Saturday, February 16, 2013

Make yourself beautiful



“The most coveted sense organ of a living being is the skin, where we get the sense of touch. It has a very big role in not only bringing the sense of feeling to the body but also to our very being.” All nodded.

“Yes you’re right Rafael, I really do spend a lot of time in front of the mirror to make myself beautiful.” All smiled.

“This part of the body has brought lots of heart aches, conflicts between people and even wars between nations. But the main issue here is, how much the skin has taken control over you.” All nodded.

“Well for me, I think, it has overtaken my very being Rafael. I really cannot imagine without spending sometime making myself beautiful.” All nodded and smiled.

“That’s natural. All have this tendency, Rebecca.” All nodded. “But the question is, if there is a pimple on your nose, would it affect your activities for the day?”

“Definitely Rafael. I would rather take leave. I really cannot imagine everyone looking at it and laughing at me behind my back.” All nodded.

“It’s the same for us too Rafael.” All nodded.

“Hmmm… so you guys have a sense of beauty.” All smiled and nodded.

“But can I say something Rafael?”

“Sure Monica, go on.”
“After talking to you about our being a bunch of atoms and all what we see are not real and when we aired our attitude to a small pimple, I felt, I’m making a big issue of a thing, which is non existent.” All nodded.

“Good Monica, you are right. The issues are all the creation of the mind, the skin colour, the pimples, warts, moles, whatever. When you spend a lot of time in front of the mirror, naturally you fall in love with the image, that is when the serpent of Eden, your mind, takes the rein. He would give the idea, you would have been beautiful, if the said pimple was not there and that is when your heart drops, then the spark has been ignited to the chain cracker.”
“Wow!!! Rafael, exactly. Then our whole day revolves around the pimple.”

“Yes, thus helping you deviate from your goal of reaching the God soul.” All nodded.

“It is the same for the skin colour too. Dark complexioned think, they are too dark and the mind says, you could have been beautiful if you're fair, then the feeling of inferiority complex starts and the fair think, they look anemic or the moles and warts gets more highlighted on their skin. Their mind directs them in that direction. Then as years pass, the skin starts to wrinkle and again mind starts another saga of activity. From face lift to whole body lift?” All smiled and nodded.

“But it would never get the perfection of what they are expecting, Rafael” All nodded.

“The best part of being a bunch of atoms is, the face lifts or body lifts or skin colour or warts or moles or pimples is, they are being done to the non visible atoms, that is where the imperfection rise. You cannot make anything perfect because it is non existent.”

“Rafael, you are saying that the small pimple on the nose is not there and still we are making a big issue of it?”

“Exactly Mark. It is the creation of your mind, that is what I wanted to show how your mind is using the senses in creating obstacles at every turn of your life in blocking your path that leads to God. And your aim is to reach God.”

“Drum into you, you are not a human being but a spiritual being and the body you have with the skin on it, is not real. Its made of a bunch of atoms and these atoms are invisible to the normal eyes, but by the power of your mind, its visible, what you want to see and the pimple or the beauty is just your own creation. In short if you want to become beautiful wish for it and lo behold!!!! you can become beautiful.” All nodded

“Would you be able to do that children?” All nodded.

"But Rafael, in real is there beauty around?"

"Harmony is what creates beauty. Love is what creates beauty. Innocence is what creates beauty. And that is the perfect way to become beautiful." All nodded

 “We’ll continue tomorrow.” All nodded be contd....(45)....

Until then... Take care.....Bye


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