Tuesday, February 19, 2013

“Are You Planning to Give Me Money?”


“Today I saw a man, actually a peon in a government office, a very old man but as fit as a fiddle. A friend of mine wanted a signature from the officer. Usually government officials use their clout to gain extra income through bribery. So every section of the office has to be oiled with bribe in order to get anything done. It was in this maze that my friend put his head into. With the necessary attestation, we got out of the office in search of the peon, who has the sole power to put the official seal of the respective official.”

“What happened then?”

“Well we couldn’t find him, we waited and waited and someone told that the chances of putting a seal at this hour is nil, so better return tomorrow. But my friend persisted. He stayed there. He said, we’ll wait, no problem. And finally, by quarter to an hour, the peon arrived, with quick steps. We introduced ourselves and asked, “would you be kind enough to put a seal on the attestations?” without batting his eyes, he replied, “No problem, come…come…. I’ll do that for you. What all seals should I put for you?”

“Wow!!! That was cool.”
“Exactly Mark. The people around couldn’t believe their ears, but they had to, because in front of them, he put the seals and my friend was searching his pocket to give something for the peon. He was waiting for us. So he asked again, are there any more forms, to put the seal on?” We replied in the negative. Then the next question was shot to us.

“What was it Rafael?”

Are You Planning to Give Me Money?”

“Wow!!! That was awesome!!!! Did he really ask that Rafael?”

“Hmmm and he gave the answer too.”

“Really, how much did he ask?”

“When we smiled at his question, he replied with such genuineness, that all the onlookers were dumbstruck.”

“Why? What was so shocking, Rafael?”

“The shocking news was, he said, I am paid by the government and it is sufficient for me and and my family. I have started this job from Rs. 30/- then too I have never taken a penny from anybody. Whatever I get is sufficient for me. My kids are educated and well off, they are engineers and doctors. I’ll be retiring next year and I have no qualms, whatsoever.”

“Oh!!!! I feel lie crying, Rafael.” All nodded.” In this day and age he is really an ascetic.”

“Exactly, he has found God. He is happy with what he has. He is contented with what he has been given and he has found peace within himself. So naturally, his very existence oozes positive energy. He would reap what he has sowed only positive energy. So naturally, his children would be well off." All nodded.

" We do not have to climb the Mt. Everest or walk on the moon to make ourselves known. We are what we are, the children of God, soul entities. We have a very powerful identity and we do not have to announce it to the whole world. The world would automatically come to know you. The specialty of the soul is, its filled with love and when one finds the soul, naturally, the barriers of the soul, like the five senses, emotions and mind are broken to pour out the real self – You, the drop of God soul, that is when a person gets connected to another person, through soul, there you do not need any language or educational qualification to shine above the world, because love  is selfless. So when you find your Self, the love which has been locked in bursts out to pass it on to the world by these small acts of good, thus proving that we are the children of God. Will you try to do that? Small acts of kindness? only then we would be able to reach the ocean of God soul, that is your aim.”

“Sure Rafael, we give our word. We would try not to miss any opportunity to do an act of kindness.” All nodded.

“Good. We’ll continue this tomorrow.” All nodded

...to be contd....(48)....

Until then... Take care.....Bye


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