Sunday, February 10, 2013

Control Your Senses


“So, you wanted to know, how to control your senses.”

“Yes, Rafael, we’d like to know about that.”

“The first thing you should know is, how to control yourself.”

“But we have our control, Rafael.”

"I would not say, that you have no control. I’d say, if you make a decision, will you be able to keep it?”

“No problem, easily.”

“Good. But if I say, you are taking a decision to wake up early in the morning and study, would you be able to keep it the whole year?”

“That would be difficult Rafael.’

“That is what I meant, when we take a decision, try to keep it till the very end, that means, you can control yourself and that is the first step to controlling your senses.”

“We’ll continue tomorrow.” All nodded

.…….to be contd (40)

Until then. 

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