Friday, February 15, 2013

Be An Ocean


“How are we going to say, no to beauty, Rafael?”

“Its easy to be said than practiced. But just now, I’m making you aware of the troubles the five senses would create when we are under its control. When you see a delicious meal in television, naturally your mind brings the smell of it or the presenter explains it and when our ears hear it, our mind brings out the smell from memory, we feel, the food is prepared in the house and the taste buds starts to work of watering the whole mouth and naturally, the stomach is ready to have the food.” All nodded.

“But alas! No food, the result, more hunger.” All nodded

“Right Mark, More hunger, which means, you would never be satisfied, even if you try your level best by trying to eat with your eyes. That is what happens, if you are looking for beauty to fulfill your wish. The only way you can find beauty is, when you love your Self, which means, your soul, because you are a spiritual being, a drop of God soul, the child of God, that is the only truth and which is real in this atomic world. Drum it into you. ” All nodded.

“I'll give an example, when we take a drop of water from an ocean and store it in a small container, what will it be, an ocean or a drop of water?”

“Naturally a drop of water, how can it become an ocean, Rafael?”

“Now if it is planning to make itself an ocean, what should it do?”

“Rafael, are you joking? It could never become an ocean and just to think about it is simply idiotic.” All nodded.

“You’re right Mathew, and just imagine, that this drop has decided to become an ocean and it has stepped out of the container and settled on the soil or the rock, what will happen?”

“It makes a small watery mark and afterwards, that too is gone.” All nodded.

“Very true, Monica, that is what the decisions of what we make happens because as a human being, our decision is made with the help of our senses and I just want to make sure, how much shallow our decisions when we decide because we saw or heard or said or smelled or felt the atmosphere around. The result of deciding with your five senses is instant death. You’re not here for that, instant death. You have to live eternally. How do we do that? Or let me put it this way, if the drop has to become an ocean, what should it do?”

“Pour itself into the ocean?” All nodded

“Great answer Rebecca. Yes, when a drop of water returns to the ocean and yes, the drop becomes an ocean. It would have an identity. So that is the only to convert a drop of water into an ocean. That is our goal.”

“Wow!!! Rafael, that was  cool, I thought a drop would never become an ocean. So you have already spoken about how eyes can obstruct our path to reach this ocean and how would our next sense block us?” All smiled, Rafael nodded

“Now we will let the function of the eyes rest for a while,  and take up on our ears.”

“The most best music to our ears is praise, isn’t it Rafael?”

“Hmmm.. Mark, you’re really thinking. Good, keep it up. Yes its praise, even the best music cannot keep up with the contentment and happiness it provides us.” All nodded.

“But that too for how long?”

“Until we get the next praise? Or is it when we are criticized?”

“It can be any or both. But the end result is, the happiness is only for a small time and we start to crave for more and that in itself creates a Marathon of our lives and where will we end?”


“Exactly, when we receive beauty through our ears and when our mind finds that we are happy, naturally the mind puts lots of ideas in front of us to make us happy and we start running to fulfill those ideas. It’s like a treasure hunt inside a thousand room palace, each door opened has no treasure and again with the hope that the next door holds what we are looking for and ending with emptiness and the resultant feeling is hollowness and a sense of burnt out, listlessness, just a dead person inside. That is what happens, when we go with the senses. It could never fulfill what we are looking for because it has been created by your mind, the real devil.” All nodded

“No wonder, the sages ran away  from the real world and lived in forests and high mountains. They really are very courageous." All nodded

"Yeah, to face the wild animals, bad weather and without even basic necessities, like a proper shelter, food and clothing. But we all cannot go to forests and mountains, how are we going to manage in this world, the world of atoms, we live, with people, beauty, praise, hunger, cravings, etc.. Rafael?” All nodded

 “Good, you asked it Mathew, there are lots of things before we decide that its time to set our foot to the path that leads to the eternal happiness or peace or  love, in short, the travel of the drop of water to reach the ocean . Its no use enlightening at every problem, the solution, its simply like a drop of water in the desert sand. You'll never know the value of it because, its just a small incident in the big screen of life." All nodded." You’ll have to turn yourself with total awareness, that you'll have loads of experiences to go through at every corner of your existence and tackle it successfully before you reach the big ocean, only then you can make your mark as an ocean. We’ll continue tomorrow.” All nodded be contd....(44)....

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