Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Disemble Your Thoughts


 “Within the body the soul got locked, differentiating itself into man and woman, child and adult, husband and wife, father and mother, grandmother and grandfather, friend and foes,etc.....”

“Its really become  a jumble, isn’t it  Rafael?.”

 “It is. From this confusion, we should  bring out our Soul.”

“How do we do that?”

“Its as simple as it is complicated.”

“How can a simple thing be complicated, Rafael ?”

“God created this Universe - a very beautiful Universe with the power of His thought, the power of His word. Look at this universe, now, its tattered and everywhere its chaos, destruction. What might be the reason?”

“Man messed it up?”

“The problem is not man, then who?”


“No its our ignorance.”

“What does that mean, Rafael? ”

“We are the drop of water of the Ocean – a small drop of  God Soul and if we wish, if we use our thoughts, we too can create just like God, but there is a small problem, actually its a glitch?”

“What is it, Rafael?”

“Man doesn’t know the extent of his depth.”


“Can you calculate the depth of an ocean?”

“It would be different in different places and it is so vast, that, I do not think, it is calculable.” All nodded.

“Right, Mathew. Its not calculable and the knowledge of God is like an ocean” All nodded

“Now would you be able to calculate the depth of a drop?”

“Rafael, what is there for calculation?”
“Exactly Mark, its shallow. But Man thinks that he is very intelligent and knowledgeable. But in real when he is a single soul, he is shallow. He could never be intelligent or knowledgeable, what do you think, is it right? “ All nodded.

“But the problem of man, he doesn’t know it. He thinks he is deep with knowledge and that is when he becomes a curse to himself. He with his shallowness utilized all the shallow powers of God, which should have been utilized to come to the fold of the ocean, but instead created his own death bed.”

“So sad, Rafael.” All nodded

“Yes it is saddening because we all are in that same boat like a single drop until you know that you have to get united to the ocean.”
“So Rafael  you mean to say that our intelligence and all what we have is to unite with God soul?”

“Exactly. Only that much depth we have and all what we see in nature is just like the Bible, hidden secrets – the cycles of life, the cycles of day, months, years, etc... we would be going around and around with nothing to do other than just walk around and around.”

“Hearing itself we see the hopelessness Rafael. But still, you didn’t say how man created this chaos?”

“The world is a bunch of vibration, which is held with the power of the mind created by God. It has a master plan, the timings are picture perfect but as children of God, unknowingly, we, by the power of our thought and words, started creating things by shallow wishes and curses and hatred  toppling all the timings, and man’s creations and creativity started cluttering our universe, and what would be the result?”

“Sure, It would create havoc. I was thinking of my brother’s room. I arrange it for him daily  and he without thought throws all the things around and falls on his own jumble.”

“Exactly Rebecca , that is what it is now, total chaos.”

“Can we undo it? Like can we remove the clutter, Rafael?”

“Yes we can undo it, for that we have to desemble or take apart all our thoughts and words.”

“Now that is much more confusing, Rafael. How do we do that?

 We’ll discuss the rest tomorrow?” All nodded.

...to be contd....(35)....

Until then... Take care.....Bye


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