Monday, February 18, 2013

Don't be Sad.


“Rafael, are you saying that, along with our senses, our emotions are also an obstacle in reaching God?”

“Yes Mark, not all but the emotions that creates negative energy. It not only is a block but also becomes a disease.”

“Yes you have told regarding anger creating stomach problems.” All nodded.

“Exactly. So I’m not covering that emotion but there is another great obstacle creator after fear.”

“What is it Rafael?”

“Oh but sadness hurts only one person- the person who is sad. Then how come it creates negative energy, Rafael?”

“Good Question. When a hot object is placed near an object what will happen to the nearby object?”

“It gets hot, naturally.” All nodded.

“Good, now you guys know, you are a spiritual being, you are made of atoms." All nodded "And for each emotion there is a specific vibration, that which is peaceful, very calm, but for vibrations as anger, fear, hatred, hurt, sadness, they are very erratic, it vibrates very fast and knocks on other atoms making it erratic too.”

“Oh!!! Now I understand Rafael. So the whole of the atmosphere and the people around are made up of atoms and when we are sad, our atoms vibrate very fast and the atoms nearby would get the brunt of the vibration making them unwell because of our sadness, right Rafael?”

“Exactly, So these erratic vibrations would imbalance the very system of us and also of others. And the atoms naturally respond, either they damage other atoms and break the close bonding of atoms creating gaps in the once smooth running system.”

“Is that how we get sick Rafael?”

“Yes Monica, now the role play of our mind in it. Our mind puts a reason into our mind to become sad or angry or hatred and that reason would eventually put our body into a churning mill and the end result?”

“Lots of bonds broken in the atomic system as well as  relationships and accumulating blocks, right?” Rafael nodded

“Here there is one thing you should note, a person who is always sad would always be sad his entire life. Do you know why?” All shrugged and nodded in the negative.”

“Why is it Rafael?”
Because his mind knows, that he would immediately respond to sadness. So the mind always plays on him with only that emotion. And thus the person becomes either ‘the son of tears or the daughter of tears’.

"Oh!! But that's terrible. No wonder some people end up sad the whole life."

“Yes, the only way to break this cycle is, when you feel sad. Look into it, face it and really see why we are sad? or what is the reason for sadness. And remember, behind the negative emotion, there is nothing, its just the mind  giving a reason to stop you from reaching God soul.”

“Oh yes, mind is the devil, the serpent of Eden. Hmmm. “ All nodded.

“Yes Rebecca, you are right, mind can become the devil if we are in its control. So make sure you know what mind can do to you. So blast the sadness off into thin air with the full knowledge that there is nothing real or genuine in it and put your Self into rest and be happy. And do you know what the end result will be?" All nodded in the negative.

"Good because I would like to say, it would be a fairy tale ending. Happily ever after." 

"Oh!!!!! That's so wonderful." All smiled.

"Yes. So will you be able to kill your sadness?”

“Sure Rafael, next time, when I feel sad, even if it is for a genuine reason, I’ll make sure that I make myself aware that my mind created it for me. At least now, I know, there is actually a happily ever after ending.” All smiled.

 “That’s promising Rebecca. We’ll continue this tomorrow.” All nodded be contd....(47)....

Until then... Take care.....Bye


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