then and only then you can bring out the soul. So you better know, how much chaos our senses can create, if we let them control us. Control it or else it would overtake you.”

“But how could we control our senses, Rafael?”

 “Good question, we’ll discuss it tomorrow?” All nodded. be contd....(38)....

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