Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Woman-Thy Name Is Power


“But Rafael, I don't understand why should God become Man to save Mankind? Why can't He stay as God Himself?”

“Monica, have you seen any flock of birds flying?”

“Yes, Rafael, loads of it.”

“Have you seen flock of Eagles flying?”

“No Rafael, I have always seen Eagles flying alone and not in groups.”

“If he wishes to join them?”

"The other birds will never accept it." 
“Exactly Mathew”

“So if Eagle wants to join a group of birds, what should he do?” Rafael asked

“He has to become one of it's kind, like if it’s a flock of swans, then he should become a swan, then he would be easily accepted.” All nodded

“Yes, Mathew, that's right. "But here God is donning the attire of man  because man is not capable to give a heartfelt apology to God because he is in the wrong, he is not pure. So God made a decision to create a man of Himself and show the way to atone for the wrong deeds of mankind.”

 “So the Man is Jesus and who is the Woman?”

“It's the mother of Jesus – It's Mary, we call Mother Mary. She was already destined to be the mother of Jesus.”

“Was she also created by the Spirit of God?”

“No, Mark. She was just like us, normal human being, she was unmarried and she was a virgin. She lived according to the laws and commandments of God. And God selected her to become the mother to the son of God and the message was passed to her through an angel.”

“Just like that?”

“Yes Monica , Just like that. And do you know what happened?” All nodded in the negative.

“At that time, she gave an answer which made her the Woman.”

“Really, What was it?”

“When the angel said that she was going to bear the son of God in her womb, Mary raised her doubt, saying, it would be impossible because  she was unmarried and a virgin, but the angel cleared her doubts with a very powerful sentence, “Nothing is impossible to God, with the power of the Holy Spirit she would conceive a baby boy.” Hearing this Mary replied, “Behold the hand maid of the Lord. Be it done according to thy word, which means, I am yours , whatever is God’s wish, let it be fulfilled through me.”

“Wow! Just imagine, an unmarried lady saying that! It's unthinkable, unbelievable. And look at the courage to say its impossible to conceive and the patience God gave to clear her doubts. Oh, its so sweet of God.”

“Yes Monica God is the most caring person and when you see it in the human race, its the faculty of God which we have within us, that comes out. But it has its limitation because of our handicap of being away from God.” All nodded and Rafael continued.

“But as you said, it's unbelievable and unthinkable that Mother Mary didn’t care about the consequences, its because she had complete faith in God. She gave herself completely to God, an unconditional surrender and just see her humility, to give herself as God’s hand maid. Her humility, her faith and her complete surrender made Mary the Perfect Woman to become the Mother of God. Then and there she was filled with the spirit of God, thus creating the Woman in the Spirit of God, to be the perfect place to hold God himself, so she fulfilled her role on behalf of the human race.”

“There is one thing you should know, It was on a moment notice, that Mary became the mother of God. In our daily life too, we should be careful with our opportunities, our words and our attitudes, it really could be our turning point. So always be prepared, that was what we learn from Mary.”

“She should be really revered, Rafael. If she hadn’t said Yes, we would have not had Jesus, isn’t it Rafael?”

“Yes, Monica. Mary has a very great role in the life of all mankind. There is one thing you should know, Man always blamed the first mother, saying, she is the reason for the first disobedience. But God doesn’t believe in that. A man makes a mistake, because he has decided to do it. God has given the wisdom to know the difference between right and wrong individually, not one for a family or religion or country. Then how come a person become reason for another’s mistake?”

“Oh, Rafael, it’s a relief to hear that woman is not the reason for the first sin.”

“Yes Rebecca, if man thinks it or feels it, then God wanted to rectify it and clear it by making Mary decide on her own and she decided to be the mother of God and join with God, thus clearing the name of Woman as the downfall of human race and fulfill God’s promise to Man.”

“Thus proving that both man and woman are equal in the eyes of God and if you make a mistake, the sole responsible is you and not others.” All nodded.

“There is one thing, I do not understand, why is Mother Mary always called by Jesus as woman. I have never heard Him call mother or Mama or anything except woman, sorry to say, I believe Jesus is God, but still a mother is always mother, whether its for God or for man.” All nodded.

“Yes, Monica, mother would always be a mother, their place is always next to God. I too agree. God has reasons to call Mary Woman. Can you say Whom God created after Man?”


“Yes Monica, Woman. That word has a significance. Though the first Woman was made from Earth, she was named Woman because it signifies purity, flawlessness, perfection in all the sense, like generous, genial, gentle, goodhearted, gracious, kind, liberal, merciful, mild, obliging, sympathetic. After that no one was given the designation of woman because there wasn’t anyone worthy of it except Mother Mary and that designation reminds us, that if God called her at every opportunity as Woman, then he reminds us that, we should give the same respect, and remember that she is not to be maligned in any way and she is entitled to the very highest designation.”

“Just imagine God Himself giving the designation. I didn’t know, that the word, “Woman” has so much power. But people say it so vulgarly, that I felt, it was not right for God to call her as such, sorry I misunderstood.” Monica shrugged shamefacedly.

“Don’t be Monica, the sentences in the scriptures have no direct meaning for those who are entangled in the blindness of ones own evil actions. So its not surprising when they criticize God.” All nodded.

“Mother Mary was just like us, normal human being, only after she consented did she become the woman, then why didn’t God select a man like Mother Mary, Rafael?”
“Good question, Rebecca. Each human being is precious to Him and He didn’t want to lose even a single person. Because according to the plan of God, Man’s blood is necessary to atone for the sins of mankind.”
“But that’s terrible, Rafael, its not right, to kill a person. Then why does God promote such pagan culture?”
“Sorry, Rebecca, there is a difference between, killing and shedding Man’s blood. Its not necessary to kill a person to get the blood of a person. Son of God was not killed. He died on the cross and after His death did the soldier pierce His heart shedding the pure blood of God. Thus fulfilling God’s promise of rejoining the broken link.”
“Oh Rafael, I feel like crying. How much God loves such lowly beings like me.”

“Rebecca, never say that. You are never lowly or ever would be in the eyes of God, our actions can make us lowly but not our being. We are the most precious beings of God. The only thing we can do is through our actions, prove to God, that we are really worthy of His love.” Rebecca wiped her eyes and nodded. Monica consoled her by holding her hand and squeezing it. All sighed.

“I feel awed Rafael, by the information you provide, Rafael.” Rafael smiled and nodded.

“Mark, all these information is not received through learning, it opens up because God wanted us to have it. So whatever I say, is new to me too.” All smiled and nodded.

“But Rafael, How do you know, that Jesus is the right Man who came to show us the way to God? Because, there were so many prophets, saints, they too did the same thing. How can you so surely say, it is Jesus, who is the Savior?”

“Well that’s time consuming, why don’t we find it for tomorrow?” All nodded. be contd...(15)...

Until Then

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