Thursday, February 14, 2013

Beauty - Skin Deep? Or Mind Deep?


“The next obstacle the mind puts before you is for your eyes - beauty.”

“That’s true, Rafael, “A thing of beauty is  always a Joy.” All nodded.

“But how long will the beauty stay?”

“Yeah, until the person who enjoys it dies.” All nodded.

“Exactly, its not an everlasting one or until the beauty stays. Then after that, what? search for the next beautiful thing? or person? and the next one.” All nodded

“But Rafael, it seems an unending process. But how come, I didn’t notice it. When you said it, now I understand, its true, the collectors of paintings, stamps, handicrafts, photographs, painters, story tellers, literally all of us has this craze for wanting beautiful things.” All nodded.

“You’re right Monica, all has it because, the mind wants to cover your goal of reaching God Soul. So the maximum time you stay back from uniting with God, the better.”

“The devil of a mind. But that’s terrible. I really cannot imagine myself  creating the obstacle.”

“Yes, its true, Mark. The ultimate goal of us is eternal happiness, eternal love, eternal peace, right?” All nodded

“That can be achieved only by uniting with God soul, but when our mind covers the track with beautiful things, our attention is diverted to the beauty and lose our goal.” All nodded. “ We love to have it and when we get it, what happens?”

“Naturally, we would be very happy, a sense of peace.”

“Correct, you are in seventh heaven, right?” All nodded.

“But Rafael, that’s for only for sometime, afterwards, again, we’re in search of newer and much more beautiful things.”

“Yes, that’s the problem, you should know, the thing of beauty is also a creation of your own mind. That creation cannot keep you happy for long, then again we crave for more." All nodded.

"Exactly what is happening, when we get beautiful things?"

" When you are in search of much more beautiful thing or person, by the idea of your mind, you’re creating what you are looking for, which in the real sense, is non existent. The best way to say an example is, when you feel hungry, you feel like eating something and immediately, you happen to see a cookery show on television, whatever you dreamed of eating comes on television, then what?"

"We'll be eating a grand meal with our eyes.”

"Will your hunger go?" All nodded in the negative.

"Not only would our hunger not go, but it grows more than ever." All nodded

"Exactly  Mathew, you'd go in search of food, right?" All nodded

“Again a bunch of atoms. God, Rafael, are we really in a real world?” Rafael smiled.

“No Mathew, that is what I’m saying, you are not in the real world, you’re in a world of your own creation, which is not real, a world of atoms, which we are not able to see with our naked eyes, but by the power of our mind, they are made visible, we can see with our naked eyes.”

“Wow!!!! Rafael, its simply awesome!!!!!!!!In short, we are not real and this Earth we are living in is also not real. But imagine the power of our mind, making all what we see in this world visible?" All nodded.

 "So again our mind has proved itself, that it can go to any extreme to take us away from God." All nodded.

"But Rafael, this is too difficult a matter to take our eyes away from beauty, what are we going to do?

 “Good, you asked it, we’ll continue tomorrow.” All nodded be contd....(43)....

Until then... Take care.....Bye


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