Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Human Mind – The Devil of the World


 “Rafael, do you mean to say that we are the one who create our own destiny?”

“There is one thing, which can create as well as break you and that is your mind.”

“Mind? As in thinking and deciding thing of human being?”

“Exactly. He is the obstacle creator. He always says only the opposite of what we think.”

“What does that mean Rafael?” Rafael nodded.

“Do you remember, in the Bible there is a part in which Eve is being tempted by the serpent to eat the fruit of the forbidden tree?”

“Yes sure.”

“Exactly, there is no serpent in the literal sense, it’s the mind, tempting it and giving loads of reason for making her eat.”

“Are you sure Rafael,  I don’t think so.” Rafael nodded.

“When you make a resolution to wake up early in the morning and for many days you try to keep it and one fine day, you feel not to get up and can you say what all thoughts go through you?”

“Loads of reasons come Rafael, like, if I don’t wake up today, no problem, or it’s a Sunday, we can take rest, etc...etc..”

“Exactly, these were the same questions, the serpent put forward. So there are lots of reason to make a mistake, to break a promise, when it comes, do remember, the mind is going to break you, because you are in the right track. That is where you should beware.” All nodded.

“We’ll continue tomorrow.” All nodded

...to be contd....(41)....

Until then... Take care.....Bye


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