Friday, February 22, 2013

A Very Weird Friendship


“So what do you think? Is it wise to stay inactive?”

“I don’t think so.” All nodded. “ But still Rafael there is one thing, I don’t understand, why such drastic measures on not utilizing our talents as to throw in the darkness? We are not doing anything good or bad.” All nodded

“Good question Mathew. As I told you, do not take anything in the Bible in the literal sense.” All nodded.

“But then what would it symbolize Rafael?” Rafael smiled.

“I would like to say a story of a cat who had a friend, a dog. They both were the best of friends.”

“A very weird friendship.” All smiled

“Yes Mark, I just wanted to show how much different two human beings can be by this union.” All nodded.

“So this cat and dog meets in a park daily. But there was a problem. The dog is always late. The cat waits and waits for hours until the cat doses off, the dog comes strutting. If you were the cat, what would you feel?”

“I don’t think, for me, any friendship with that  would start at all Rafael.” All nodded. Rafael nodded and smiled.

“Yes I understand. So the cat decided to make him understand by advising the dog. But the very next day, the dog repeated the same and again the cat tried and tried but it was unable to achieve any success on that score.”

“God it really would be a nightmare. Just imagine to tolerate a friend like that? ” All nodded. “The dog is really a waste isn’t it Rafael?” All nodded.

“Yes Rebecca, he is. But the best part is, the dog when it arrives makes the cat feel so special, that cat is always in the tangles of this web weaved around this special feeling. Now the question is, Is the dog doing any good or bad?”

“Nothing, literally nothing, Rafael?” Rafael nodded.

“Good. Now how do you feel?”
“ Scratching the dog’s eyes out of its socket.”

“Why? The dog didn’t do anything good or bad, then why should you feel that?”

“Rafael, you might be really blank to not to feel anything for this actlessness.”

“Hmmmm. Good. Now imagine the dog as a pond of water and where all the wastes are being dumped, what will happen?”

“It’d stink.”

“Right Monica, it’d stink. Man’s life if it doesn’t open its soul, would go stagnant and start to stink due to accumulation of all wrong notions, attitudes, feelings and thoughts." All nodded. "Now would there be anyone to play in that pond?” All nodded in the negative.

“Yes you’re right, the people who uses the water of the said pond, would stink too. So that is what the parable of the lazy servant means, when you do not use your talents for the good of your Self, then you’d be a stinker, where you will be literally alone, no one to help you and  you'd feel wretched and angry and you’d become the epitome of all that is opposite to good and positive. So you have the choice to decide, whether you should remain stagnant or do something good for your Self.”

"I think, I'd go for the doing part. Thank you Rafael, you helped us open a new chapter in our lives." All nodded. Rafael smiled. But Rafael, what about the cat and dog, did the friendship break?"

"Realtionships are not for breaking children. No relationship would break or could break, if it is bonded with love. So unfortunately, this weird relationship too stayed because luckily they were animals. Until death do they part." All smiled

“But Rafael, I thought, it was for others we should do good but why for our Self?” All nodded.

“That’s a good question Mark, we’ll continue this tomorrow.” All nodded be contd....(51)....

Until then... Take care.....Bye


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