Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Find The Right Companion


“But Rafael, you told about positive energy. What do you mean by it?”

“Good question Mathew. We are spiritual beings and our body which covers the soul is made up of atoms.” All nodded.

“The atoms are always in vibration, these atoms are charged. You might have learnt all of these, right?” All nodded

“Yes Rafael, we have.”

“Good, Now as a human being we have to face lots of experiences in our day ro day life, like  anger, sadness, hatred, love, etc..etc…. All these emotions bring different sort of vibration to our atoms. Some very fast and erratic. Some  very tranquil.”

“What does that mean Rafael?”

“Yeah, I'll give an example, when two players are playing inside a squash court, have you seen the ball move? is it regular?”

“No never.”

“Yes, and look at a swing, how does it move?”

“regular motion.”

“Good. Now imagine would you be able to sit and read a book in the middle of the squash court in the middle of a game?”

“Rafael!!!! We might be really crazy to even think of getting into that court in the middle of a game.”

“You’re right Monica. Now, would you be able to sit in the middle of a park while the children are playing in the swing?”

“Oh!!! No problem. I would even sleep on the grass near the swing, no problem.”

“Exactly, that is what happens when our atoms are moving erratically, it produces negative energy which would naturally pass it on to the atmosphere, blocking all doors for himself as well as others too in reaching God, making us very uncomfortable to stay with Him, they with their very presence repulse others creating hatred, aversion for themselves .” All nodded.

“While people, who are peaceful, who are full of love, pass these feeling to all, making oneself as well as others feel comfortable and at peace within, helping to bring out the best, we can achieve the best when we bear out our soul. When the soul is open, it'd automatically communicate with the God soul, which naturally ends in bringing out the Godliness in us. Those people who emanates love and peace attracts people, for them all doors would be open because no heart could be closed with the language of love.”

“Oh!!! You mean to say, that people do help us in reaching God soul?”

“Definitely. But how do we know, the right person?”

“Easy, if you are able to sit peaceful and contented near a person for 15 minutes without talking, then the other person is positive or else your natural Self would flee from the scene. So try to choose the right companions and you too be the right companion.

“Thank you Rafael, that’s a good tip.”

“Remember, this applies to you too.” All nodded

“So try to create positive energy .”


“We’ll continue this tomorrow.” All nodded be contd....(49)....

Until then... Take care.....Bye


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