Saturday, January 5, 2013

Wish For It.


But Mark, how are we going to save Mathew? We can’t sit here idly. I think, we should also go the way Mathew did. But How?”
“Wish for it.”
They both twirled around and found Rafael standing there on the doorway, smiling at them.
“Excuse me?” Rebecca spoke a bit bewildered.
“If you really want to follow Mathew the easiest way is to wish for it.”
“But how?”
“Rafael, don’t you think, the waters are very dangerous?” Mark asked skeptically.
“Yes, if you think like that, then so shall it be. But before you depart to meet your friend, I want you to know one thing” Both looked quizzically.
“What you want to happen is what would happen.”
“What does that mean Rafael?” Rebecca asked.
“That means, when you think, the waters are dangerous, then you are surrounded by danger. So think accordingly. When you think, your mind wills it to happen for you. And the mind which you have is a very powerful tool to make your life smooth. But you should know how to use it. Now, Mathew wished to ride on the friendly shark and he reached on it immediately. That is the power of mind.”
“So you mean to say, if we wish it, we’ll be able to bring a shark and ride on it to follow Mathew?”
“Why don’t you try it” so saying Rafael went on his way and they did try and soon enough  Rebecca and Mark were on their sharks in the ocean, which were too loving for their liking. But as Rafael had told, think positively. They didn’t dare think otherwise. Mark, after his initial anxiety, loved the feel of the back of the shark. It was a bit rough to his touch, kind of sand papery. Since they had full suits on, fit to be in the water, it was not uncomfortable and the water was warm too. He held tightly on the first dorsal fin and waded through the water. He saw the tentacles of the Octopus and wished that it was an underwater plant and immediately, it turned out to be a plant. His eyes widened. It really worked! Is it magical or what? He shrugged in his thoughts. I hope this shark speaks to me, how long will I have to sit like this, he hadn’t any idea.
“2 hours”
“Where did that come from?” Mark thought and looked around because when he opened the mouth only air bubbles came out.
“I spoke, your shark.” It was the shark, who spoke! He communicated without a noise?”
“Wow! That was cool. But how do you speak? How do you know our language?”
“Mark you wished for it.”
“Yes. But this is really cool.”
 “When you wish for something to happen, it should happen, that is how nature is created. But wishes comes to fruition according to the strength of the wish you had formed in your mind.”

"You are here in this world with a purpose, just because, you were born doesn't mean, you should die, there is a small space between life and death and that is life. That is the best part of our existence - To Live, for that you should have an aim and that to make it successful, you should wish for it and the puzzle of life will fall in place."
To be contd....(4)
Until Then, Take Care

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